"Hi." Skinner said trying to make his presence known

Scully turned from her position to where Skinner entered J. Edgar Hoover Building

Haruka and Michiru shifted nervously as they headed towards Kersh's office.

Both were contemplating why they had been called in for this meeting with the Deputy Director.

"I sure as hell hope that this Monica Reyes or John Doggett didn't give us away, if they did I'm not going to be very thrilled." Haruka mumbled with irritation as both herself and Michiru walking as slow as possible until they approached the door and took a deep breath before pushing the door open

A.D. Skinner and Agent Doggett were both seated before the Deputy Director, all three of them turned to the two Agents before them. Kersh was first to speak, "Come in, Agents, have a seat."

Haruka let Michiru enter first before shutting the door behind the both of them. They eyed two vacant seats on the left side of A.D. Skinner and proceeded to take their seats.

It had been nearly three months now since they both had joined the FBI, not to mention the X-Files unit.

Deputy Director Kersh watched the four seated before him with an intense gaze as all of them seemed to have nervous looks on each one of their faces. "What's wrong Agents? Is the world going to end tomorrow?"

To Michiru's surprise no one laughed so Kersh just proceeded and handed Agent Doggett an envelope, which he eyed like it was coated in poison.

"With all due respect sir, may I ask what this is?" he said as he allowed his fingers to open the sealed envelope

Haruka sat back when everyone had their attention on Doggett and rolled her eyes thinking to herself, clearly annoyed 'If this is all about him, then why are we here?'

"It's a letter of recommendation considering your transfer and advancement." Kersh replied oblivious of the look of annoyance which was now plastered all over Haruka's facial features

Michiru at this noted Skinner's nervousness as he shifted uncomfortable in his chair opposite Doggett.

"With all due respect sir, I think the Assistant Director deserves more credit than I." Doggett spoke shifting his gaze to Skinner then back to Kersh who looked in Haruka and Michiru's direction and handed each of them a letter which was the exact same as Doggett's

"I know you're all diligent Agent's who I've become to know..." he looked over once again at Haruka and Michiru then back to Doggett and Skinner

"Officially transferring you three off the X-Files to a division more suited to your talents." Skinner finished

Haruka and Michiru looked both relieved but not sure whether or not to take this as a good or bad thing. Sure it didn't look like the Deputy Director had found out their secret, though if they were transferred how would they be able to complete their mission?

Kersh gave a smile which intimidated Haruka and Michiru greatly. "I'm a man of my word."

Haruka frowned some remembering the same exact words come out of Monica Reyes' mouth

"Of course this isn't required, it's entirely up to the three of you, but I hope all of you will take this in all seriousness." Kersh said folding his hands

Both Haruka and Michiru stood up, both standing ground "Thank you for the offer, sir, but with all due respect I think we'll decline the invitation, if Agent Doggett decides to take up on the offer, which I don't think he will and if I'm right, there will be no one to work in that division if all three of us are transferred out and as I understand Agent Scully will be on maternity leave soon.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to shut the division down." Haruka spoke up

Doggett and Skinner watched Haruka with, awe, amazement and respect. Kersh, on the other hand wasn't too delighted

"It's your choice, but I strongly advise both of you watch it, you are treading on very thin ice, you're warned, dismissed." Kersh spoke grimly trying to keep the anger and irritation out of his voice but failing in his attempt

After the two of them exited the office, Doggett stood up as well

"I appreciate the support, sir, but all things being equal, I, uh... would like to give any transfer some thought." he said

Kersh narrowed his eyes

"Fish while they're biting, John."

Doggett nodded reluctantly and left the room

A few hours later

Haruka made their way down towards the X-Files office when some of Agent Scully and Doggett's conversation floated outside

"A.D. Skinner just called. He told me about the meeting with Kersh." Scully asked

"Well, whatever he told you I'm still going to be here to drive you crazy with questions and nagging doubt.

Agent Kaiou and Tenou declined as well, they even stood the Deputy Director up, and I wish I could have had some popcorn right then and there." Doggett finished and replayed the scene in his mind

Scully's eyes widened "You'd all be crazy to stay, Agent Doggett. This is a huge career opportunity for all you."

