Mulder moved his head and opened his eyes, adjusting them to the morning sunlight which was streaming through the window of his hospital bedroom. He moved slightly under the weight on his chest. Scully was still asleep.

Normally she wasn't a late sleeper, so he figured she must have been extra tired. A few moments later, Scully felt a movement in her stomach took a deep breath and shifted looking around to confirm where exactly she was."Morning Scully..." He said as if tasting her name on his tongue

She turned back to him and smiled broadly "Mulder...are you alright? Do you need anything?" she asked as she smoothed her hand over his face as if to confirm his existence. Mulder shook his head slightly "No, I'm just a little tired that's all." He watched as her face fell momentarily. "Mulder...I have to tell you something."

"Uh oh, I know I'm not really that attractive right now, but don't tell me...we should see other people?" he said

Scully laughed softly. "No, actually...Mulder, remember how you told me never to give up on a miracle?" He nodded. "Well...I...I uh…I'm pregnant." she stuttered

Mulder just looked at her as she positioned herself to stand; he wasn't sure what emotion he was supposed to feel next. He felt a lot better since last night but his body was still slightly weak, as he moved his hand in her direction as she met him halfway and placed it gently on her stomach as she sat down. Mulder couldn't speak. "You know how I was having those fainting spells back in the forest? How I had been dizzy and unwell when I came to you that night?" Scully asked. "You were pregnant all along?" Mulder clarified

Scully nodded "But I didn't know yet, I didn't find out until the after you had disappeared, Skinner had come to see me that same day, he told me...he told me..." She began to choke on her words as she recalled the memory.Mulder moved his hand slowly out from under her own hands which had held his to her abdomen. With some effort, he managed to stroke her face. "It's alright, Scully, I know."

Scully turned when the door to Mulder's hospital room opened.A female doctor peered in. "I'm sorry Doctor Scully, but Doctor Lim wants to speak with you."

Scully nodded regaining her composure "I'll be right there." she stood up and turned facing Mulder and reached over and ran her hand over his cheek "I'll be right back, I promise." Mulder smiled his response as Scully exited the room.

The morning sun streamed through the window of Haruka and Michiru's apartment. Michiru shifted, entwined in the soft blue satin sheets of her and Haruka's bed. Aware of this movement Haruka opened and turned to Michiru's form beside her taking in the scent of her sweet perfume. The girl with sea-green hair sat up slowly in effort to a sitting position. "Michiru, Ohayo." Haruka managed softly turning to run her fingers through the soft waves of Michiru's bangs.

The soldier of embrace managed a slight smile. "Ohayo, what time is it, love?" she asked. Haruka sighed and looked over to the alarm clock beside their bed The numbers displayed 8:30PM "Eight thirty." Came Haruka's husky voice

"I was hoping to sleep a while longer since it's the weekend, but it's hard to get back to sleep once you've woken up."

"I'm glad it's Saturday." She said moving towards the edge of the bed

"Hopefully it'll be a work free weekend." Haruka said running her hand through her hair. "Wishful thinking." Michiru replied

Scully and entered Mulder's hospital room to find him sitting up and examining his wounds. "Mulder are you okay?" she asked worriedly. Mulder smiled slightly and positioned himself to stand up from his chair. "Yeah, for a guy who was, uh... in a coffin not too long ago I think I'm doing pretty damn well. I don't quite have my legs under me... yet."

Scully proceeded inside with the doctor close behind her, Scully's eyes not moving from Mulder. "Well, you might want to consider sitting down when you hear what we have to tell you." She spoke softly. Mulder took a moment before speaking as if he had been a student in school being caught for doing something troublesome. "Uh-oh."

'Now, it's, uh... it's good news. It's... its miraculous news." She reassured him as she glanced back at the doctor.

"I can't possibly exaggerate the inconceivability of you sitting here. Let's be honest... your condition may be more incredible than your recovery." The doctor said.

"Whatever neurological disorder you were suffering from, it's no longer detectable. After a course of transfusions and antiviral it has rid your body of the virus that was invading it. The scars on your face on your hands, on your feet, on your chest, they…they seem to be repairing themselves." Scully explained looking at Mulder, but he avoided her gaze. "Mulder, you are in perfect health…" Scully continued

"Wow." Mulder responded clearly unamused glancing briefly over at Scully. Taking notice of this, the Doctor quickly got to the point "How do you feel, Agent Mulder?"

"Like Austin Powers." He looked over at Scully and gave her a lenient smile as she let out a small laugh.

After Mulder had been released from the hospital, Scully had decided to drive him home. "So, uh…Scully, what's happened in the last six and a half months since I've been gone?" Mulder asked

"Well, I had been assigned a new partner…Agent Doggett, to help me find you." She started looking out the window. She continued to tell him how she had a large slug of some sort placed into her spine by cult members who worshiped it. Then there was that time she had seen dysfunctional babies, and the time she had helped a woman named Mary Hendershot who had claimed she didn't know what was growing inside of her and questioned if it was really hers.

This had made Scully question her own pregnancy. Then a few weeks after they had found Mulder dead, was when Haruka and Michiru had made their entrance into the FBI. Scully filled Mulder in everything she knew about Haruka and Michiru. Mulder lifted his eyebrows "I wonder how they got pass Kersh…"

Once they arrived at Mulder's apartment, Scully took her keys out of the ignition and went around to the passenger side and opened the door to help Mulder out of the car just in case. She reached out to take his arm, but he waved her off.

"I'm okay Scully, I can do it. Besides, it isn't good for you or your baby if you lift too much weight." He said softly placing his hands on the seat to position himself to stand

Scully just nodded and stepped back some to give him some room, but stood close enough so that she was there in case he needed her help. With some effort, he managed to stand, and accidentally brushed up against Scully's protruding stomach in the process. Scully felt herself blush suddenly as she took a step back unconsciously as Mulder shut the passenger door, funny, she could have sworn the baby had just moved momentarily at the same time Mulder had brushed against her.

Scully sighed and opened the trunk of her car and grabbed Mulder's duffel bag then made her way to Mulder's apartment and opened the door for him to enter.

"Must feel good to be home." Scully whispered as she looked up at Mulder before turning to take his duffel bag into his room

Mulder took a few steps forward into the room then spoke as Scully came back into the room.

"Something looks different." Mulder observed

"It's clean." Scully replied as she started to play with the key in her hand

Both of them could feel the tension in the room.

"Ah, that's it." He said as he examined his fish tank

"I'm missing a molly."

Scully smiled softly "Yeah. She wasn't as lucky as you."

Mulder doesn't say anything and instead sits on his desk looking out the window.

"Mulder... I don't know if you'll ever understand what it was like. First learning of your abduction and then searching for you and finding you dead, And now to have you back and, uh…" She trailed off

Mulder turned back towards her "Well, you act like you're surprised." He exclaimed before turning away when he realized the insensitive thing he just said

"I prayed a lot. And my prayers have been answered."

Mulder motions to her stomach "In more ways than one."

Scully looked down at her stomach "Yeah."

"I'm happy for you; I think…I much that means to you." Mulder said rather coldly but not intentionally

Taken by surprise at his coldness she slowly lifted her eyes to look into his, tears welling in her eyes. "Mulder…" she trailed off

The realization of what he just said had hurt his partner caused him to mentally slap himself. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be cold or ungrateful. I just have no idea where I fit in …right now. I just, uh... I'm having a little trouble... processing... everything." he says as he looks out his window, once again avoiding her gaze.

"Well…uh, I guess I should get going, please call me if you need anything." Scully said as she turned away making her way towards the door, forcing the tears back, but Mulder could hear it in her voice that she was on the verge of crying, he knew he had hurt her.

Mulder didn't turn to acknowledge her; he just kept his eyes concentrated at the scenery outside of the window as he heard his door close. If he didn't know any better he could have sworn he heard Scully muffle a sob briefly outside his apartment before she left.

A tall woman with long dark green hair, with long sideburns bulled into a bun neatly on the top of her head watched two men exit Kersh's office with her garnet eyes.

Skinner and Doggett had been thoroughly engaged in their conversation to immediately take notice, but had come to an abrupt halt at the woman before them as if they had never met someone of the opposite gender.

Setsuna smiled and proceeded forward as if nothing had happened, as if they were invisible. Doggett and Skinner looked at each other quickly before looking back' in the direction the dark haired woman has disappeared to.

Later on that day

Haruka just arrived back to their apartment after her daily jog at the track. She sighed as she stepped inside the living room of their apartment to hear the shower water running, which indicated Michiru had just gotten back from swimming at the GYM.

Haruka sighed and placed her towel and duffel next to the couch. She took a deep breath as she heard the phone ring. She sighed and decided it was best to get the horrible news over with before she was confronted personally with it.


"Yes, Agent Tenou?" came Doggett's voice


"This is John Doggett, did you hear about Agent Mulder going home today?"

