After nearly being pushed back through the door, the trio found themselves once more in nearly the same situation as they had been with Alex Krycek. Mulder had reacquainted himself in the office chair where Krycek had been only moments before.

The trio watched as Scully paced the office, a great amount of mixed emotions obvious in her delicate features. Mulder glanced worriedly at his very pregnant partner before turning back to Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna.

"I want to know what that was all about, who all of you really are and what your true intentions are!" he demanded

"None of you are leaving until I get some answers!" Mulder continued

Setsuna took a step forward "I believe already know the answer to that. You were listening to everything from behind that door, were you not?" The guardian of time inquired knowingly

Mulder hesitated a bit before deciding to move forward into the matter at hand. "Well, since all of your true identities have just been unveiled, you might as well start explaining yourselves. None of you are truly FBI agents. What I want to know is what your true motives are and what Krycek wants with Scully's baby." He almost demanded

Setsuna reluctantly gave Haruka and Michiru a nod of consent before the three of them lowered themselves into the vacant chairs before them. They glanced over at Scully who was still standing with her hands splayed over her stomach; she looked as if she were on the verge of breaking. When Scully turned her head in their direction, their attention was now focused on Mulder.

"Alright. Seeing we may be fighting for the same thing, I see no harm in telling you of ourselves." Setsuna started before she leered at Mulder

"However…" Haruka started before she leered at Mulder

"If you do anything that brings about exposure, don't expect any sort of cooperation from us; in other words, see us as your enemy." Haruka continued

Michiru nodded in mutual agreement before the three of them sat down.

"Originally, thousands of years in the past, we had a mission. For millennia, the three of us resided in the outermost regions in the solar system. Our mission was to protect the innermost regions from invaders. We were known as the Sailor Senshi or in English, Sailor 'Soldiers'. During that time, there were two different known groups of Sailor Senshi, the Inner Senshi and the Outer Senshi. The three of us and a fourth person known as Sailor Saturn make up the 'Outer Senshi' group. It is also believe that to this day, exist thousands of unknown Senshi.

"Each one of us is gifted with special powers to fight off enemies. In the past; we would use those abilities to fight off intruders from outside of the solar system. The Inner Senshi however, had a rather different mission. Their duty was to protect a princess that resided on the moon, they were also known as the four guardians, Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus." Setsuna continued as she glanced over at Scully before looking back to Mulder who didn't seem very surprised

"During that time, the entire Earth had been one country. On the moon there resided a 'Moon Kingdom'. It was a tranquil and serene place where many lived under the rule of 'Queen Serenity'. Until there came a day when an unknown brewing evil had escaped beyond the boundaries of the rings of the solar system. That very day took the path towards calamity. For a vast amount of time, chaos had reigned between the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. Beryl had arisen she and her minions had destroyed many innocent civilians, the Princess, Princess Serenity had been in love with the Prince of Earth, Endymion. It was a forbidden love and the Kingdoms of both Moon and Earth began fighting. Because of their forbidden love, their star crossed destiny resulted in a great calamity.

"The Moon Kingdom was destroyed; the Inner Senshi, and the Prince and Princess were lost." Setsuna managed as she forced back tears at the almost frightening memory

"As for the three of us, we were not allowed to leave our posts. We felt helpless and we were cursed with the agony of watching our fellow senshi and beloved princess fall to these minions hands. During the raging chaos and war, our enemies had also fallen."

Haruka and Michiru watched Setsuna speak as they reminisced on the horrifying event. Although they weren't able to remember everything a hundred percent, they had been able to put together most of the missing pieces throughout their lives.

"You sure are taking this well, most would find things like this incredulous." Setsuna commented

"Well you'll find we aren't like most, because I don't see chasing aliens going under the category of 'normal' any time soon." Mulder sighed and leaned back in his chair before stealing another glance at Scully who had decided to lower herself into the seat next to Agent Meiou

Scully, Feeling rather aggravated by all the eyes on her, finally decided to say something to steer all of them back to the current conversation. "Please continue." She urged

Brought out of her sudden reverie by Michiru's hand on her shoulder, Setsuna nodded and decided to continue. "The Queen, with the last of her strength, had two options. She could have the princess and prince along with the four guardians reborn on Earth in a future time but with that decision, their loathed enemies would be reborn as well and the enemies would have to be fought in the future time, or the second option which was to let everything perish for eternity, including the princess and the enemies."

