Agent Fox Mulder Agent Dana Scully
Full Name: Dana Katherine Scully
Ethnic: Caucasian
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 118 lbs.
Height: 5'3"
Blood Type: AB
Date of Birth: February 23rd, 1964
Place of Birth: N/A (most likely San Diego, CA)
Father: William (Bill) Scully, Sr. (deceased 4/15/95)
Mother: Margaret (Maggie) Scully
Siblings: Older sister Melissa (murdered by Luis Cardinal and Krycek), Older brother William (Bill), and younger brother Charles (who has not been seen yet).
Children: One daughter, Emily Christine Sim - Scully (died early 98'), now pregnant.
Marital Status: Single
E-Mail Address:
Phone #: (202) 555-6431 (home), 555 3564 (cell)
Badge #: JTT0331613
Social Security #: 123-32-1321
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)
Nickname(s): Starbuck, Mrs. Spooky
Rank: Special Agent
Partner as of now: Special Agent John Dogget
Fears: The safety of her unborn baby or someone taking it from her.
Other info: Scully is now pregnant, the day following Mulder’s disappearance, Back in Oregon she found out she was pregnant and the only one person who knew of her pregnancy was AD Walter Skinner. She didn’t tell anyone of her pregnancy because of fear of it being used against her, so she wouldn’t be able to find Mulder.
Full Name: Fox William Mulder
Ethnic: Caucasian
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 170 lbs.
Height: 6 ft.
Date of Birth: October 13th (CC's b-day), 1961
Place of Birth: Chilmark, Mass.
Father: William (Bill) Mulder- deceased. (Possibly CSM)
Mother: Teena Mulder
Sister: Samantha T. Mulder (abducted 11/27/73)
Marital Status: Single...(although we all know about the wedding ring he sported pre-XF)
Address: 2630 Hegal Place Apt. 42 Alexandria, VA 23242
Phone #: (202) 555-9355
Badge #: JTT047101111
Social Security #: 123-32-1321
Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)
Nickname: Spooky
Blood Type: O negative
Rank: Special Agent
Partner: Special Agent Dana Scully
Fears: Fire (Fire), Bugs (War of the Coprophages)
Other facts: Married to his job; enjoys porn and sunflower seeds. Agent Mulder got the name ‘spooky’ because of the weird ideas and how he likes to talk and believe in ‘little green men’ also by proposing his paranormal ideas people often found him just a little strange.
Walter Skinner Agent John Doggett
Full Name: John Jay Doggett
Current Assigned: To The X-Files with Agent Scully
Date of Birth: April 6, 1960
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6' 0"
Martial Status: Divorced
Children: Son, Luke (deceased)
Other info: Doggett is left-handed, John also worked with Monica a few years back on the case that involved his deceased son. He was also worked in the police department before coming to the x files division.
Assistant Director: Walter Skinner
ID #: Unknown
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 200 lbs
Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Address: (# unknown) Apt. 1708 Crystal City, VA
Telephone: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Current Postion: Assistant Director-Federal Bureau of Investigation
Immediate Supervisor: Unknown
Hobbies: Golf and Jogging ~~
Meiou Setsuna
Tenou Haruka
Kaiou Michiru
Name: Kaiou Michiru or Michiru Kaiou
Marital Status: Long term relationship
Ethnic: Japanese
Hair: Shoulder length wavy aqua colored
Eyes: Sea Green
Weight: 130
Height: 5’ 5"
Blood type: 0
Senshi name: Sailor Neptune
Nicknames names: Michi, Michiru-san, Kaiou Maru
B-day: March 6
Age: 17
Rank: Undercover agent, Sailor Senshi
Type of power: Oceanic
Siblings: None
Partner: Sailor Uranus/Tenou Haruka
Education: Before Mugen, S.S Private Girls School.