Haruka turned when she heard the running shower water come to a stop and Michiru step into the room wearing a towel around her waist and one she wrapped into a turban on her head to dry her hair.

Haruka turned back to the phone "No, I haven't."

"Well supposedly, he recuperated so quickly he that he had apparently been released this morning, not only that it turns out Agent Scully was anxious for him to get back to work and submitted the application to Kersh after she dropped Mulder off at his apartment…not only that, A.D. Skinner and I were called into a meeting with Kersh this morning…"He stopped abruptly and sighed

"Go on…" Haruka insisted

"Well, he doesn't want Mulder back on the X-Files, which places Skinner and in charge to deliver this wonderful news, because I sure as hell am not going to drive a stake through the poor man's heart." Doggett said sarcastically as he rubbed his temple

Haruka stifled a chuckle at Doggett's sarcasm. "I see."

"Well I'm going to head home for the weekend, See you later."

"Thanks for the information, enjoy your weekend. See you." Haruka replied

Haruka sighed and went over the conversation she was having with Doggett with Michiru.

"Well then, let's not waste the rest of our day shall we?" Michiru inquired with a grin and took hold of her hand

Haruka blushed "Ara."

They both stopped in their tracks when a flash of garnet colored light filtered the entire room. They both whirled around as the light faded into a tall woman holding a staff.

"Pluto…Setsuna?" They both cried out with a mixture of alarm, surprise and relief. Pluto took a step forward, and opened up the palm of her hand, allowing her staff to disappear along with her sailor fuku replacing with her civilian clothes "Haruka…Michiru or rather Uranus and Neptune." Setsuna's eyes sparkled

"What are you doing here…how? We thought…" Haruka trailed off

"That I was dead." Setsuna finished

"Another person who returned from the dead in less than two days…" Haruka said with her mouth open.

Setsuna shook her head and laughed "Not exactly."

As she moved over and sat on the sofa, as the two of them followed sitting on the opposite side of Guardian of Time. "Well that's understandable, but I never really moved on, actually I had been sent back to guard the gates of time for an eternity once more, though while checking in on the time gates of the past, Queen Serenity had come to condone my act of using my forbidden attack, The Queen had recalled the forbidden love between the Prince and Princess and knowing how they had broken a great rule so she allowed me to return to earth to guide you while I'm needed." Setsuna hadn't mentioned anything about a mysterious someone she had met while being at the time gates to Haruka or Michiru.

She would release the details of what happened at the time gates when the time had been correct. Setsuna watched for a few moments at the younger women as they took this in. "So, you're back on earth as Meiou Setsuna?" Michiru asked

Setsuna nodded "Not just as Meiou Setsuna, but as Special Agent Meiou Setsuna." Her red lips curved upward some

"You joined the FBI…how? Suspicions are currently rising about us, especially from Monica Reyes…and it's starting to spread." Haruka said

"You know I am the guardian of time, it was quite simple actually." Setsuna

I never had been reborn, or have any history in this world. So I had created a fake certificate, Setsuna Meiou, born October 29th, 1972, of course I was originally born on October 29th, though I had to make a couple of alterations, I highly doubt they would buy it if I said I was as old as time." Setsuna smiled some as she watched her two partners manage a laugh

"It has it that I've graduated from Tokyo University as well, it was no problem getting pass A.D. Kersh." Setsuna finished

"Come to think of it, I was pretty simple to get past him, but what I find unusual is how we got in as well in the beginning. He was sitting face to face with two seventeen year olds and we had gotten past him with flying colors." Haruka questioned chuckled

"I had altered some of your records to shortly after you had joined so he wouldn't have noticed the difference, though I suppose Reyes-san had gained your Mugen records this revealed differently, I noticed this and took care of that problem now and erased any files that had contained your school records for the time being." Setsuna tucked a loose strand of dark green hair behind her ear

"However, that does not change what knowledge Monica Reyes has gained, though she hasn't shown any threat and I'm starting to come to the conclusion that she is most likely working on our side so she is currently the least of our concerns, if anything she could probably be of great help." Setsuna continued Haruka smiled "It's good to have you back Sets." She said warmly "Likewise, it's good to be back, though I'm going to have to drop in at the gates of time to make sure things are going alright from time to time."

"Well we have an extra bed for you…"

"That won't be necessary, Michiru. Arigatou gozaimasu for the offer, but I already rented out an apartment next door. It would even be more suspicious if we all lived in the same apartment together

The three of them managed a laugh.

The next day


Upon hearing the phone ring, Setsuna reached over and removed the phone from its cradle and answered in a voice that made her years of wisdom known.

"Hello, this is Meiou Setsuna." She said placing the phone to her ear

"Good afternoon, Agent Meiou, this is Assistant Director Alvin Kersh, I have your first case."

"That's alright, what is it Mr. Kersh?"

"Well, there is currently an investigation to a prisoner escape. Though what sets this one off so differently from the others is that, this particular escapee, happens to have a lot of history. He goes by the name Absalom and has history of being a UFO cult leader."

"I know its Sunday, but would you be willing to come in today? There will be more details leading into the investigation with the other Agents." Kersh continued

"Of course, I could come in now." Setsuna replied

"Great, thanks…and uh…Agent Meiou?" he asked


"Are you somehow in relation to, Agents Kaiou and Tenou?" he asked

"Yes, I'm an old friend of theirs." Setsuna said reluctantly as she let out a deep breath, as she had been expecting this question to arise at some point or another


"Why do you ask?" Setsuna asked though already knowing the answer

"Oh, just wondering…well if you're in contact just relay this message if you will." Skinner said

"I'll let them know."

"Okay, thanks, see you soon Agent Meiou." He said as he hung up the phone

Setsuna placed the phone down at the receiver and proceeded to deliver the news to the two younger women

Setsuna, upon renting her own car which had been a deep red colored Mustang. Not wanting to alarm any of the other agents, Haruka and Michiru knew by her sudden appearance and relationship towards the other two.

So the garnet eyed woman took to arriving shortly before her fellow friends as well as senshi. The tall soldier of revolution stepped in slowly peering around the room finding agents of all ages hurrying about their duties as Skinner was to start the investigation leading into Absalom escape.

When the A.D. had looked up to meet her gaze, he sighed and placed some papers that he had been through aside as he made his way towards her as Setsuna let the door close behind her, she wore her deep red bell-bottom looking slacks, and a very professional looking deep red coat worn over a white blouse to match.

Setsuna looked tall and wise and very much beyond her years, that he knew of that was, which was exactly someone he needed on the X-Files unit.

"Hello, you must be Agent Setsuna Meiou, I'm Walter Skinner." He held out his hand as Setsuna took it in a firm grip

"Pleasure to meet you Mr. Skinner, Deputy Director Kersh had informed me about the escape of a prisoner who goes by the name of Absalom."

Skinner nodded "I'm going to lead a group of Agents into it, which the Deputy Director had called you in on. I'm also assuming he had requested Agent's Kaiou and Tenou in on this as well?"

"Yes, they should be on their way now." Setsuna said clasping her hands

Skinner placed a hand lightly on her shoulder and led her towards a small petite female Agent with red hair that was pregnant. "There's someone I'd like you to meet, another partner who will be working with you before she goes on maternity leave."

He motioned over to Scully who was fumbling with her phone as it had appeared she had been trying to get a hold of someone, though Setsuna already knew.

Scully's hand which wasn't occupied with her cell phone rested gently on her stomach. As they approached the red-headed woman, Setsuna could feel her sadness, and current frustration. Though as she did her best not to show it, Setsuna could see it in her eyes that something had happened between Scully and Mulder.

Scully reluctantly pressed end on her phone with resignation, and looked up as Skinner and a tall woman with a mysterious complexion stop in front of her. She was about as tall as Agent Reyes, and had a deep tan, the way she looked at her; Scully was able to see years of wisdom through Setsuna's garnet eyes.

"Agent Scully, this is Setsuna Meiou. Agent Meiou this is Dana Scully, as of today Agent Meiou will be assisting you in the X-Files along with Agent Doggett, Kaiou and Tenou." Skinner introduced

Scully managed a small smile as she outstretched her pale hand to Setsuna's. "Pleasure to meet you, Agent Meiou."

Setsuna smiled warmly and extended her hand to the smaller woman, taking Scully's small hand in her own and giving it a firm but gentle shake.

"Likewise, Agent Scully." She smiled and stood next to Scully as Skinner stepped to the side to let a few agents make their way inside

"I would like to introduce you to Agent Doggett as well, but he hasn't arrived yet. I've called him in earlier but no answer so I guess I'll have to start the lead of the investigation without him."

Setsuna nodded in understanding and moved to stand next to Agent Scully as Skinner made his way towards the front of the room. Setsuna turned to finally see Haruka and Michiru enter the room along with a few more agents.

She looked from Scully who absently placed her left hand protectively on her stomach as she began to fumble for her phone again, then back to Haruka and Michiru and nodded.

