It had been a few days since Scully had been released from the hospital. Scully and William were there nearly a week and he was anxious for them to come home. Thankfully, there we not too many complications during the birth, but Scully had lost a lot of blood and her physician just wanted to monitor a little longer just as a precaution. He spent every night at her bedside, with her and William, anxious for their homecoming.

As soon as they arrived back in D.C. via helicopter, Mulder made a quick phone call to her mother and was delighted by her mother’s excitement. Of course she knew her daughter had left town to deliver and Mulder put her fears to rest by reassuring her that the delivery had been very successful. He couldn’t have felt any more blessed.

The motives of Billy Miles and the others still remained unknown, but Alex Krycek and Doggett’s old friend, Knowle Rohrer were killed in an accident while Doggett and Skinner tried to prevent them from figuring out Scully’s location. Mulder couldn’t summon up anything but respect for Doggett and Reyes. Mulder only wished he had someone to share the happy news with about his son’s arrival. He could only hope that if there was a heaven, his family was watching down on him.

When Mulder had gotten back home, the Gunmen were just making their exit, congratulating him on the way out. He hurried into the bedroom and was awed by the sight of Scully holding the squalling baby. The way she smiled down at the baby had him mesmerized. She looked up with a start, her hands instinctively tightening around the bundle in her hands.

“It’s okay, Scully. It’s just me,” he whispered, careful not to disturb the baby. Scully sighed and relaxed her grip.

“Where have you been,” she whispered, easing off the bed and towards him.

“Just tying up some loose ends,” he started before he caught her worried glance.

He looked down at the baby in her arms, obscured by a little yellow blanket. As if reading her mind he outstretched his hand and placed his palm on her cheek.

“Don’t worry, Scully. It’s just me. I’m not going anywhere.”

She smiled. “Good, because I’m not letting you leave. Even if I have to lock you in and chain you up.”

Mulder smirked. “Why Scully, I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing.” “Mulder, not in front of the baby,” she teased.

They laughed.

Mulder leaned closer to pull the blanket from the baby’s face. Blue eyes stared back at him before he reached his little arms out. Mulder looked at Scully questioningly before she nodded and gently handed the baby over. “Of course, he’s yours too,” the revelation had tears sparkling in his eyes.

Mulder suddenly wished he had someone there to smack him for each time he thought otherwise of the baby’s parentage. “You never know, he looks suspiciously like A.D. Skinner.”

They shared a laugh. There was no question on William’s father. Mulder had signed some papers shortly after they were both admitted to the hospital. Although, Scully always knew who her baby’s father was. She just wasn’t sure how to tell him.

“What are we going to do now, Mulder,” her expression suddenly serious. Mulder watched her as he gently rocked the baby in his arms, knowing there was more.

“I mean, how can we be sure he is safe,” she whispered.

Mulder had asked himself that very same question several times the last several hours. Mulder shook his head slowly, his eyes meeting her ocean depths. “They didn’t want him,” she started. “Why?”

“I’m sure there are answers out there, Scully, but I am not sure this is the time to ask them,” he whispered.

Scully nodded slowly, looking back to her baby. She watched as he stared at his father intently, making small noises. She reached over and placed a kiss on his small little head. He was right. So many things could have happened, so many complications, but she was grateful to have had a successful birth.

He looked from William and back to Scully, staring at her golden cross necklace. “Who knows, maybe we can have another one someday,” he whispered. Tears welled in her eyes; she knew his thoughts were on Samantha. He wanted his son to have a little sister to play with, fight with and yet protect. “Yeah, I’d like that too, but is it even possible?” She never thought she’d be blessed with a second miracle, had never even given thought to another child, but she was thrilled with the idea.

Mulder smiled. “Never give up on a miracle.”

With their son between them, he reached out for her and pulled her close, savoring their moment with a long lasting kiss.

Their lives were complete, aside from one minor detail. Thumbing the ring on her finger, Scully could hardly wait until they said “I do.”


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