"I don't think that's exactly what he's got in mind."

"What do you mean?" Scully asked curiously

Doggett indicated her belly. "In six weeks, you go on maternity leave. Kersh transfers all of us out, guess what? He gets to lock that door over there for good."

You don't owe me anything, Agent Doggett."

They put me down here to find Mulder. I found him. So what? We still got an open file on this case and I got big questions." Doggett pointed out

Scully laughs to herself quietly

"What's so funny?"

"I heard the same speech come out of my mouth seven years ago." she said as she lowered herself into a chair

Get out while you can, Agent Doggett... or you may never get out at all..."

Both of them fall silent as Haruka and Michiru emerge into the room. Haruka immediately took notice of this after a few moments.

"Sorry to kill the conversation, guys." Haruka said apologetically as she and Michiru made their way towards their own desk and waved them back to the conversation "As you were."

Scully managed a smile "No, that's not it, It's just, well thank you for what you did in the meeting."

Haruka lifted her eyebrows questioningly as she removed her coat

"Doggett told me, it's about time someone told him." she laughed softly

Michiru smiled "Haruka was just stating a fact, though he appears to be the type who likes to have people seen and not heard, if you know what I mean."

Doggett and Scully nodded

"All too well."

Later that night


Scully had just finished feeding Mulder's fish and just returned from being at his apartment.

She couldn't bear giving up his apartment, so she'd been paying his rent for the last six months since his abduction and death; if it wasn't for the baby she was carrying she probably would have died along with him.

For the last six months she'd been frequently in and out of hospitals for routine checks on the baby and abdominal pain.

Skinner had tried to persuade her to take time off since they now had three reliable agents working on the X-Files who have more than proven themselves reliable, but even so she felt she had to keep it going for Mulder.

Scully gently lowered herself on the side of her bed, running the palm of her hand along the surface of the comforter.

She slowly reached over to a small bag which she had brought from Mulder's place. She pulled out one of his white long sleeve shirts and held it to her chest protectively and took in his scent.

She removed her maternity clothes and pulled the shirt over her shoulders and around her very pregnant body, buttoning up the sides; she then pulled on a pair of royal blue silk pajama pants. She closed her eyes trying to force back tears which were now clouding her vision.

She bit her quivering lip and closed her eyes forcing in her attempts to hold back the tears as one fell onto her stomach.

Making a clear spot on Mulder's shirt. She ran her hands gently over her stomach then managed to pull herself together and made her way over to the left side of her bed and slowly slipped under the covers.

She lay there momentarily, and then shifted and looked up to Mulder's picture which sat on her nightstand. Another tear fell down her cheek as she reached up to turn off her light.

Early Morning-Haruka and Michiru's place

The phone rang loudly through the bedroom of Haruka and Michiru.

Haruka groaned irritated as her hand fumbled onto their dresser searching for the phone until she picked up the cordless phone and put it to her ear and said "Moshi Mos...err...hello?" she asked tiredly as she opened her eyes trying to adjust to the darkness of the room

"Yes, is this Agent Haruka Tenou?" came a man's voice


"This is A.D. Skinner, I'm sorry to wake you at this hour but it's important."

Michiru shifted tiredly and slowly sat up in bed next to Haruka

"It's alright, go on." Haruka insisted

"Well I'm sure you've heard of the case involving the abductions of Billy Miles and Agent Mulder am I correct?"

"Yes." Haruka replied

"Well, I got a call from the police. Pathologist down in Wilmington, North Carolina. Fishermen pulled in a dead body 50 Miles offshore which they've now ID'd as Billy Miles."


"And, now he's alive."

At this Haruka looked to Michiru lifting her eyebrows

"I've already spoken to Agent Doggett, he's on his way over here, and could both you and Agent Kaiou meet me over at the Bureau as soon as possible?" Skinner asked

Haruka was already pulling back the covers, as did Michiru

"We're on our way." Haruka responded as she pulled on her slacks the same time as she pressed 'end' on the phone then hung it back up

"What's going on?" Michiru asked as she put on her own slacks

"Well you know how Billy Miles and Fox Mulder were abducted around the same time?"