A short while later, after Skinner had managed to finish the presentation, Doggett still hadn't showed up and Scully had gotten a text message on her phone to head towards the basement where Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were headed so they decided to join them and finally meet Agent Spooky Fox Mulder.

Aside from Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru had been reluctant about the meeting and figured Fox Mulder would also know the truth behind their ages and bombing at their former school, though they had been expecting this since Mulder's revival back from the dead.

The three women, reluctant to enter the basement office, stood slowly behind, mainly Haruka and Michiru who stood behind Setsuna. The three women stood behind as Skinner and Scully entered the X-Files office slowly, hearing the vast sound of an unfamiliar voice. Setsuna turned around to face Haruka and Michiru as they took notice of an unfamiliar voice; Setsuna nodded at the other two and proceeded inside shortly after Doggett and Scully.

"What are you doing here?" Scully asked with concern as she looked at Mulder who had been sitting in his former desk

Mulder removed his legs from the desk as she saw the trio from behind his former boss enter the room. He turned and directed his last comment at Scully "What's it look like?" he said coldly but unintentionally

Scully bit her lip and forced back tears as she turned towards the trio who had followed them in.

Mulder switched his gaze from Scully to the three tall women

"Oooh, I am filled with suspense."

"And a hello to you too." Haruka replied rolling her eyes with a smirk as she crossed her arms

Setsuna and Michiru turned and gave her a warning glance before they turned and moved forward.

After the introductions, Mulder looked at the five before him "I've heard a lot about all of you, as well as Agent Doggett…speaking of Agent Doggett where is he now?"

"Mulder…" Scully started softly

As Mulder was about to cut Scully off, Skinner spoke "Actually we haven't been able to get a hold of him or spoken to him since yesterday…"

The three of them had been so engaged in their conversation, they hadn't noticed the three women slip out of the basement office, mostly by Haruka's prodding. "That guy has a personality that just won't quit." Haruka said with the most obvious irritation

Michiru raised a hand to calm Haruka "Remember why we're here? We can't afford to make enemies along the way; we're already suspicious as it is." Michiru said gently

Haruka nodded reluctantly as they both watched Setsuna walk a small distance ahead of them. "Setsuna?"

"Agent Doggett hadn't shown up for the investigation earlier…I don't know him personally…but from what I've witnessed at my duration at the time gates, he doesn't seem like the type to just disappear off somewhere without a something such as simple as a phone call." Setsuna said she came to a stop once they reached the first floor of the building

Haruka and Michiru nodded and stopped in their tracks as Setsuna had faced them. "What are we going now?" they asked Setsuna who they could look up to and confide in as a mentor and a trusted friend

"We are going to find Agent Doggett." Setsuna answered

"You know of his whereabouts?"

Setsuna nodded "He's with and being led by Absalom by force, where we will arrive before them."


A few hours after, Skinner and the three women had left, Mulder had ventured into the FBI Evidence room, leaving Scully behind to follow him, much like old and familiar times, and however the tension that filled the room didn't make it feel so comforting.

"Mulder…I know you know this, but if anything leaves this room you could be in violation of the law." Scully said as she proceeded in the room shortly after Mulder Knowingly, she didn't want to take any risks of having Mulder somehow taken from her again…weather it was prison or not, tough lately she wasn't so sure, ever since he came back; he'd been a different person.

Scully stood in the doorway as Mulder slowly looked around the room. "Really? When I was dead I was hoping maybe they changed the rules…" he replied with obvious sarcasm

"Mulder, just being here could be used by Kersh's cause for dismissal…" she continued softly

Mulder stopped in his tracks and turned to face her pregnant form still standing at the open doorway. "Then why don't you shut the door so he doesn't find out…" he said with the rolling of his eyes and the most obvious coldness in his voice continued

Scully forced back another set of tears and reluctantly closed the door, by doing this she knew she was putting not only herself in danger but the baby's as well, though she couldn't help but follow Mulder like she had done all these years before, it felt only natural to do so…but deep inside she really wanted to rush towards Mulder and pull him back from danger, to pull all of them back from danger.

"I just don't know what you're hoping to find in Howard Salt's personal effects…"

"Neither do I, really. But maybe it's like Howard Salt's picture. I'll know it when I see it…"

Scully moved to stand close next to him "So you'll risk the consequences even though there may be nothing here?" she questioned worriedly

Mulder turned his head to view the worry on his partners face, but he showed no emotion towards her. "You just don't get it, do you, Scully? The man shot at the White House, the prison escapee, Absalom…there's something bubbling to the surface here and I want to know what it is."


Mulder lifted his hand to discontinue any further words "Scully, please…stop Muldering me." He said rubbing his throbbing temple.

When he turned back to his partner, he could see the sadness and pain in her eyes, realizing how much he had been hurting her, which instinctively hurt him emotionally as well. "I…I'm sorry Scully, I don't even know how to deal with myself anymore…I don't mean the things I say and I understand if you don't want to put yourself or the baby through any of this, you don't have to…but I have to do this." He reached up and gently touched the side of her face briefly before turning back to what he was examining

Scully bit back more tears and nodded

"Once I figure this out…Once I figure out who these men are and make sense of what happened to me…I'm going to find out the truth behind those three…there's a connection between them all, and how all three of them managed to get past the Deputy Director and into the X-Files is beyond me." Mulder continued

As he continued examining the lap top, he spoke "Look…Scully, I need to make sense of what happened to me. So that I can stop it, because if I can't stop it, it could happen to anyone. It could happen to you…and who's to say it's going to stop there?"

"Mulder, if you go down the X-Files will go down, too. I mean…theoretically, they could put you in prison for what you're doing here." She said making her worry obvious

"Yeah, well, compared to where I just was, prison would be a Princess cruise." Mulder laughed

Mulder's comment didn't reduce her worry or concern for his safety and well being at all, and she thought she had began to take Mulder's advice of not putting her baby through this, and started to make her way towards the door hoping Mulder would get the message.

"Ho…hey, what the hell is this?" Mulder asked as Scully came to an abrupt halt and turned around to face him

"The entire hard drive is taken up with this. Ten gigabytes of memory…"he said watching the screen filled with numbers

Scully sighed and reluctantly moved back over towards him "It's been encrypted."

"Hmm." Mulder turned to remove the computer hard drive

"What are you doing?" Scully asked

"I'm going to book myself on that Princess cruise." Mulder said simply

Scully found herself automatically reaching out and snatching the drive away from Mulder, surprised even by her own actions. "I'll book it for you." She said in a shaky voice as she made her way back over towards the door. Mulder didn't refuse and followed her towards the door.

The three outer senshi gazed out from Setsuna's deep red car. "Wow Sets, I didn't know you drove in style…seriously though, I like your taste I cars." Setsuna looked over towards the younger woman and raised her eyebrow "Thanks…I think." A few moments later when the three of them recognized Doggett and Absalom emerge out of nowhere through the darkness, the three of them switched back into all seriousness. "How did you know where to look?" Michiru asked from the back seat

"I am the guardian of time remember…I knew of these characters before I had returned, I have been keeping watch of you from the gates of time." Setsuna managed a smirk she had to admit she enjoyed her time on earth, being able to forget about the troubles that lay ahead in the future even if it was only for a moment

It was times like this, she wished she had been reborn like all of the other senshi, however she knew that her duty was to guard the gates of time, to protect the future from invaders from outside the solar system and she had to abide by it weather she liked it or not. She was only allowed to leave the time gates only when it was a dire emergency, and when it was necessary that she assist her fellow senshi.

The soldier of revolution watched the soldier of wind as she looked thoughtful for a few moments before speaking. Setsuna watched Haruka, preparing to answer the question she had been expecting. A few moments later Haruka spoke, Michiru and Setsuna watching her curiously. "How come you've decided to join the FBI, for returning to Earth, you must have a good reason, you know something."

Setsuna, having expecting this sooner or later from her partners, began to speak. "Well, it was something I foresaw at the time gates. Unknown beings invading the earth, I can't exactly tell you when, why or how because revealing the events of the future is forbidden, though I can tell you it has something to do with the events surrounding cases in the X-Files' unit, I have come to aid you in this. Some of the people who have confronted you know of the events I speak of, though I can also tell you we will be confronted with a force we haven't dealt with before, a force like no other, however the rest is up to you to figure out on your own."

Haruka and Michiru nodded in understanding at their trusted friend before they turned back to look past the windows and into the darkness of the night. The two younger senshi nodded as they turned to gaze back outside their window, moments before Absalom and Doggett slip out of sight, the three senshi nodded at each other and nodded before the exited the car to follow in close pursuit. Once they both reached the Guard who was on an intercom, the guard began to speak.

"State your name and your business." He said regarding them suspiciously

Absalom kept his hand on Doggett's back, as a reminder of the hidden gun which was tapped to his back underneath his jacket. Doggett began to speak slowly "Special Agent John Doggett…FBI."

