Setsuna awoke early the next morning with a start, as she recalled the last few days' previous events, she rubbed her throbbing temple before she collected herself and wrapped a maroon colored robe around her tall slender figure.

As she slipped the robe around her shoulders, she instinctively turned over towards the door and as if on cue, a small envelope just slipped from under the door. Eyes locked on the white envelope, Setsuna cautiously moved forward and knelt to pick up the envelope.

Aside from the 'urgent' marked in red ink on the front of the envelope, there was not any other wording. Setsuna moved towards the door and peered through the small hole before she reluctantly but cautiously opened the front door of the apartment and peered around the nearby stairways of the building which only revealed the absence of any human presence.

Although still not satisfied, the curiosity of the letter brought her back inside her apartment. Once shutting and securing the lock of the door behind her, she leaned against the back of the door and fingered the flap of the envelope as she opened the envelope to see a small folded white piece of paper.

Once she opened the paper, she read:

'Agent's Meiou, Tenou and Kaiou, or should I say Sailor Pluto, Uranus and Neptune?'

How do I know your true identities you ask? Simple. It's not every day you have young female Agents request a position in the X-Files unit.

Second. The purposive Sailor Uranus and Neptune appeared around the same time Agent's Tenou and Kaiou have appeared. And when you joined the X-Files, another one appeared, Pluto.

Third and most of all, with the small camera lodged in your two partners' apartment living room, it was quite simple to place all of the pieces together.

However, in all of our differences, I think there is one thing we both want. To save this planet and the human race, even if it means we have to make some sacrifices here and there.

'Which is true.' Setsuna thought to herself

In the past years, Haruka, Michiru and herself had made many sacrifices to ensure the safety of the planet and of course, their princess. She knew how well Uranus and Neptune were dedicated to their mission, although even when it came down to it, they had both at one point or another been reluctant at the time when they thought they might have to risk someone's life. Setsuna had always been one to follow rules as well…but she also knew she would do anything she could for those close to her…she had done it for Uranus and Neptune and especially Chibusa.

She knew in a situation such as this…Sailor Moon would do everything to ensure the safety of the people and civilians…and always insist there was always another way…another alternative than to take someone's life. Always the optimist.

Returning from her thoughts, Setsuna read on.

'I also know you've come to the X-Files division in search of some answers…which I can easily provide…if you're willing to cooperate with me…come to headquarters…only the three of you…otherwise, the deal is off and Not only will I have you fired from the FBI and taken off of that unit, I'll ensure the exposure of all of you. So I suggest you not fail.'

-Alex Krycek

As Setsuna's garnet colored mustang approached the J. Edgar Hoover building with Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru inside, the trio had been contemplating their decision ever since they left their apartments.

"Are you sure this is a good idea…we could be walking right into their waiting hands?" Haruka said aloud

"That is possible…however we can't take the risk of exposure…we'll deal with whatever awaits us at that time." Setsuna responded as she gazed out of the front of the windshield and took note of the droplets of water that sprinkled onto the window before turning on her windshield wipers

"Yes…right now it's important we stick to the mission." Michiru replied

Haruka turned and smirked at her partner "Hey…you're supposed to be on my side." She teased


When they arrived in the vacant garage parking lot surroundings, all three of them slowly and cautiously exited the car, absently shutting the doors behind them as they examined their surroundings.

Aside from the few random cars…the parking garage was pretty much empty.

It had been so quiet that the slamming of a door behind them almost caused them to jump. They turned to see Krycek approaching them after the car he had just gotten out of, drove off after his exit.

"Oh…well well, look who showed up. Well, I guess that saves me from having to make any unscheduled trips." He sneered as he made his way over in their direction

"We didn't come here just to have to endure your time consuming remarks, just get to the damn point." Haruka said huskily as she crossed her arms in a mocking gesture

"I suppose since that IS the reason you came here…but at least that saves me the trouble. Anyway, we should talk some place less discrete." Krycek said as he turned away and started to lead them towards the inside of the building

Haruka leaned over to Michiru and Setsuna and was careful to whisper out of Krycek's earshot. "Like I said…" she started

"We'll take care of it then." Michiru whispered and looked to Setsuna for confirmation as the Soldier of Revolution nodded in response

When they reached the office, Krycek waited for them to enter before he close the door behind them as after they entered the previously vacant office before they came to occupy it.

When Krycek turned to face the three once more, he nearly stifled a laugh when he saw their expressions. "What? Don't be shy…have a seat!"