School: Mugen Academy
Hobbies: Violin, Swimming and Painting
Good at: Painting, Swimming, Violinist
Family: unknown
Has Trouble with: Sea cucumbers, impertinent children
Fears: Failure
Weapon: unknown
Other info: She plays the violin and comes from Japan, she is intellegant and smart and is always with Haruka. She met Haruka in Junior High. Michiru also enjoys to swim and paint. Michiru always watches Haruka’s back, they are always together, they are very close. ~~
Name: Tenou Haruka or Haruka Tenou
Ethnic: Japanese
Marital Status: Long term relationship
Hair: Short and dirty blonde
Eyes: dark blue
Age: 17
Weight: 140
Height: 5’ 9"
Blood type: B
Senshi name: Sailor Uranus
Other names: Ruka, Haruka-san
B-day: January 27
Rank: Undercover agent, Sailor Senshi
Type of power: Wind
Siblings: None
Partner: Sailor Neptune/ Michiru Kaiou
Education: High school before Mugen, Juban Senior High School.
School: Mugen Academy
Hobbies: Motorcross racing and flirting with pretty young girls ~_^
Good at: Piano, Racing, Track and Field
Has Trouble with: Conffessing
Family: unknown
Fears: Darkness taking over
Weapon: Talisman Sword
Other info: Haruka is Michiru’s important partner, They are always together, If Haruka is in the light, then Michiru is her shadow. Haruka will and will only listen to Michiru. Haruka loves Michiru and Michiru loves her. Haruka and Michiru had previously enrolled into Mugen Academy, Mostly to investigate the evil aura that surrounded it, so they entered the school as students. Professor Suichi Tomoe was both chairman and owner of the school, grades Kindergarden up through high school to it’s collage, you must have a certain grade point average in order to qualify to enroll. Michiru and Haruka were juniors in their high school, and Hotaru Tomoe, the professor’s daughter was in the sixth grade.
Name: Meiou Setsuna or Setsuna Meiou
Ethnic: Japanese
Marital Status: Single
Hair: Long Dark Green with a bun pulled up top
Eyes: Garnet colored red
Age: (Pluto is never reborn so she is as old as time, though when she enters the FBI, her age is 29.)
Weight: 133
Height: 5’ 7"
Blood type: A
Education: unknown
Senshi name: Sailor Pluto
Other names: Sets, Setsu, Setsuna-san
B-day: October 29
Rank: Undercover agent, Outer Senshi
Type of power: Time and Space
Partners: Neptune and Uranus
School: unknown
Hobbies: Shopping
Good at: Physics
Has Trouble with: Cockroaches
Family: unknown
Weapon: Time Staff
~~ Other facts about the outer senshi: The outer senshi can be sometimes arrogant, but are mostly all bark and no bite inside. They prefer to work alone mostly, like in S season Uranus said that they belonged to different worlds and they didn’t want the inner senshi to interfere and get in the way. Their fighting style is much different, unlike the gullible Sailor Moon; they won’t hesitate to make a sacrifice. It’s not because they like making sacrifices, but they do what they have to, to protect their world. Uranus describes as too sweet, (this was in the Stars season where Michiru and her were parked outside of Usagi’s house) their mission is to protect the future Queen (Usagi) and Crystal Tokyo. Also Haruka and Michiru are lovers, I will also make it clear that yes, they do not kiss or get to second base in the series or anything like that but there is clearly evidence, such as in the episode before Haruka and Michiru are revealed as the talisman holders. Michiru was telling Haruka that she liked her hands as they both joined their hands together, Michiru also looked pretty lovesick in that moment as well, I don’t think ‘cousins’ would do that. Also in one of the Stars episodes Haruka and Michiru approach Usagi at the park while she was waiting for Seiya. Michiru tugs Haruka’s arm hesitantly and pulls her down the street while Haruka says: “Michiru, you’re hurting me, I want you to touch me gently.” Then Michiru responds: “Later, when we are ‘alone’.” I don’t think cousins talk that way to each other, at least, I hope not Also I think in one of Naoko’s interviews, she said that Haruka and Michiru were both lovers.