"Billy Miles is alive."

Twenty minutes later, Skinner sees Haruka and Michiru emerge into the garage in their black Ferrari, Doggett following close behind.

Both cars park beside Skinner's own car. They roll their windows down. Skinner looked on both sides as the three of them entered his car. Doggett in the front and Haruka and Michiru in back, Skinner drives.

"Have you informed Agent Scully what you have us?" Doggett asked curiously


My strong recommendation, Sir: Don't. This thing pans out or not, you're going to reopen wounds that still need a lot of healing. Not to mention the fact that she's had a difficult pregnancy. You know that as well as anybody."

I appreciate your concern, Agent Doggett, but I wouldn't have told her anyway. Certainly not where we're going." Skinner replied looking out of his window as it started to rain

"Where are we going?" All three of them asked at the same time

A few minutes later

Skinner pulled up to the snowed in graveyard and parked, shutting off the ignition as all four of them exited the car. Skinner in the lead.

Haruka shook her head as they treaded through the snow "I don't believe this, but are you sure this is a good idea?" Haruka asked

"I'll say it again. We're opening up more than a grave here." Doggett pointed out showing his obvious agreement with Haruka

"I respect that, Agent Doggett, but under the circumstances I think not digging it up would be far more regrettable, don't you?" Skinner turned back at the three of them

"No. I think this is insanity." Doggett pointed out as all three of them came to a stop and watched Mulder's grave be excavated

Michiru and Haruka sighed sliding their hands into their coat pockets

"Yeah, well, I don't know about you three, but I, personally, couldn't live with the doubt." Skinner said

That what? That we buried a man alive? We found Mulder, you and me together. We saw the same body. Mulder wasn't just dead; he'd been dead for days. Had to have a closed casket. For crying out loud, the body was too far gone and that was three months ago."

Haruka looked over to Michiru with lifted eyebrows then rolled her eyes.

"The kid they pulled from the ocean, Billy Miles, from the extensive tissue necrosis, they think he could've been in the water for months. Heart beat, rate of metabolism it slowed to imperceptibility. I mean, the body had rigored. For all intents and purposes, he was dead. It's a fluke that the doctor even noticed."

"Don't tell me you think this Mulder might be alive." Haruka mumbled

"I don't believe it. I don't believe I'm even standing here." Doggett muttered

"Tell me about it." Haruka sighed

"The choice to remain in the X-Files division is still open you three." Skinner pointed out

"You know you want us to stay, just admit it, sir." Doggett said

"If you think about it there needs to be someone there while Agent Scully's away, that is, if you want the X-Files to remain open." Michiru stated matter of fact

"I appreciate the concern, but it's not really up to me to make the decision, Agent Kaiou." Skinner stared straight ahead

As Mulder's coffin is wheeled into the examining room, the four of them follow close behind. The room is full of cameramen and reporters. The county coroner greets them.

"What the hell is this?" Doggett asked as he unexpected everyone and their aunt and uncle's to be there.

"My point exactly." Haruka mumbled as she noticed some of the cameramen and reporters were already snapping photos of Michiru and herself when they got a closer look at both of them

"I want these people out of here." Skinner ordered as both him Doggett and showed all of them towards the door

"All of you beat it; can't you people see this is a private matter? This isn't a photo shoot, now get out!" Doggett said firmly as all of them turn to leave

"Nicely done."

"Thank you." Doggett sighed as he turned back towards the grave

"Agent Skinner, so no one's confused, this is a completely different scenario. I'm only here 'cause you asked for me. I don't expect to find anything in this box but a dead man." Orovetz stated

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: insanity." Doggett pointed out as he rubbed his throbbing temple looking at everywhere except at the grave

Skinner swallows nervously as the coffin opens, he then braces himself as he makes his way forward and peered inside, only to see Mulder looking exactly as they had found and buried him three months ago. Doggett, Haruka and Michiru are at his side at once looking at one another wearing expressions of horror.