Haruka narrowed her eyes "We prefer to stand, thank you very much, and now get to the damn point." She demanded

"Very well…" Krycek said as he plopped into Mulder's chair before them and placed his feet on top of the desk

The three of them fixed Krycek with ominous glares.

"I assume you're wondering why I've requested you three here today…well I can't help but think there may be an opportunity here for the four of us, seeing that we both want the same thing." Krycek said as he watched for any sign of change in their expressions

"…We're listening." Michiru said as she folded her arms against her chest

Krycek smirked "You see the set date is 2012…the date of which all humanity will become extinct…" he started as hey eyed Haruka and Michiru in particular

"Agent's Tenou and Kaiou were the first ones to arrive and look into this matter and are even willing to make sacrifices to prevent it. This is the point where we tie in…in order to ensure survival of this planet."

Haruka narrowed her eyes "You know nothing of sacrifice so don't even…"

"I know more than you would begin to think, Tenou…all I want is the chance to help ensure the prevail of humanity…just like you."

"All you want is to save is yourself; you can't understand the true meaning of life until you have something or someone you want to protect." Setsuna spoke up as she recalled the times she's made several attempts to ensure the safety of her fellow senshi, the princess and Chibiusa.

Krycek took a deep breath before continuing

"They key to everything lies in the baby Agent Scully is carrying…the DNA it carries is the key to saving us all. I'm sure you've briefed yourselves in those files and have come to know that Agent Scully was before…unable to conceive."

Peaked by curiosity, Haruka shifted in her stance "What is so important about this DNA that separates it all from the rest, but more or less this baby?" Haruka asked

Krycek removed his feet from the table and turned to them and folded his hands

"That baby is a miracle, more of a miracle than Mulder or Scully can imagine. The child is the key to the salvation of the human race. Both Mulder and Scully were injected with a vaccine that would give them immunity to the virus, and genetically, it'll pass off to their offspring…making the unborn child immune to the alien virus."

"Yeah, we're familiar with that particular file, though we've thought that the child was a threat to the world as well?" Michiru asked more as a question than anything

"Well, yes that could be possible...they have just come to realize what this could possibly mean…that is, this child with that of both alien and human DNA, could be useful…or used against them. This is why I asked for the four of you here today…to make a simple compromise."

"And what might that be?" Haruka inquired

"I won't inform anyone of your true identities, it's just be our secret…however,

In return…I want you get me DNA of Scully's baby by whatever means possible. Or even better, make sure she doesn't come to term." Krycek said still observing the trio's quick change in expression

"Are you insane? You expect us to murder an unborn child before it's even born? You must be seriously sick in the head. Honestly, that damn cocky personality of yours must have cut off the circulation to your brain." Haruka shouted

"You want use us to do your dirty work for you? Wishful thinking, we work alone." Setsuna said threateningly as she narrowed her garnet eyes

"Don't get your hopes up." Michiru glared at Krycek

Krycek couldn't help but muster a laugh at the reaction he was getting out of these people, he hadn't even tried to get them pissed off and yet he had succeeded doing just that by being the rat self that he was. He looked at his wrist as if to prove his point.

"Well, then I guess times just running out for the three of you isn't it?" he said as he held up a recordable tape

"I have it all on this tape right here, one quick viewing by not only the FBI, but on the news as well…and all three of your asses will be out of the Bureau so fast you wouldn't even see it coming." Krycek sneered

At this, he stood up from the desk and made his way over towards the door, but before Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna could make a move, Krycek came to an abrupt stop when he rested his hand on the handle and turned back around to face them

"Like I told the A.D…Time's a wasting…" he said before he made his exit

After they watched the door shut behind Krycek, Haruka balled her hand into a fist

"I'd give anything to sword blaster his ass…" Haruka said angrily

Michiru placed her hand gently on her shoulder and felt Haruka's muscles relax under her touch. "This won't get us anywhere, Haruka we need to focus on the matter at hand."

Setsuna nodded in agreement "Right, we have more important things to focus on. We need to get to the bottom of this and figure out a way to get that tape, we can't risk exposure."

Haruka nodded reluctantly before the three of them made the way to their exit.

Once they opened the door, the three of them quickly glanced from side to side to see Krycek nowhere in sight. The trio was taken aback by Mulder and Scully who were standing in front of them, looking at them as if silently demanding an explanation.

'Great, just great.' Setsuna thought silently to herself

Of all the things they could see, they never saw this one coming.

"Kuso…" Haruka cursed under her breath