Still out of sight, the three outers' watched from a distance, remaining quiet until Setsuna spoke. "He's being led here against his own will." Setsuna referred to Doggett as they watched the two go through the door once it opened, the three of them moved swiftly but remained out of the guard's sight to keep their close watch on the two

As they moved closer…still remaining out of sight, they were able to catch the conversation. "I hope you know I got no idea where I'm going down here…" Doggett sighed. "I just need access to wherever they compile…all the available data from the current US census." Absalom said simply keeping a firm hold on the gun. "And then what?"

"Then you pick up the phone, you tell the FBI why you aren't coming to work until somebody pays us some serious attention…"

"You have no idea…" Haruka couldn't help but mumble under her breath

Setsuna and Michiru remained quiet as they continued to listen intently to the enduring conversation eager to find out more.

"Just so you're not surprised, we might not make it that far. We passed through an x-ray scanner on the way in here back at the gate…" John said knowingly

Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna figured that if the guard had discovered the gun through the x-ray, that the FBI was already on their way, which relieved them of the duty to have to possibly resort to those measures if necessary…however for now they would leave that responsibility up to the authorities, they weren't here to save the day.

"Well, you better hope we make it…I'd hate to see you die in vain…" Absalom said sarcastically. "That's sort of in your hands, huh? So just in case how about you tell me what's in this facility that's worth me dying for?" Doggett questioned although not quite ready to deal with the answer

"It's all in the census data."


"Proof. That they're already here. That they're already among us…"

Doggett mentally slapped himself for asking the question, knowing the answer wouldn't be to his liking.

Meanwhile, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna had teleported as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto towards their desired designation, and peered behind a corner keeping the two within their close sight, that way if anyone were to find them, as Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna…they wouldn't be exposed.

Once the two approach a room with class windows, Absalom tried to open the door but no such luck…It was locked.

"The proof is in there."

The three women were startled by shouts of a SWAT team coming down the corridor in their direction, guns in view. "Stop right there!"

"Shimatta!" Uranus cried

Alarmed, the three of them quickly disappeared out of view leaving the SWAT team momentarily appalled before they turned the corner face to face to meet the look of the horrified prison escapee. "I got a loaded gun pointed at this man's head. He is an FBI Agent!"

"Listen to him! Just back off!" Doggett demanded more so scared for himself than anything and dying to get out of the situation

"I'll pull the trigger!" he warned

"Listen to the man!" Doggett almost pleaded as the SWAT team continued to close in on them.

"I'll pull it! Back off!" he said threateningly

"Lower your weapons! Listen to him!" Doggett yelled

Doing the opposite of what Doggett requested, one of the SWAT team members shot Absalom in the head which had grazed Doggett's face in the process. Doggett watched in horror as the man who was about to lead him to his grave fell motionless to the ground.

The next afternoon

No one besides the exception of Agent Doggett had been called into the FBI even though it had been a Monday. Though it hadn't been mandatory, Haruka went in for a few hours and had brought back the current file which in involved the escaped and now deceased prisoner Absalom and a man who had appeared to be his disciple get shot while trying to deliver some news about a so called 'alien invasion' to the president.

Haruka shifted the folder into her left arm as she pulled out the keys to her apartment and stuck them in the keyhole to the doorknob as she entered her apartment to see Michiru and Setsuna sitting across from one another as they went through some files from some older unsolved cases. "Having fun ladies?" she asked in a husky voice as she moved further into the apartment and set the folder onto an uncluttered area of the table

Michiru sighed "Hardly…we've just been going over some old files that may help us figure out our future enemy…how did your little trip go?"

"Um…aside from chaos in Skinner's office with Agent Mulder and Agent Doggett…just fine."

Setsuna crossed her arms and tilted her head some "I take it Agent Mulder wasn't so kind and welcoming to Agent Doggett?" Setsuna inquired

"Not only did the first impression go down the drain…they were almost if not literally at each other's throats." Haruka continued

"Well so much for a warm welcoming…" Michiru sighed

"It gets worse…" Haruka started as she placed a newspaper between Michiru and Setsuna.

"Look at this…we're plastered all over the headlines of the local newspaper." Haruka said as she placed a hand to her forehead

Michiru moved closer to Setsuna to get a better view of the paper. Haruka wasn't kidding. Under the headlines was a large photo of the three of them caught by surprise in their senshi forms just last night, to the right was a picture of Absalom and Doggett.

"Witnessing the scene of the caught and escaped prisoner and an FBI Agent, three women in sailor outfits…identification…unknown. Last night a cult leader and prison escapee…Absalom, an FBI Agent accompanying him unwillingly…the proclaimed leader of the cult had a follower who had been shot trying to get the president classified information…the prison escapee had been shot…more information is currently unknown."

"I don't believe this…" Michiru groaned

"Out of everything I didn't this one coming…also I didn't see any members of the SWAT team with camera's…" Setsuna pondered

"Not only are we popular in our civilian forms…if we don't take action, we'll all be popular in senshi form as well." Haruka said

"Well…we were bound to be discovered as senshi, as long as we're not found out as Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru, that's the important thing."

They hadn't noticed the small mechanical device lodged in the ceiling that watched them as they spoke.

Meanwhile over at Scully's apartment…

Scully stands at the opposite side of the kitchen table, Mulder on the opposite side and the Lone Gunmen who what just entered the apartment moved over by Scully.

"I think it goes without saying that we're all, uh, tremendously relieved…" Byers indicated Mulder's recent resurrection

"…And not just because we got big questions about your involvement in a certain blessed event…" Another man with long blond hair called Langley indicated Scully's stomach.

Mulder's surprised gaze fell back onto Scully. With no response, Scully began to speak. "So much for playing a hunch…Mulder. The, uh…Gunmen were able to decrypt the data that you found on Howard Salt's hard drive, it was a series of file directories that were downloaded the day that he died."

"Downloaded from where?" Mulder inquired

"The FSC, the Federal Statistics Center." Langley responded

"…A government information bank used by the U.S. Census Bureau where your Mr. Howard Salt worked."

"All right, what are you waiting for, boys? Get cracking!" Mulder insisted

"Unless you think we're all idiots, it's only Langley who's the idiot…" Frohike said

"Hey! don't make like it's my hacking skills. I've never seen such a radical counter defensive!" Langley stated

"Fifteen minutes after Howard Salt was shot at the White House, firewalls went up on every data bank at that very facility…" Scully continued

"Well, why do that?" Mulder inquired shifting his gaze

Mulder grinned as Frohike and Scully exchange glances and continued. "Because I'm right. Because they would kill to protect what's in those files…"he said knowingly

"Well, unless you got a password we don't see any way short of that of getting a hold of this data…" Byers said

"And the thing is…even if you have a pass code, you still have to break into the FSC just to use it. We all agree, you're going to have to let this one go…" Langley resigned

A wave of tension passed through the room as Mulder let this sink in before turning directly at Scully, knowing that she had tried to make it so he would have to resign on this case. He glared at her "Oh. I see…"

"Somebody's been doing a little campaigning for her cause…" he said bitterly knowing that Scully was trying to do everything possible to keep him out of this, to keep from digging any deeper

Scully's heart sank and she turned away, she felt tears well in the back of her eyes, she knew he was angry with her even though he didn't voice it in words, she had seen it in his eyes. All she had wanted to do was keep anything from happening to him again; she didn't want to lose him again.

"Well, just remember, boys, this is America. Just because you get more votes doesn't mean you win." Mulder looked over the Lone Gunmen then back to Scully who slowly turned to meet his gaze with her tear filled eyes

Haruka was on the race track yet once again challenging the wind as it caressed her short layers of sandy blond hair. On her twelfth lap she still had yet to break a sweat, she stopped briefly before breaking into a sprint, she usually found herself unconsciously doing this before a battle or when something ominous was about.

Sure enough an ominous feeling tore through her…causing her to stop and carefully examine her surroundings, drops of rain started to slowly sprinkle from the cloudy sky. She looked up at the sky and narrowed her eyes as the ominous feeling welled within her…the wind was restless.

While she had went off on her daily jog, Setsuna and Michiru had stayed behind to look into the case files, she moved over toward her duffle bag as she had decided to call it a day and get back to Setsuna and Michiru to see how the case was progressing.

But as she proceeded off of the race track, two figures caught her eye; one looked vaguely familiar over the distance ahead of her, the other one she was unable to identify.

Not far from outside of the fence which was bordered around the track, stood two men under umbrellas engaged in a conversation. Haruka quickly looked back towards her belonging's when she caught them turn in her direction at the corner of her eye.

A few moments later, bent over her duffle, her head slowly shifted to see if she was still being watched…fortunately, they had over looked her and were just as closely engaging in their conversation as they hadn't even notice her before. Though this hadn't satisfied her gut instinct let alone the ominous feeling which lurked in the air. She hurriedly gathered her duffle and made her way into the pathway logged in between the bleachers and preceded closer towards the two men so she was within range of earshot.

