Title: The Outer Senshi Files

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Category: Crossover. X-Files/Sailor Moon

Summary: This takes place after the fourth season (S season) of Sailor Moon going into the SS season and into the eighth season of the X Files series. Haruka and Michiru leave Tokyo and come to Washington they both sense an uneasy presence there so they both enroll as FBI undercover Agents. As they seek deeper into the FBI, they get assigned to the X Files division where they meet Agents Scully and Doggett and were to assist them on some frequent cases, which came the opportunity for them when they were helping to investigate the disappearance of Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully's former partner over his which remains unexplained disappearance. When the two newbie's make their entrance to the FBI, there are many questions and talk through the other young FBI agents. Michiru Kaiou, popular and famous violinist of Tokyo and F1 Test Driver Haruka Tenou. As they continue deeper into the job, they become suspicious of Scully's baby as they have been overhearing the conversations and how she had been left barren. When they are introduced to this Billy Miles and these other 'super soldier beings' that supposedly aren't human and can't die, can they save and protect the world from this beings? Stay tuned and find out!

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and X Files belongs to Chris Charter.

As Haruka sat on the window ceil of their apartment looking out at the pouring rain, she thought of the other day's previous events...they had finally completed their mission. Sailor Moon, no, Neo Queen Serenity, her idealism was what angered her, but perhaps in the end it was also what saved Michiru and herself. "The true messiah." Haruka spoke softly letting the silence fall once more as she watched the water pour onto the buildings of Washington D.C. The only thing that broke the silence besides the rain was the running water of the shower in the other room. Michiru had just gotten back from the local gym.

There was an uneasy feeling in this city, something that wasn't quite right; she could feel the wind whispering to her earlier. She believed in the Inner Senshi now, her opinion of them was much higher than before, she believed in them now, they can protect Tokyo. A grin made its way slowly over her face as she heard the door open and the running shower stopped. She turned to see Michiru wrapped in a towel as she walked into the room.

Michiru picked up another towel to dry her hair as Haruka turned back to gaze out the window. "Can you feel it, Haruka; the presence in this town, the sea is churning." Michiru spoke as she dried her hair and walked closer to Haruka Haruka turned to face Michiru "Yes, the wind is crying." she said then turned back to the grey sky

"It's something totally different from the death busters, I'm sure." Haruka said crossing her arms Michiru sat across from Haruka and put her hand gently over Haruka's. "Whatever it is, we mustn't waste time." Michiru said firmly Haruka looked up to meet Michiru's gaze "It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with you." she said joining her hand with Michiru's "Looks like we have a new mission to endure." Haruka said as they both nodded and looked out and over to the FBI headquarters

Scully's apartment That Next Morning 7AM

For the fourth time that week Scully had kept waking up screaming, she couldn't get that horrible image out of her mind that was of Mulder, ever since that dreadful night she found him dead in that field it had been horrible for her, she'd wake up every morning hoping it was all just a horrible nightmare, she didn't want to accept the fact that he was really gone, that he would never be coming back this time.

Scully sat up in bed noticing it was sunrise, but she still didn't rise up to the occasion. Her eyes tear up and her lip started to quiver, until she felt a tickling sensation in her abdomen. Shocked and surprised, her hand instinctively went to her stomach, cradling the little life inside of her.

She was four months pregnant, she tried her best to take care of the baby, she knew Mulder would want her to live on to protect it. It was all that she had left of him and she wouldn't let anyone hurt it, or take it from her. Scully looked down to her now slightly obvious stomach and caressed it gently, then she moved to get up at the side of the bed as she pushed herself up and walked to her closet to pick out what she was going to wear for that day.

She pulled out a black coat, a dark maroon colored turtleneck and a pair of black slacks and laid them on the bed then continued to the shower. About fifteen minutes or so later, Scully was in the kitchen drinking a small amount of coffee, because caffeine couldn't be that good for the baby, and the last thing she wanted to do was have something go wrong. She turned on the morning news for a few minutes, supposedly, the weather reporter said it was going to be a nice day for a change; it still didn't suit her mood.

Washington D.C. Headquarters 9AM

Scully started to walk down the wall to the office when she saw some commotion between her fellow agents, something that must have been so important because they hardly even shot a glance in her direction.

She usually expected them to look at her funny or call her '' or 'Widow Spooky', but not today. When she got closer to them she could barely make out what the commotion was. She resisted the urge to tell them to stop slacking off on the job and to get back to work, but when she got closer to the crowd she could make out part of the conversation "Did you news? The newbie's that are in town at the FBI?" One young FBI agent spoke expectantly and he could barely contain his obvious excitement.

A few moments later a woman with shoulder length wavy hair who wore a lavender colored dress suit and a man with short spiky sandy-blond hair with a long sky blue coat with midnight blue slacks emerged from the elevator as the awing faces turned to their direction expectantly as Scully did as well.

Rose petals fly by "Michiru Kaiou, Japan's famous violinist and F1 Test driver Haruka Tenou!" "They're together?" Another young man spoke with awe Michiru and Haruka continued to walk along, oblivious to the awing faces around them as they continued down the hall. Rose petals fly by

"Word has it that they have joined the FBI." A female voice spoke as Scully saw Agent Doggett emerge from down the opposite direction just in time to see it for himself as well. Doggett shoots Scully a glance as she nodded, then she hurried down the hall after Haruka and Michiru left.

Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters 10AM Kersh's Office

Haruka and Michiru headed into Kersh's office and stood up straight and respectably, prim and proper. About five minutes later a colored man with average height, classes emerged from the doorway to his desk which was right in front of Haruka and Michiru.

