Sequel to Lament

Title: Consolation

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: This story is sort of AU for Dead Alive and there are some references to Requiem and This is not happening.

Summary: Mulder's back but does that mean Scully and their unborn daughter are safe?

As Scully stood in the kitchen making a sandwich for her and the baby, she couldn't help but close her eyes momentarily as she took in the tranquility of the beautiful spring day.

She reopened her eyes to see the afternoon sun streaming through her window and as she bathed in the sun light, her hand absently came to rest on her stomach. In that moment she knew that she couldn't possibly wish for anything more. A month and a half ago Mulder had been returned to her and since his return he had been staying with her. Even though she had assured him that she would be alright if she took it easy, he had insisted and been determined to be there for her and their baby.

However, she knew Mulder would get bored being cooped up in an apartment all day, such as days like these when he would pay a visit to the office for a little while. When Mulder had first met Doggett, he had been extremely reluctant to accept him as an Agent on the X-Files, and if it weren't for Scully, they would have been at each others throats. Of course, when ever he had left her sight for a long period of time, she couldn't help but feel scared that Mulder would be taken away from her again.

Only by assuring her that he'd be back at a certain time and that she could always contact him by cell phone, she'd be even remotely close to letting him go, but even then that hadn't stopped her from worrying.

A sudden crash caused her to nearly jump out of her skin. She jerked her head in several different directions for the source of the crash. "Mulder?" she asked in a quivering voice

When she received no answer, she reached back and pulled the gun she kept on her out of its holster and slowly moved of the kitchen. Instinctively, her free hand went to her abdomen as if to shield her unborn child from any danger that lay ahead.

Still holding her gun, she proceeded into her living room watching for any sign of danger or movement, at this moment she wished Mulder were there because even as independent that she was…she knew she didn't have much of a physical defense especially in her condition.

She found herself trembling in fear for not only her life but more than anything, her baby's life. Once she heard something in the back of her, she started to turn around but before she could catch her assailant's face, she saw a fire extinguisher before it connected with the back of her head and before she could process what was happening, her vision went black.

An hour later

Mulder sighed as he placed the phone back onto the receiver.

"I can't get a hold of her." Mulder said in a defeated tone of voice

"Did you try her cell?" Skinner asked

Mulder nodded "Yeah…she still wouldn't pick up and she would have called me if anything happened or let me know if she went somewhere, but the thing is I have her car so leaving would be out of the question."

Skinner removed his feet from his desk and turned to face Mulder "Mulder, with all honesty…I don't think you should have left her alone, especially because of her condition and the situation with Krycek after the baby. Sure, it's been a month and a half, but the case is still unresolved." Skinner said as he removed his glasses And ran his fingers over his temple

"I know, even if she was resting she would have eventually answered the phone, she's not a deep sleeper."

"Go home and check on her, Mulder. I'll go with you just in case." He said as he put his classes back on and got up from his chair

Mulder, who couldn't really say no just simply nodded. He was more worried about Scully and their unborn daughter more than anything and he knew if anything went wrong, he would never forgive himself.

Scully slowly opened her eyes and placed her hand to her throbbing temple as a blurry image came into focus. She gasped in horror at the realization of her location and it was a place she would never have wanted to return to.

She almost jumped back at the sight of Alex Krycek, but a heavy cramping in her stomach prevented her from doing so. When the cramp subsided, she slowly moved back as she looked up at Krycek who was approaching her.

"What am I doing here....what did you do to me? Where's Mulder?" She asked fearfully with a vast amount of fear in her eyes.

"We didn't do anything to you Scully…and as for Mulder, he's out of the question. Although, we do want your baby…it's DNA more or less and there's only one way to get it…"

"No! I won't let you bastards take my baby…I won't let you use her as your lab rat, and if you even so much as touch a hair on her head, I'll kill you." At this Scully's hand instinctively reached back for her gun only to find its holster vacant

Krycek managed a laugh "Is that so? A little difficult for a pregnant woman without her armor don't you think Marita?" he asked aloud as he looked over at Marita Covarrubias who was standing next to one of his associates

Not wanting to get into it with Krycek, Marita merely nodded.