"Your name came up today, John. Folks are all worked up. They say you dodged a bullet…" The unfamiliar man spoke

The man standing opposite Knowle Rohrer she could now make out as Agent Doggett. Knowle Rohrer was a tall and heavily built man with a threatening look to his face, one of accusation.

As Haruka intently keep her eyes focused on the two not far from her she felt sudden aura's other than her own appear not far from behind her. Haruka didn't have to turn around as she had come to distinguish the two presences over time. She smiled to herself knowingly as she kept her gaze focused forward.

"I wonder what Agent Doggett is doing here?" a voice asked from behind her which Haruka recognized as Michiru's

"My thoughts exactly." Haruka said as she still kept her head forward, observing the scene before her

Doggett had leaned over to get a drink "You can't dodge what you don't see coming, Knowle…that's for sure." He said most obviously referring to the incident in Skinner's office earlier

"That should tell you something about who you're dealing with…" Doggett's friend replied, bluntly referring to everything regarding to the X-Files, mostly the three women, Mulder's resurrection, and the present case that involved a follower of Absalom try to deliver the information about aliens to the president.

"Who am I dealing with? NSA? Secret Service? Military? Who?" A frustrated Doggett inquired and heaved a sigh

Doggett's friend smirked "You know better than that, John."

"They shot the man in cold blood. Didn't even stop to ask him his name…" Doggett replied as he reminisced on the memory of the SWAT teams shooting on the cult leader that nearly led him to his own grave

"The way I hear it he made it too easy, taking a federal agent hostage in a government facility."

"They'd have shot him anyway." Doggett rolled his eyes

The three outers' take note of the new jogger which currently occupied the track and automatically Rohrer had as well, and while at it felt the presence of being watched, Doggett however had paid no attention.

Rohrer turned back to his conversation with Doggett and decided to wrap this up before he was found out. "Without a doubt…" he replied without emotion


"You and I have been friends a long time, John. I tell you things, but this is a whole other level." He said carefully watching what information he revealed

At this, the three outer senshi sensed something abnormal about him; though they had to give him the benefit of the doubt…he was currently playing his cards quite well.

"Don't give me that doublespeak crap, Knowle. I'm being accused." Doggett said as anger rose within him

"Accused? Of what?" Rohrer inquired as he continued to play his game

"Of being used to get that man killed!" Doggett thought back to Mulder and what he had said about him trying to bury the truth, and with the thought that it had been Doggett's fault for Absalom death

"Well…that's insane..."

"Oh, is it? Maybe I am being used…and I just don't know it. That's what I want to know from you." Doggett eyed Rohrer accusingly

'Oh, you've known this guy for years and just now you're having second thoughts?' Haruka thought to herself

"I can't tell you that, John. But I can tell you something. One thing you already know. These men are very good shots…"

"What don't I know?"

"Three Words." He replied supplying Doggett with a password, leaving him to figure out the rest

Doggett turned and looked close to the path in which the three outers' stood, gathering the information presented to them they dropped out of sight.

Rohrer made his way back over to his 'Super Soldier' organization.

"Back so soon?" another man asked

"Sorry, there was a little…uh distraction…" Rohrer said


"Those women…those…Sailor Soldiers, they're on to us."

"In order for the colonization to take place…all of their kind must be eliminated!" The man spoke

"I know…the reason they had joined the X-Files unit was to get undercover and get information…although the FBI doesn't know who they're dealing with, and on the bright side…so to speak, the FBI Agent's aren't sure whether to trust them or not."

"Good, that'll be of use to us when the time comes…we're already on the way to finding out what their plans are…" the man smirked thinking to the hidden camera placed in one the three outer senshi's living room

Knowing he should supply the information to Agent's Mulder and Scully, Doggett parked across the street from Scully's apartment. He was still pondering Knowle, there was something about him that he couldn't seem to figure out, he was keeping plenty well concealed, he through that thought aside when he saw Scully emerge from the stairs, apparently going somewhere when she had hailed a cab.

Doggett quickly exited "Hold up!" he called to Scully as he ran over towards her

"Agent Doggett?"

He shrugged to ward off the cold of the night that had descended on them "Yeah."

Scully looked back to the cab and held up her hand "Could you wait minute?"

Doggett could see Scully was worried "Agent Scully, I'm sorry to surprise you...I don't mean to." He said in all honesty

Doggett had overtime become a close friend to her during the time they had been searching for Mulder and had saved her many times and she was grateful for him being the loyal person he is. She let her concern kick in as she took note of his body shaking in response to the cold weather.

"What are you doing here at is hour? You're freezing cold." Scully said

"I got something for Agent Mulder only I can't go up there. I don't know him, and I know he doesn't trust me so I'm going to ask you to get it to him…" he sighed

"What do you have to give him?" Scully prodded

"…Information about this escaped convict who took me hostage. One of his disciples was the man shot on the White House lawn."

"Oh…yeah…Agent Mulder knows that already."

"What he doesn't know is that man had a computer diskette that he was trying to get to the President…."

"Who gave you this information?" Scully questioned

"I can't tell you that…but what I can tell you is … is this diskette was labeled with a pass code…" He trailed off watching Scully's reaction

"You have this…this password?" Scully asked as her interest perked

"It's three words, "Fight the Future." Doggett replied

Scully sulked, she knew she wouldn't be able to keep this from Mulder…she couldn't keep it from him…she knew he was already upset with her as it was for trying to keep him from progressing in the case.

"I have to go now, get this to him…Agent Scully." He said and when she looked up he was already trotting back towards his car

She waved off the driver and reluctantly started to make her way up towards her apartment, she felt tears cloud her vision and she placed her hand on her stomach when she felt the baby shift.

When she reached to door of her apartment she paused as she slowly took out her key. She almost wished that she hadn't known this information, so she would be sure to keep Mulder safe. Though she was sure that he'd be wondering why she was back so early and she couldn't live with regret at keeping something from him and even worse, she didn't want him to be any more angrier with her than he already was, he knew that she had tried to make it so he would have to discontinue with the case and it hurt her, she knew he'd leave with this information which could put his life at risk.

Collecting her thoughts, she inserted the key and took a deep breath before she entered her apartment. Mulder who had been lying down on her couch moved to look up at Scully. "Scully, what are you doing back? Did something just happen?" he asked with worry and concern when he saw the look in her eyes

She took comfort in the way Mulder had regarded her, she had briefly felt his concern for her.

Scully hesitated "I'm...uh... I'm not exactly sure I should tell you, Mulder." She said softly reluctant to reveal the information she knew

"Scully…if you know something that can get us moving forward again, you need to tell me." He could sense her reluctance to reveal something that she didn't want him to know for some reason. Scully looks up at Mulder, meeting his eyes as she pounded what she should do she felt her mouth act before her mind.

"Fight the Future…that's…that's the password." She managed as she bit her lip

She looked back to see Mulder jump from the couch to grab his jacket from the coat hanger. She moved after him "Where…Where are you going?" she asked in a fear filled voice

"I'm going to find just what exactly this man was trying to get to the president…I need to know…I need to know what…"

"Mulder…Stop!" she broke out in a pleading cry

Mulder came to an abrupt stop in front of her and automatically whirled around on her, which caused her to gasp and jump back as her hands instinctively went to her stomach.

Seeing her reaction, he stopped and began to speak. "I'm sorry Scully, but I have to do this…I'm not asking you to follow me…but please don't stop me, I need to do this." He turned around and grabbed his coat and nearly slammed the door. "Mulder!" she cried out after him

She sank into her couch where Mulder had been and placed her head in her hands and started to cry. "Oh god, please don't let this happen." She said though she already knew the moment was over and done with she couldn't help but vent her frustration, worry and fear that she may never see him again

She wanted to rush out after him and stop him, but she knew she couldn't stop him, she rested her hand on the phone next to her…she had to talk to someone.

She dialed Skinner's number and waited for an answer as she ran her hands nervously through her stands of hair as she waited for an answer.

"Skinner." Came the voice at the other end of the phone

She couldn't stop herself from bursting out into a cry "He wouldn't listen to me…he wouldn't listen to me!"

"Scully? What…what happened are you alright?" Skinner asked in a concerned voice

"I gave the information to Mulder's regarding the case… and…and…he wouldn't listen to me!"

Scully placed her hand to her forehead and let out a sob

"It'll be alright Scully, take deep breaths, now Mulder where is he?" he asked as he tried to comfort her

Scully took his advice and tried to calm herself and took a few breaths before speaking again "He…uh went to the Federal Statistics Center."

"Alright Scully, I'm going to get Agent Doggett…we're going after him…don't worry, Dana it'll be alright."

"I…Just can't handle the thought…that…something might happen to him, I can't go through that again."

"I know, it's alright Scully, everything's going to be alright."