"The Queen, devastated at the thought of losing her beloved daughter and her four guardians, she decided used what was left of her powers to have everyone including the enemy's reborn on earth as she perished. I was the only known senshi that wasn't reborn. I had a sworn duty to guard the flow of time and to see that my fellow senshi were reborn. However, the rebirth didn't come easy to everyone. The senshi had been free to lead their mundane lives as they pleased until they were confronted by destiny itself. The senshi within them had become awoken one by one as quickly as the enemies had awoken from the past life. Slowly, but surely the senshi were reunited once more to not only fight the past life's evil but many forthcoming threats as well. There are still currently ongoing threats and it's a senshi's destiny to fight these ongoing evils." Setsuna explained and nodded over in Haruka and Michiru's directions

"This led us to enroll in the FBI…a premonition of another forthcoming evil, one unlike any other." Michiru started

"We were currently unaware of the X-Files division and only happened to be assigned to the X-Files division by chance, but none the less it has proved useful." Haruka continued

"Does any of this have something to do with my baby?" Scully asked worriedly as she smoothed her hand over her stomach.

"That, we do not know, but do not let your guard down. I don't think Krycek would be so interested in its DNA if it did not. To answer your question, no we are not working with Krycek, don't just jump to conclusions." Setsuna continued

"Then what was he doing here?" Mulder asked curiously

Setsuna sighed before speaking once more "He has us on tape that provides evidence to our real identities and threatened to expose us if we don't cooperate with his motives. He wanted us to get DNA samples of Agent Scully's baby.

"Why?" Scully nearly pleaded as she tried to keep the tears from flooding her eyes

"Initially, Krycek wanted to make a deal with Assistant Director Skinner as well. When Agent Mulder was on life support at the time, there seemed to be no other alternative. Krycek was currently in control of Skinner's life and saw this as an opportunity to fulfill his plans. Krycek informed Skinner of a vaccine that could save Mulder but with a price attached. He would only give the vaccine to Skinner if Skinner were to get Scully's unborn child's DNA sample. Knowing how important the child was to Agent Scully, Skinner had obviously refused. However, Skinner wouldn't be able to get out of the situation without another price. It was each man for his own, so Skinner had pulled Agent Mulder off of life support. Ordinarily, the process if passing would have immediately taken place, but in this case, only sped up the denotation of recovery. I was currently absent while Agent's Kaiou and Tenou uncovered this information."

"Where exactly where you?" Scully questioned

"I have other priorities." Setsuna simply with a look that suppressed any further questioning

Mulder rose and instinctively moved over next to Scully "What do they want with Scully's baby?" he inquired

As if on cue, the trio had risen from their seats as well "That still remains somewhat of a mystery. None the less, we have a mission that we must put before anything else and whatever it is, don't get in our way." Haruka said and narrowed her eyes.

Krycek smiled smugly to himself as he exited the FBI building as if he'd just accomplished something important. 'Either way, I'm going to bring those three down' He thought to himself as he glanced at the tape which held all of the answers 'It'll only be a matter of time' He shoved his hands into his pockets and ran through the ran until he was inside of the parking garage.

With one last glance at the tape, Krycek shoved it back inside of his jacket when he recognized the running car in the middle of the parking garage. "Hey!" he called out as he made a beeline for the lone car

By the time he neared the car and hadn't received any response he called out again. "I still have it! The tape's right here, we've got them right where we want them."

Krycek came to a dead stop when a tall figure in black emerged from the car before the car had drove off. "Who are you?" Krycek demanded as the hooded dark figure moved in closer towards him and he felt himself unconsciously inching backwards

Before Krycek was able to make any further movement, as he felt a fist plummet into his stomach, he doubled over causing the tape to fall free from his grasp in the process.

When the pain had subsided only for a brief amount of time, Krycek forced himself to open his eyes in hope to catch his assailant's face. Receiving no such luck, Krycek soon found himself scrambling to his feet, staggering towards the assailant who had quickly grasped the tape and seemingly without effort, delivered another quick blow to Krycek's stomach.

Adrenaline cursed throughout Krycek's entire being as he threw himself onto his attacker and fought fiercely for the tape. "Bastard! Who the hell are you?" Krycek cursed as he fought to see the face of his assailant

Still managing to keep tight hold of the tape, Krycek's unresponsive 'assailant' shoved Krycek backwards full force until his back connected with the cold cement.

As Krycek fought to get back to his feet, he watched as his assailant held up the tape and started to unravel the film from the VHS tape. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Krycek demanded as he made scrambled to his feet

Within the moments that Krycek had managed to get himself to his feet, his assailant pulled out a lighter with the least amount of effort possible and burned the film in front of Krycek before throwing what was left of the damaged tape in Krycek's direction.

Dumbfounded, Krycek just looked up at his assailant when the tall figure started to move away. When he managed to find his feet, Krycek started over in the direction of his assailant and started to yell out. "Get your ass back here; I'm not finished with you yet!"

His assailant came to an abrupt stop in front of him before; he turned his head to the side, making sure to avoid eye contact while he spoke.

"You will not interfere with those women and what they are fighting for, and you will not inflict any harm on that unborn child. You are dealing with a much higher power, Alex," he said before turning away once more

Krycek glanced back at the damaged tape before turning back in his assailant's direction only to find himself alone in the vast parking garage.