Satisfied, Krychek immediately turned his attention back to Scully. "Too bad Mulder's not here to say goodbye." Krycek stifled a laugh

Scully cringed at another heavy and forceful cramp in her abdomen as horror struck her, she was going into labor.

Once Mulder and Skinner reached Scully's apartment, Mulder used the key Scully had given him to open up the door to her apartment.

With one quick look they could feel the vacancy of the apartment.

"Scully?" Mulder asked hopefully as he carefully traced the room for any signs of life

As Skinner went in the opposite direction, Mulder made his way towards Scully's room, only to find it to be the same as the living room…vacant and empty. Just as he turned to leave the room, he heard Skinner's voice call out to him from the kitchen.

"Mulder, over here."

Mulder made a reluctant move to exit the room before he took one last look at the empty room that was without Scully's presence before making his way over to Skinner's direction.

"What is it?" he asked as he started towards the kitchen "Find something?"

Skinner nodded as Mulder entered the kitchen "Yeah, over here…" Skinner started as he pointed towards an unfinished sandwich

"Looks like someone forgot their lunch."

Mulder sighed heavily "Scully…" he managed

Skinner eyed him questioningly "Mulder?"

"It's Scully. She wouldn't have left with out telling me, much less leave without any means of transportation…" Mulder trailed off as he absently stared straight ahead of him as if he were in a trance

Skinner stepped closer towards Mulder in attempt to bring him out of his reverie "What is it?" he asked slowly

"Alex Krycek." He said still in his trance like state

"What? Do you even know where he is?" Skinner inquired

Mulder grabbed his jacket and key "Let's hope so." He said before he exited the kitchen

Skinner sighed glancing back at the uneaten sandwich before following Mulder out the door.

An hour or so later

Scully opened her eyes once more and seeing that her current situation wasn't just a nightmare, her heart sank. Her cramps began to turn into contractions. She began to cry softly to herself. She felt helpless in her current situation, she was pregnant and going into labor and there was nothing she could do, and even worse she was surrounded by the people who looked like they were ready to take her baby away at any moment.

Scully of course had considered her options. She considered telling them that she was in labor and that she needed to get to the hospital. However, she highly doubt they would cooperate and if anything, they would prep her up and deliver the baby themselves and she couldn't take that risk.

Krycek and the others who had made themselves comfortably seated in front of her had been negotiating about where they would go from there. However, Scully's constant cringing as if she were in pain hadn't gone unnoticed by Krycek who had been keeping a watchful eye on her.

"What's your problem?" He asked as he leveled his gaze

If he didn't know any better he'd say Scully looked like she was in labor.

"Nothing…it's just, I need something to eat. I haven't been able to eat all day." Scully managed through cringed teeth

Krycek eyed her suspiciously as she lay on her knees with her arm draped around her stomach protectively and at the same time trying to ward off the pain of her contractions.

"Well isn't that just too bad."

Scully shot Krycek a furious glare and before she could open her mouth to send a derogatory comment back at him, she was caught by surprise when another contraction hit her full force which caused her to yell out in pain and give her self away.

Krycek cocked his head to the side and eyed her suspiciously "Sounds like more than just your ordinary hunger pains, Scully." He almost smirked knowingly as he watched her clutch at her stomach

Scully made no move to deny his almost evident accusation, which only clarified the answer to Krycek's silent question.

"I may not be a doctor, but just admit it Scully your in labor." Krycek said as he watched her defenseless form curl into a protective ball

Scully closed her eyes and started to take deep and ragged breaths and started to speak as if he weren't there. "You don't understand…my baby is six weeks early, something's wrong." He voice nearly broke

Krycek glanced back at Marita who had come up to stand beside him before turning back towards Scully and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Well, I guess that saves us a job and a half, It doesn't matter weather she's premature or not, either way would do. The important thing now is her DNA, the sooner the better." Krycek said without any emotion or sympathy

Scully's arms tightened around her stomach "You really are a sick bastard, Krycek and I'll be damned if I let you do anything to harm my baby."