Scully took another breath "Alright." She said simply forcing herself to believe it

"Alright, take care Scully; I'll get back to you soon."

Scully placed the phone back on the receiver and placed her head back into her hands "Mulder…why are you doing this to me?"

She turned to see Mulder had left her keys on the coffee table which meant he had probably decided to take a Taxi. She felt an instinct well inside of her, a feeling to watch his back like she had done all those years before, so this felt only natural before, she had to make sure he was alright.

Scully rose from the coach and grabbed the keys and hurriedly padded back towards the door…to go and follow up on Mulder to watch his back and be sure he was alright, just like every case they had worked together.

Setsuna had briefly returned to the time gates to check up on everything and possibly to gather more information on their current case, meanwhile Haruka was next to her typing away on her laptop pulling up any information on the government's homepage she could find for anything with Knowle in it, going by who Doggett had referred to him as. They had never seen or heard from him before.

Michiru had returned to their living room with some Green Tea that she had known Setsuna favored, so in honor of her return she had decided to make her favorite drink…it was the least she could do.

"Here you are, hopefully Setsuna will be back soon."

Haruka nodded as she took the cup into her free hand "Thanks, Michiru."

Michiru smiled and took a seat next to Haruka "Any luck."

"So far, not much…just some brief bio and history seeming that this guy has worked with Agent Doggett, just the general…nothing special, or out of the ordinary…still."

They both looked up when they heard a knock on their door, Haruka and Michiru looked at one another before suspiciously looking back at the door.

"Now I wonder who that could be." Haruka whispered

They both nodded at each other before they quietly and slowly made their way to the door to peer through the peephole. To their surprise, separated by only the door stood Setsuna…not as Sailor Pluto…but Setsuna, though this was surprising because she had shimmered into the room when she had first returned.

With a sigh, Haruka unlocked and opened the door "Setsuna-san…since when do you knock instead of shimmer into the room?" Haruka half teased half serious

Without a comment, Setsuna brushed past them and to the middle off the living room, Haruka shut the door as she and Michiru hurriedly followed after the guardian of time "Since this!"

Setsuna held up her hand as her staff came into view; she raised it and pointed upward towards the camera now currently visible as Setsuna used her staff as a pointer to the small camera.

Haruka and Michiru's mouths fell open in shock "Masaka!"

They both turn toward her "How did you know about this…was it something you saw at the time gates?" Michiru asked

Setsuna nodded and reversed her staff and smashed the camera "Which means there probably is a camera in my room too…"

Haruka and Michiru gasped "Thank god it wasn't anywhere…personal." Haruka sighed with agitation it was bad enough her and Michiru's personal space had been invaded

"I wonder how they got those in here without any one of us knowing." Michiru questioned

Behind camera

"Damn it! How the hell did they find out?" A voice asked

"Sailor Pluto must be able to somehow see past, present and future." Knowle said

"Well that's just great…they're another step ahead of us."

"We'll have to figure out another way…"

Back in Haruka and Michiru's apartment

"What have you been able to find out about what were up against?" Haruka asked

Setsuna held up her staff and opened her hand as it faded back out of view

"Apparently, we were right to be suspicious…Knowle is a being known as a 'super soldier', he's been manipulating Agent Doggett all this time…leading him onto the sneak preview…giving Doggett the password to access the file Absalom follower had been trying to get to the president, and with this information Doggett went to deliver this information to Fox Mulder. Setting Doggett up to make it look like he's setting Mulder up."

"Sneak preview?" Haruka inquired

"They know Mulder will go try and get into the facility computers now that he has the password and kill him in the process." Setsuna continued

"Well I guess now that Mulder has the pass code breaker…we might as well get a sneak preview for ourselves while we're at it." Haruka suggested

Setsuna nodded "But we can't take any action…we're only there to see what Agent Mulder will be uncovering…we must let the present run its course without interference."

Haruka and Michiru nodded

"Let's go."

Doggett sighs as he heard a knock at the front door, thinking of all possibilities of who it could be, but none rang a bell at this late hour, so to speak.

"Yeah, who is it?" he called out

"It's Skinner…Open up, Agent Doggett." Came Skinners voice from the other side of the door

Doggett opens the door to be face to face with Skinner.

"What're you doing here?" Doggett asked

"I got a call from Agent Scully. She's at her apartment, completely beside herself…" Skinner said as he recalled Scully's phone call when she had been in a traumatic state of mind

"Over what?" Doggett asked curiously though with a hint of worry in his voice that had developed for his partner over last six months

"Mulder somehow got hold of a computer password to a database filled with secrets…" Skinner looked accusingly at Doggett

"What kind of secrets?"

"Names of people the federal government are tracking using the US census. Names of people who have a certain genetic profile, it's the same information he believes the shooter at the White House knew about. Also…the guy that took you hostage."

"You said Scully was upset?" Doggett asked more as a question than a statement

"That Mulder was going to act on this information in some way that... What? You know about this?" Skinner questioned

"I gave Scully the password." Doggett replied bluntly

"Where did you get it?"

"I can't tell you that." Doggett replied immediately

"You know, I'm starting to wonder about you, too, John. Just whose side you are working on here." Skinner said suspiciously

"I'm starting to wonder about that myself. You said Scully's at her apartment. What's the number there?"

"That's why I'm here. I can't get a hold of them…either one of them…and I have no idea where they went…"

Knowingly, Doggett proceeded to get his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Skinner asked surprised by Doggett's sudden action

"I can't tell you that, either. If I open up my mouth, I put you at risk. You're going to have to trust me on this…"

"Are you sure we're not signing a death wish by doing this again…we were almost all killed by doing this last time." Haruka sighed

"We need to investigate what we're going up against." Setsuna said as they made their way towards the building where they had been last night

"…So why not seek out the information that's laid out in front of us?" Setsuna continued

Planning to go unnoticed like last time…Setsuna had parked her car down the street to make their presence less obvious. They made their way towards where they expected Mulder to be when something caught Michiru's eye. "She's here too?"

Haruka and Setsuna look over towards the parking lot where Agent Scully appeared to be sitting in her car with the engine running. "Don't worry about it…she's just waiting for Agent Mulder, she's not a threat."

As they approached the building Haruka spoke "Do you think this Knowle Rohrer had something to do with the camera lodged in the ceiling? Did he have something to do with that?"

"Well from what I saw at the time gates…I didn't see him there…however I can tell you there is a strong possibility that he does."

When they saw Mulder, appearing to be talking to someone through his headset…he had slipped through the gates easily, All three of them quickly made their way over in the same direction and at the same time trying to keep their eyes on their target.

A few minutes later they turned to see Doggett jog by. "What's he doing here?" Haruka asked

"I think he just figured out he was being set up by the same guy who had camera's installed into the ceiling of our apartment." Michiru replied

The three continue in the direction they see Mulder closely followed by Doggett disappear into, though carefully keeping their sly act they teleport in their direction while the guard is currently occupied, though keeping a distance away from the two men.

When the three managed to pass through, their pace slowed as Mulder who was still associating through his headset came to a stop before two glass doors and before entering them and they shut behind him.

"It's locked." The now henshined Sailor Pluto said

"How are we going to get inside?" Neptune asked


Once they teleported inside the opposite of a tinted glassed windowed room, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are left to observe the current situation.

Doggett had started to pound on the glass door as Mulder started to type on the computer, shouting to him to get out of there, though Mulder kept ignoring him.

After a few minutes, Doggett had shattered the windows with a shot from his gun as he proceeded into the room.

"Agent Mulder, get out. You're coming with me; I'm here to save you, whatever you may think." Doggett said

"I think you're trying to keep this information from ever seeing the light of day, like you did once before, Agent Doggett, that's what I think." Mulder replied

"Agent Mulder, I don't even know what that information is!" Doggett yelled

"Well you're about to, along with a lot of other people. They're going to learn that they've been targeted because of their genetic profiles for abduction and replacement by alien facsimiles, what do you say we start off with the Washington Post huh?"

"You can believe whatever you want, but that information is never going to make it out of here." Doggett said

"What are you going to do shoot me?" Mulder asked smugly

As Mulder continued typing he heard the gunmen through his headset mention that the military had arrived on the spot, Mulder had begun to accuse Doggett of setting him up in which Doggett had tried to convince him that he didn't.

Mulder looked up from his spot in alarm as Doggett grabbed him. "Come on, Agent Mulder…let's go!"

Mulder pulled away "Get off of me!" he says before sitting back down

"If I set you up, I wouldn't be here trying to convince you to go! They're coming to kill you; they're going to kill me too! That's the set up!" Doggett insisted


After phoning the gunmen who were in contact with Mulder, Scully watched several military cars go by and she felt overwhelmed with fear for Mulder, especially just hearing from Doggett that with the information he was provided with, he could have put Mulder in possible danger.