He heaved a heavy sigh as he placed a stack of paper documents on the desk and took a seat. "Agent Tenou, Agent Kaiou, please take a seat." he urged motioning to the seats behind them "Thanks." Haruka spoke as both her and Michiru took their seats gracefully and put their hands in their laps.

"I've done some thinking; we could really use some hard working and well rounded individuals like yourselves." Kersh spoke folding his hands together "There is a division we could use some workers like yourselves, a division that most employees Refuse to be a part of." Kersh continued Haruka just nodded grimly as Michiru kept herself focused

"A division known as the X Files, which was created by an insane man by the name of Spooky Mulder and his creative ideas, so what do you say Agents? Yay or Nay?" He said looking forward "We'll do our best sir." Haruka spoke roughly

"Good, I'll expect this on my desk the following morning." he said handing a document to Haruka as they both stood up as Haruka took the folder and shook the man's hand "You're free to go check it out know and meet Agent Scully and Doggett." Kersh said "Great, I'll be looking forward to it." Haruka spoke with a grin then turned away and slipped out the door with Michiru

Down in the basement 11:45PM

Agents Scully and Doggett were just organizing the office somewhat

Doggett picked up a box and set it on a free chair while Scully stood organizing some files and old cases in the files cabinet. "Agent Scully, you shouldn't be doing so much, not in your condition." Doggett spoke with all seriousness "Don't worry about me Agent Doggett, I'm fine." Scully said

Doggett sighed and slumped his shoulders he knew she'd say ' I'm fine ' even if she got hit by a truck but truth be told, he knew she wasn't fine, I mean she just lost her love and best friend. He didn't know how she could handle it so well in public. He remembered when he lost his son, Luke, he felt like killing himself, and wouldn't stop blaming for himself for what had happened; he knew what it was like to feel loss.

"I'm just saying that maybe you should take some time off." he said trying not to push her even though he was concerned about his partner and maybe his friend Scully was about to speak when they heard footsteps in the petals fly as they look up They both turned and caught by surprise to see the couple from earlier.

"Hello." Michiru said cheerfully as Haruka stood beside her "Hello, you must be..." Scully started as she put her hand out to Michiru Doggett walked over to the opposite side of Haruka. "And you are?" he said as he started to put out his hand

Haruka looked to Michiru with a frown "I guess we weren't as popular as we thought we were." she said jokingly before she turned to give Doggett's hand a strong, firm, grip. Michiru held her slender hand out to Scully's waiting one and took it gently as Michiru smiled "I'm Michiru Kaiou, and this is my important partner Haruka Tenou, pleasure to meet you." Michiru said

"I'm Dana Scully, nice to meet you too." Scully said Michiru took slight notice of Scully's protruding abdomen

"And I'm John Doggett." John said Michiru and Haruka gave slight bow then spoke "Anyway, we thought we'd introduce ourselves since we're going to be working together." Haruka said with a grin Scully looked a bit shocked as she opened her mouth but no words came out

"I guess we'd better get going now." Haruka said as they started to back up and disappear behind the door Haruka flashed thumbs up "We'll see you tomorrow, Ja-Ne!" she said as they both disappeared out the doorway

Scully and Doggett both exchange shocked glances as they see the two disappear out the door and down the hall. Rose petals fly behind them after they leave.

Scully's apartment Annapolis, Maryland 5:45PM

After A.D. Skinner (Scully's boss) made many protests about her staying late after work, so Scully decided to humor him and go home earlier than usual. She would usually leave around 8 or 9PM.

He informed her that Agent Doggett was there for assistance in the work and that she could take time off whenever she needed. But she decided to stay in the X-Files; mostly because she wanted to keep it running because to her, it was part of Mulder. Her car slowed slightly as it rounded the corner towards her apartment.

Scully quickly choose one available parking spot between a Honda Accord and a Pickup Truck. Scully turned her keys in the ignition and shut the running engine off and lay back in her seat. She closed her eyes oblivious to her surroundings she put a gentle hand to her abdomen and let out a soft sigh.

She thought of Mulder and let her fingers gently caress the bulge in her stomach. Scully re-opened her eyes and slowly moved to unlock the door and stand up slowly and take in the fresh air. A few moments later, she could hear the soft sound of a violin playing in the near distance. On top of a small nearby building she could make out two figures. The sound was breath-taking, it took her heart and mind to a place they had never been before.

It was so curing; it made her feel as if she was standing near the ocean, the sound of the deep sea. Scully moved her hand in circles around her stomach and closed her eyes and re-opened them and started slowly to move closer to the sound, and when she reached the end of her street she spotted a nearby 1967 Toyota 2000 GT convertible and as her eyes moved up slowly she was able to make out the two tall figures.

Rose petals fly Michiru Kaiou, the aqua haired young woman she met earlier, she was playing the violin, and the dirty blond Haruka Tenou who sat right next to her, and she was bouncing what looked like a rock in her hand.

Michiru quickly glanced up and opened her eyes looking in Scully's direction, but she still moved the bow over the violin strings continuing her steady motion.

"Haruka!" Michiru whispered turning Haruka's attention to the oblivious minded Scully. Haruka noticed Scully's hand on her stomach, "So it was true."

Haruka thought quietly to herself. Michiru and Haruka gazed down at Scully while she gazed up at them, Michiru stopped playing her violin, the only sound was now the whisper of the wind. Only one thought echoed through the three of their minds "Who are you?" each of them thought. Rose petals fly.