Krycek couldn't help but stifle a laugh out of the response he was receiving from her. If there was one thing he enjoyed, it was pissing people off. "Well, we'll see about that." He said challengingly as he ordered all of the people who were standing around, including Marita to prepare for the birth

Scully who was now struggling to try to stand, immediately collapsed back onto the cold floor as she was hit full force by another contraction.

As Krycek was about to turn away, he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Scully. "I suggest you get comfortable, you won't be going anywhere. And not because I'm stopping you, because I bet you'd barely be able to walk out of here yet alone, escape." He said with a smirk before he walked away to assist the others

After Krycek began to walk away, she closed her eyes and began to cry softly.

When they arrived down the street from the seemingly abandoned warehouse, Mulder and Skinner nearly slammed their doors in their anxiousness to get Krycek, Marita and their affiliates behind bars but most importantly, make sure Scully and the baby are alright and get them back safely.

Mulder drew his gun from its holster and nodded at Skinner who did the same as they near the old warehouse building at a quiet but quick pace. "I swear to god, if he did anything to hurt her or the baby…I will kill that rat bastard, slowly and painfully in the most cruel and obscene ways possible." Mulder said as they scanned the perimeter looking for any signs of Krycek before they neared the entrance

"Focus Mulder, going on a murdering spree isn't going to solve anything. I know it's not easy just try to remain calm for the time being…for Scully and the baby's sake." Skinner said as he held is gun before him and examined the area

Though still eager to drive a steak through Krycek's heart, this seemed to get Mulder's attention, and he reluctantly nodded. Though it was still at times puzzling which side this man was on, Mulder had come to trust Skinner not just as his boss, but as a close friend who's helped Scully and himself throughout so many years that he'd trust him with his life.

"Before we left, I called for backup, so just in case anything's wrong we've got our backs covered." Skinner said reassuringly

Mulder nodded once more as they reached the front door only to find it locked. With a glance at Skinner who was beside him, he nodded and began a quiet countdown before they lunged full force using their body weight to break down the door.

The first thing they lay their eyes upon in the in large warehouse was a whimpering Scully surrounded by a great number of people. Although he had no idea what these were doing to her, Mulder's protective instinct rose and he held his gun up at no one in particular as he scanned the room for the source, until it nearly hit him in the face.

"Ah, come to say goodbye, Mulder?" Krycek sneered "Mulder!" Scully managed to cry out before she had been struck down by another contraction

As Krycek inched closer to Mulder and Skinner, they pointed their guns directly at him in their line of vision. "Stop there!" Skinner ordered as he instinctively felt his fingers start to draw back on the trigger

Krycek only laughed as he stopped a few feet in front of them "Oh, I'm so scared! What are you going to do, shoot me?" he asked sarcastically

"Don't give me any ideas." Mulder said in a warning tone he said as he glanced over at Scully who seemed to be fading in and out of consciousness before running over in her direction

"What are you doing!? What's wrong with her!? WHAT DID YOU DO!?" He yelled as he shoved Krycek roughly out of his way in the process

When Mulder reached her, he nearly threw anyone within reach out of his way in his desperate attempt to see what was wrong with Scully. "Move! All of you get the hell away from her!" he said with a wave of his gun and everyone obediently moved out of his way

As Mulder came up beside Scully he gently placed his hand to her now sweat stained face. "Scully…" he started to whisper softy as he tucked the loose strands of her wet hair behind her ear

Upon his touch, her eyes opened slightly before closing again "Mulder…" she managed

"Scully!? What's wrong? What the hell did he do to you…" he broke as he felt tears rushing to his eyes when he saw Scully's hand curl unconsciously around their unborn child

"The…the baby, something's wrong Mulder…" she replied softly through uneven breaths

That was the last thing he'd want to hear. He had known that Scully had been diagnosed with a condition that limited her ability to handle so much stress, a condition that could lead to premature birth or a miscarriage if Scully went through too much stress, and this had finally been her breaking point.

They were the only thing he had left, the one true reason he was still living. This was their miracle and he could even comprehend what he'd do if anything happened to either of them.