The need to reach Mulder went through her entire body, and she found herself almost unconsciously exiting her car to get to him. She sighed when she felt dizziness overwhelm her and she nearly collapsed to the ground.

With the help of the gunmen, Doggett had convinced Mulder to make an escape through the ceiling moments before the military soldiers had arrived, searching the room.

Still concealed behind the tinted glass windows on the opposite side of the room, defeated, the three outer soldiers looked at one another. "Let's get out of there now." Pluto instructed

The two younger women nodded as they all teleported out of the room.

After Doggett and Mulder managed to flee the building, though the SWAT team searching high and low throughout the area for the two, they had managed to barely make it out of the premises alive with the gunmen's help.

Adrenaline had been running trough out their veins which increased their pace. Though they both had come to an abrupt stop when Doggett had called out over to a distance. "Agent Scully!"

Mulder looked over towards the man standing next to him and followed Doggett's gaze and his eyes rested upon its designation. Scully had been crouching over in pain until she had fallen over onto her back. He felt the adrenaline curse through him at the sight of his partner in pain, his desire to protect her had resurfaced. "Scully!"

'What was she doing here?' he thought to himself

He was brought out of his reverie by the force that was pulling his arm which he recognized as Doggett, however, this time he hadn't shook him off or pulled away, and found himself running at Doggett's side to reach Scully.

Mulder nearly tripped over himself as he fell to his partner's small form. "Scully! Are you alright?"

He felt guilt consume him, he knew she was in no condition to be following or chasing after him right now like they had done together so many times in the past. He secretly blamed himself for her pain, unconsciously knowing that he was the source of her current pain, that if he didn't go through with what he had just done, she wouldn't be in this situation.

Doggett stood standing beside them, though looking in the opposite direction and hopped that they hadn't been discovered. Mulder slid his arm behind her back and gently pulled he weight into his folded legs and lap, she looked as if she were fighting between consciousness and unconsciousness.

"Mul…Mulder." She managed through breaths as her eye lids fluttered

Mulder felt tears in the back of his eyes 'Oh god, please don't let this happen.' His finger's absently pulled a loose string of her hair behind her ear. "What's wrong?"

Mulder's arms came around her and cradled her in a protective motion. If she weren't in pain she could have smiled at Mulder as he reached out to her.

"I…I don't know." She managed weakly as she felt her eyes roll to the back of her head And her eyelids slip closed and the image of Doggett and Mulder before her faded to black

"Oh, god…I'm so sorry Scully…I'm so sorry, please don't let this happen to her, she doesn't deserve this." He said to himself momentarily forgetting their current crisis as he placed his lips on her forehead

Doggett's eyes narrowed as he saw SWAT team members come into their line of vision, knowing that time was not a

Once again, Doggett had brought him out of his indulged state of mind.

"We don't have much time left; we need get her out of here and to a hospital…NOW!" He almost yelled

Instinctively but shakily, his arms slid under Scully's now unconscious form and with great effort pulled her into his arms. They managed to get towards Scully's car which had been parked across the street, the SWAT team members already heading in their direction.

Once they managed to get her hurriedly inside, Mulder looked up as Doggett had sprinted ahead of him. "Where are you going?" he demanded

"Go, get her out of here…I'll follow you, go, NOW!" Doggett called back not slowing his pace

Without reply, after Scully was safely and securely in the car, Mulder got into the driver's side and pulled out of the parking lot just before the SWAT team had gotten close enough to distinguish who they were.

On the far top of the building, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stood and gazed down at the scene in which they had fled moments earlier, before them. They watched as the Agents had hurriedly fled.

"To bad we didn't get to see what information Agent Mulder was about to uncover." Neptune sighed

"What do you think is hidden in those files?" Came Uranus' husky voice as she kept her eyes focused on their target, letting the gentle wind caress her hair

"Information regarding an Alien invasion…answers that this government is in denial of." Pluto spoke softly as she held out her staff before her

"We must fight to protect this world…to protect the princess." Neptune spoke softly

The three outer soldiers nodded at one another in recognition, as they stood in the darkness of the night that had fallen upon them as they stood in the path of the moonlight.

Scully awoke and adjusted herself to her surroundings, she heard someone call her name and prayed that that someone would be Mulder, and found Doggett and Skinner on the opposite side of her.

Her mind briefly replayed the earlier events, and her hands instinctively went to her stomach. "Where is he…where's Mulder? Is he all right?" She pleaded

Doggett stood behind as Skinner moved to Scully's hospital bed. "It's alright, Scully, he's fine…you're in a hospital." Scully lay back down in the pillows. "The baby…is my baby alright?" she pleaded as she stroked her stomach soothingly

Skinner nodded "Your both fine…the doctor says you have a high blood pressure condition…though if you take it easy for the duration of your pregnancy and rest, she's confident you and the baby will be just fine…what were you doing though, Scully?"

"Why did you follow him?"

Scully took a deep breath as tears filled her eyes "I'm scared of losing him again."

Skinner and Doggett remained quiet when Scully sighed before speaking once more "Where is he?" She asked once more

Skinner glanced over at Doggett then back to Scully and sighed.

Mulder was crouching on his knees in the middle of his apartment, sitting in the darkness with his hands out in front of him. He hated himself. Ever since his return, all he had succeeded in doing was hurt Scully, and had been aware of it in the process which made it even worse.

Now as a result, she had ended up in the hospital because of him, trying to protect him and watch his back while he should have been watching hers all along, she was in no condition to be following him, I mean for god's sake, she's pregnant. He told himself as he ran his hand through his hair, still trying to process everything.

A loud knock on his front door brought him out of his thoughts as he looked over in the door's direction for a few moments before standing up quietly and slowly, making his way towards the door.

"Mulder…open up, it's A.D. Skinner." Came the familiar voice of his boss who he now considered a trusted friend to Scully and himself

Still leaving the lights untouched, Mulder opened the door to see Skinner before him and was about to make up an excuse and shut the door before Skinner pushed passed him and into his apartment, with a defeated sigh, Mulder closed the door behind him and leaned against it waiting for Skinner to give his lecture.

The taller man gave a look around the darkness of the room before he turned towards Mulder's direction and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. "Mulder…what are you doing here? And why aren't any lights on?" His boss demanded

"Well last time I checked since my resurrection…this IS my apartment." Mulder said bluntly

"Cut the crap, Mulder…you know very well what I mean, why aren't you with Scully?" He inquired

Mulder sighed and gave in "I'm the reason she's laying in that hospital bed."

"Excuse me?"

"If I had never gone out tonight…she wouldn't be in this situation…she doesn't deserve this." Mulder said quietly

"Well, yeah on that I'd have to agree with you, Mulder; you haven't been very fair to her. Scully called me up when you left her apartment…hysterical, she was afraid to lose you again, and went after you and in the process put her and the baby's life in danger."

"All the more reason for her to stay away from me…"

"Mulder, I think you're missing the point…she's been through hell over the past six months, trying to find you, she even asked me to keep her pregnancy a secret because she was afraid of it being used against her so she wouldn't be able to find you, and in the process…putting her life and the baby's life in danger more times than I'd like count…look, you may not realize it, but she needs you know more than ever, even if she won't admit it…due to all of this stress, she's been diagnosed with a blood pressure condition which could be threatening to her and the baby's life if…"

Mulder nearly whirled around panic and fear overcoming him "What?...Is she alright?"

Skinner nodded "Yeah, the doctors are confident that she will be alright if she takes it easy, they're going to keep her there overnight, to be sure, but she will for sure be able to go home then." He reassured him

Mulder felt tears fill his eyes and it was a chore and a half to keep them from making their way down his cheeks, tears of both guilt and relief.

"Mulder…" Skinner continued "She wants to see you…trust me, that's the best medicine for her right now, even if you think otherwise." Skinner watched Mulder hoping he had somehow gotten trough that thick skull of his

Apparently so because Mulder was now searching for his jacket and keys before he made his way back towards the door. "Where are you going?" Skinner asked hoping to get the answer he hoped for

"I'm going to see Scully."

Apparently he was right

Mulder walked down the hallway of the hospital until he reached the door to Scully's hospital room. Much like Scully had done earlier, Mulder reluctantly placed his hand on the doorknob, looking through the window next to the door to see Scully in view.

She was laying back, with her hands resting on the swell of her stomach. The tears he had been fighting came back into his vision when his gaze came to rest on her face, he could see the sadness in her face as she looked down towards her stomach.

Weather it was him not being there or having discovered her condition or both that was causing her pain to show, he wasn't sure. The thing that he did know was that he had hurt her in so many ways and he had to make up for it some way or another, and he would do everything in his power to help he through the duration of her pregnancy.

He braced himself and opened the door to Scully's hospital room and closed the door behind him. Startled, Scully immediately looked up to see who besides a doctor could be entering the room at this late hour, unless…

"Mulder?" She asked as hope filled her entire being

It was then she felt tears well in her eyes, she was beginning to think that he wouldn't come to visit her, and the very thought that he stood right before her in this room made her heart swell, she knew that it was late and that she should be sleeping but right now she could have cared less because the important thing was that he was her with her and their unborn baby.

"It so late Scully, I'd thought you'd be sleeping…you should be getting some rest." Mulder said as he proceeded into the room

"Yeah, well, I'm glad I wasn't...I wanted to see you…" Scully managed a smile

Mulder took a seat in the chair next to Scully, and looked at the titled floor underneath him, and clasped his hands together. "Are you alright Mulder? I was afraid I was going to lose you." Scully said softly

Mulder looked up to see that Scully had been trying to reach out to him, and he took her small delicate hand in his own, and rubbed warmth into it. "I should be the one to ask you that question, Scully…how are you feeling?" he asked gently

"I'm fi…I'll be alright." Scully caught herself

Taking note of this, Mulder couldn't help but smile in spite of himself. Scully gratefully returned the smile, being able to see him smile for the first time in so many month's made her heart swell.

"I'm so sorry Scully, I'm sorry for putting you through all of this. I never meant to hurt you…and I'm sorry for not being there when you needed me, and I hope that you will forgive me as much as I don't deserve it."

"It's okay Mulder…I know, and I'm sorry tried to keep you from the case…I'm just so afraid of losing you again…I just got you back and…" Scully's voice broke and she started to cry softly

"It's alright Scully…I'm here." He said and gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he moved closer towards her so he was resting his upper body on the side of the bed

He outstretched his free hand and placed it on top of Scully's other hand which rested on her stomach. Scully moved her hand out from under his and placed it on top of his hand, so he could connect with the small life growing inside of her.

"Is the baby alright, Scully?" Mulder asked worriedly as he gently moved his hand over her stomach

"Yeah…the doctors say if I take it easy, our baby will be alright…" Scully smiled when she emphasized the 'our baby' part

Mulder smiled at her warmly "You should get some rest then Scully..." He moved to place a kiss on her forehead and in the process pulled a loose strand of hair behind her ear

"I'm not going anywhere…I promise you that Scully." He watched as Scully smiled with relief

"I love you, Mulder."

"I love you too, Scully."

When Knowle finished his jog at the track, he bent down and took a long sip of water from the fountain and was grate full that he hadn't been interrupted today like he had been the other day by those three women. Not that it mattered, he knew they were on to him now, they knew where he stood in the line of good and evil, especially the woman who called herself Sailor Pluto…Setsuna Meiou.

When he looked up, he was startled to see Agent Doggett standing behind him.

"You've got two minutes, Knowle. Two minutes to give me one good reason why I shouldn't put your name in lights, why I shouldn't expose you for the lying bastard you are."

Knowle smirked "Hey, John, nice knowing you…"

Knowle, catching sight of Skinner who wasn't far of started to turn away before Doggett spoke again. "You see that man across the park?"

At this Doggett turned to see Skinner keeping close watch on the two, who had stopped a ways away.

"You walk, that man puts your name on all the wrong desks…" Doggett continued

"I get it John. You asked me for information…I tell you what I can. What you do with it is out of my hands." Knowle shrugged

"You knew what I would do with it. That's when you gave it to me." Doggett said angrily

"You expose me and then what? Where are you going to get your answers? Because you're standing on the tip of the iceberg my friend." Knowle said smugly

"You're full of crap."

"Am I? What is it you think those men were trying to protect, Census data? You need me worse than you know…"

"I don't need someone using me to get another man killed." Doggett said bluntly as he recalled last night's events

"You think this about Mulder. It's about the truth, John."

"What truth?"

"You got it all right in front of you. It's all in the X-Files. I'm just one man trying to point you in the right direction." Knowle watched as Doggett shot another glare at him before turning and walking off towards Skinner's direction

He grins as he watches them leave.

The following night.

Mulder opens the door to Scully's apartment and allowed her to enter before him, he closed the door behind him and stood there for a few moments as he watched his partner pad over towards the sofa and gently lower herself into it.

"I know my cooking skills aren't all that great...but do you want me to try and fix you something to eat Scully?" he asked as he pocketed his keys

"No, it's alright I'm not really hungry, Thanks though." Scully replied as she placed her hand to her forehead

Though she had been in the hospital and did nothing but rest, the months of sleepless nights must have finally caught up to her. She didn't open her eyes again until she heard Mulder come and sit by her and place his arm around her shoulders.

"Are you okay?"

Scully opened her eyes and smiled at his gesture of comfort "I'm okay…just a little tired."

"Well then how about hit the sack early…the doctors said to take it easy." Mulder smiled

Scully positioned herself to stand as Mulder helped her up. "Sleep sounds really nice the past few days…let me go get ready." She said as she made her way towards her room

Mulder turned off the living room lights before retreating back towards Scully's bedroom. He peered in slowly before moving into the room to see the bathroom door shut. With a sigh he lay down on the side of her bed, placing his arms behind his head and observed everything in her room while he waited for Scully to return.

It hadn't been too much different since the last time he'd been here aside from a few new odd and ends. He looked over to his left to see a framed picture of himself on Scully's side of the bed, and then his gaze came to rest on the vacant spot which was Scully's spot.

A familiar garment caught his eye…if he didn't know better he'd say that looked like one of his dress shirts. He quickly turned at a movement into the room, and found Scully watching him from the now open door of the bathroom, she wore a pair of pajama slacks with the shirt she had come with from the hospital, she stood there watching him.

"Oh…hey Scully, I was just uh…waiting for you." He motioned to the open space beside him

Moments passed between them and Mulder locked gazes with Scully's tear filled eyes, and Mulder spoke once more hoping to relieve the tension.

"Come and join me?"

Scully bit her lip and forced back at her tears, not tears of sadness but tears of happiness, because this was the Mulder she'd been hoping and praying to come back to her for so many months and he's reaching out to her for the first times since his return.

Scully smiled "Yes, I just need to find a night shirt that will fit." She placed her hand on her stomach

Mulder smirked and picked up the shirt next to him "Will this do? I'm in favor of it because I have plenty just like it at home." He said with a teasing look

"I'm sorry Mulder…I uh, brought it over from your apartment a few months ago…and uh I've been using it as a night shirt…since not many other things fit…I keep forgetting to return it…and I..." Her voice broke

"Hey…it's alright Scully, I guarantee you I have a hundred of shirts in my closet just like this one…If it makes you feel comfortable, you can keep it." He said gently

Scully moved over towards the bed and took the shirt from Mulder's outstretched hand. "Th…thank you."

"No put it on…I want to see how you look in it." Mulder smiled and lay back into the pillows

Scully grinned and lowered herself next to Mulder and removed her shirt, as she pulled Mulder's shirt around her and slowly started to button it up around the swell of her stomach.

Mulder watched her in awe…she was so beautiful, more than ever now that their unborn child added to her glow. His shirt complimented her swollen stomach just right, Mulder moved closer towards her as she gently smoothed her hands over stomach, when she finished buttoning the shirt around her small frame.

Mulder came up from behind her and slipped his arms around her expanded waist and pulled her closer towards him. "You're so beautiful, my Scully." He said softly as he kissed her temple

Scully closed her eyes and allowed herself to be enveloped in Mulder's strong arms.

"Lie down, Scully." Mulder gently pulled her into a laying position as she accepted his offer

Once she was situated on her side, Mulder pulled her back towards him and pulled the covers over her small body, and lay an arm around her waist, his free hand intertwining with Scully's as he rested his head on her shoulder, the very same position as they had been in before Mulder had disappeared.

Scully closed her eyes as Mulder rubbed warmth into her arms, and when it came back to rest on her stomach, she let out a small gasp. "Scully?" Mulder asked before he had realized why she had made the small noise

The baby had started kicking under his touch. "Do you feel that?" he asked as awe entered his voice

A tear had slipped from her eye as she spoke "Y…Yeah…I feel it."

Mulder looked up when he saw Scully started to cry, he moved his hand up to her face and smoothed it gently over her face. "What's wrong…Scully?"

"I'm just so glad…I was so afraid that when you went missing and I found out that I was pregnant…I feared that you wouldn't be able to share this with me…I prayed for your return…and prayed that you could share this with me, and now…it's real, it's all I ever wanted and sometimes I'm afraid I'll wake up and this will all be some hallucination." Scully choked out

Mulder smiled "I'm here Scully…I'm not leaving you, I promise." He said as he pulled a strand of hair behind her ear


Mulder reached to turn off the light on Scully's lamp stand, careful not to crush her small pregnant form in the process. He slowly returned back to his position next to her, "Get some rest Scully, for yourself and for the baby." He said as he moved his hand gently over her stomach

"I will…and Mulder?"


"Thank you for returning…to me and to our baby."

"You're welcome Scully." He said as he planted a kiss on her temple

"Goodnight, Mulder."

"Goodnight…sweet dreams, Scully." He whispered