Overcome by guilt, Mulder seemed to forget the whole situation around him and briefly placed his head next to her stomach before looking back up. "She needs to get to a hospital now!" he ordered

Skinner who had been keeping his gun leveled with Krycek turned to look over at Mulder briefly before turning his attention back to Krycek who seemed oblivious to the presence of the gun. "Sorry to disappoint you Mulder, but she's not going anywhere…that is, not until we get the baby and the DNA it carries."

"Damn it, Krycek!" his voice began to rise

"Don't you see, it may be the one thing that will be the salvation of the human race…" he started before Mulder had cut him off

"All you want to do is save yourself, you selfish bastard. I won't let you take our daughter to be tested as your lab rat, I'll be sure to kill you and make you my science experiment for the inhuman sadistic bastard you are before you even get the chance!" Mulder yelled

"Touching, is that coming from the expectant father inside you Mulder? If so, please continue, I could use the entertainment." He smirked

Resisting the urge to pull the trigger right there, Mulder turned and looked back at Scully to clarify that she was still breathing. Skinner with the gun still aimed directly at Krycek turned over in Mulder's direction to see what was causing his distraction.

With Mulder and Skinner currently occupied, Krycek decided to take advantage of this open opportunity to make his final move. He moved quickly and drew his gun within what seemed like moments before it immediately connected with the back of Skinner's head.

Caught by surprise, and before he could process what was happening, Skinner immediately collapsed to the ground as his gun flew from his hand and sailed across the cold floor.

Startled by this sudden action, Mulder nearly whirled background to see Skinner on his knees with his throbbing head in his hands. Still comprehending everything that had seemed to happen within seconds, Mulder watched as Krycek started to approach him.

Mulder kept his hold on his gun up before him and started to run backwards to Scully's direction.

As Krycek neared them he stifled a laugh "Your turn, Mulder. The only difference is, I'll finish you off."

As Krycek neared them, Mulder instinctively moved to shield his barely conscious partner while he managed to keep his gun pointed at Krycek.

"Back off now, or I won't hesitate to put a bullet through your brain." Mulder threatened

Krycek ignored Mulder's threats as he neared the two. He almost had to stifle a laugh when he saw Mulder protectively shielding Scully's pregnant form.

Before Mulder had time to react, the sound of a gunshot pierced through the air causing Mulder to tighten his hold on Scully.

Moments later, Mulder forced himself to slowly look up from Scully to see Krycek falling onto his knees and his gaze traveled downward to see the gunshot wound that was now forming in the center of his chest.

Slowly, Mulder's eyes traveled back up to be face to face with Krycek's shooter to see John Doggett reluctantly lowering his gun before placing it back in it's holster and rushing to Skinner's aid.

Behind Doggett, Mulder watched as several police and paramedics along with Monica Reyes rush into the warehouse. The police going along their routine with telling Marita and the others to keep their hands up and reading them their rights.

Mix feelings of panic and relief wash over Mulder before he closed his eyes and watched as the paramedics got Scully onto a stretcher before they took her to a hospital.

For Mulder, what seemed like an eternity, took minutes before they had finally had arrived at the hospital. Mulder had requested Krycek to be taken to a different hospital than Scully where he had been pronounced dead. Marita Covarrubias and the other's had been taken into custody for the time being.

Mulder came up beside Scully's hospital bed, glad to see that she was somewhat awake now. "It's going to be alright, Scully…you going to be alright and so is our daughter, I promise." He said reassuringly as he took hold of her hand

"Mulder, what happened To Krycek…and the others and is Skinner alright?" she managed as she looked over towards Mulder beside her

Mulder continued to speak as several doctors entered the room and went about their assigned tasks

"It's okay, Scully…Skinner's fine, the paramedics checked on him, just has a nasty headache. He is with Agent Doggett and Reyes and as for Krycek, he's dead. You know, I hate to admit it, but I really do owe Agent Doggett, he has done a lot for us. As for Marita and the others, they have been taken into custody as witnesses."

A female doctor came up beside them to check Scully's progress "Everything's going to be just fine, Dr. Scully…your daughter will be just fine, we just need to get her out as quickly as possible." She instructed before turning to Mulder

"You got here right on time, if it was to be any later, she might not have made it." She said

"Why? What's wrong?" Mulder and Scully pleaded at the same time

"She seems to be loosing oxygen…you need to start pushing, can you do that for me, Dr. Scully?"

Scully looked at Mulder before nodding slowly "Yeah, I'll do anything…just please let her be alright." She nearly pleaded

Mulder pressed the back of her hand to his lips. "Come on, Scully…you can do this, just imagine holding our little girl in your arms when this is all over with." He encouraged

The doctor counted to three before Scully started her first push. "You're doing just fine, Scully, just a few more pushes!"

Scully leaned forward in the process while grasping tightly to Mulder's hand and repeated this process several times until she fell back into the pillows.

"She's almost here Dr. Scully just two more strong pushes."

Mulder moved to brush back Scully's matted hair and place a kiss to her forehead "Your doing great…just remember what I told you."

Scully closed her eyes briefly before she clutched Mulder's hand tightly and with great effort, let out another two pushes before a sharp cry pierced through the air.

Scully exhaled deeply before falling back into the pillows.

"Here she is." The doctor said with a smile as she proceeded to clean the baby up

"Is she alright!?" Scully managed to ask through uneven breaths

The doctor smiled and nodded at Mulder and Scully reassuringly as she placed the small baby into her mother's arms. "She's doing just fine…She's going to be just fine. I'll be right back…I'll be just down the hall." The doctor said before motioning to the other doctors who nodded and left the room to the two new parents

Mulder leaned over next to Scully to see Alethea curled up and content next to her mother. She had little rosebud lips and seemed to have small strands of light brown hair and her eyes, a deep blue like Scully's. The thing he couldn't get over though was how small she was, so tiny and vulnerable, oblivious to the grim reality of the entire world. The mere thought made his heart sink.

He watched as Scully ever so gently kissed Alethea's little head. They sat there in tranquility before Scully spoke. "She has your hair, Mulder and jawbone…I can't really say about the nose yet…but she truly is our little miracle Mulder."

Mulder smiled "She has your eyes, Scully…she's so beautiful." He said softly in awe of the sight of mother and daughter before him

Scully smiled as she gently moved Alethea over in Mulder's direction as he carefully took her into his arms and gazed down at his daughter as her eyes slipped shut. "She's so small, Scully."

Scully could detect the worry and concern that was showing in Mulder's face. "I know, she's premature but she'll fill out, don't worry Mulder." Scully said softly as she placed her hand against Mulder's arm

Mulder nodded as he watched their daughter sleep in content "She's so quiet, just like an angel…she's our little angel."

Scully smiled to herself as she watched Mulder with Alethea. "I don't understand what Krycek meant. Why they all wanted to take her away from me, how could so much answers lie inside such a small being…why anyone would want to bring any harm to her." She said softly as she watched her daughter sleep in Mulder's protective arms

Mulder looked back over to Scully "She's our miracle, Scully…and I'm going to do everything in my power to protect her, I promise you that Scully. I'd lie down and die before I'd let anything happen to either of you. Even if she is the salvation of the human race, she's is our miracle first and that's the important thing."

The two smiled at one another before turning towards the doctor who returned into the room with some papers and placed them on a small table next to Mulder and Scully. "I have all of the stats filled in, I just need you to fill in each of your information and the baby's name or perhaps you already have one in mind?"

Mulder looked from the doctor then to Scully who had looked from their daughter then back to the doctor. "Yes…we do, Alethea Samantha Mulder."


Authors Notes: I decided to go with a name that would have something to do with Mulder's quest through the X-Files and what Mulder and Scully have been fighting for over the years, so I ended up with Alethea and decided to go with Samantha for a middle name for Alethea. With Alethea meaning 'Truth' or 'Truthful one', and Samantha meaning 'Listener', combining them would mean 'Truth Listener' with Mulder as the last name. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story. ^^