Scully's apartment

Scully lay on her side, just settling into a somewhat peaceful sleep. She rested her hand on her stomach instinctively as her phone rang.

She stirred tiredly from her sleep and answered the phone "Hello?"

"Yes, Agent Scully, I'm sorry to wake you, but I think this is something important for you to hear and know." Came Haruka's voice and she could hear what must be Doggett and Skinner in the back round

Scully moved to a sitting position "What is it?" she asked with a hint of worry in her voice

"Well, err, it's about Agent Mulder..." Haruka started as she glanced over to Doggett in Skinner who were conversating in the corner of the hospital

"Muld...is something wrong? Please tell me!" she pleaded as tears from the sound of his name entered her eyes, she wasn't aware of how hard she was breathing

Haruka sighed hated being the one deliver this message but she knew she had to do it

"Agent Mulder, we, Michiru, Doggett and Skinner excavated his grave, Billy Miles had been found alive shortly before, and after opening Mulder's coffin...well the results were the same, he's currently at the U.S. Naval Hospital on life support, and I know it must sound absurd but..."

Haruka heard what sounded like a muffled cry on the other end of the phone line

"Oh...my...god." was all Scully could manage "I'll be right over..." she said as her voice cracked before hanging up the phone

Haruka pressed 'end' on her cell phone as she sighed looking to Michiru who was beside her then to Doggett and Skinner who were looking at her in curiosity. Haruka shrugged "She said she's on her way over right now."

Skinner shook his head "I don't want her to see him like this." he said looking into Mulder's hospital room window

Fifteen Minutes Later

Scully emerged through the sliding doors moving rather quickly and awkwardly.

Haruka, Michiru and Skinner put the conversation to an abrupt halt as Scully approaches them; Skinner turns in her direction, as Haruka and Michiru proceed in the opposite direction.

"Is it true?" Scully pleaded hoping the answer would be 'yes' as she moved as fast as her pregnant body would allow

"Slow down, Scully." Skinner said concerned

"No, I want to see him." She begged

"I know you do..."

"No, I need to see him, damn it!" She cried out throwing up her fists

"You're not going in there!" Skinner said grabbing her wrists but careful not to hurt her then took a deep breath before speaking again

"Scully, you can't."

Scully stares up at him "Tell me it's true, Tell me." she pleaded in a soft whisper

"I'm still trying to comprehend everything that's happened." Haruka stated matter of factly rubbing her tired eyes as she and Michiru walked down the halls of the hospital

"I know we've both seen our share of the supernatural, but this?" Michiru asked with a sigh

"Do you suppose there's a coffee shop open this early in the morning? I could really use come caffeine right about now." Haruka yawned placing her hands into her coat pockets

Michiru lifted her hand to examine her watch "Five thirty five AM, I know there are some places who open up around six, we could drive around for a bit, and look around for one, Agent Doggett said he'd call us and give us the diagnosis of Agent Mulder's condition when he was finished talking to Doctor Lim, so we have some time."

Haruka lifted her eye brow "I'm still surprised he hasn't mentioned anything to anyone else about my gender or our ages and how Mugen Academy was destroyed."

Michiru shrugged "Well, I guess Monica was right, both of them are keeping our secrecy, which is good, I loathe it when people gossip."

Both Haruka and Michiru made their way towards the exit and towards their car. Good thing Skinner had taken them back to headquarters so they can all take their separate cars to come and go as they pleased that night.

Haruka resumed the driver's side of the car and Michiru the passenger side. Haruka drove for what seemed like hours, but what was really only about twenty minutes before they had arrived at coffee shop that had just opened.

Haruka sighed grateful the place wasn't crawling with early bird customers. It was quiet, though it was times like this she wished Setsuna was here so they could all sit together and have tea and coffee like they once did.

Though she didn't know why, but she had a strong feeling they'd meet again someday soon.

Both of them took a seat at a window booth and ordered two hot green tea's.

Haruka sat across from Michiru kicking back, crossing her legs and casually drinking her hot tea.

"It's been quite awhile since we've fought in any battles, the quite is almost intimidating." Haruka sighed

"Knock on wood, even if we ourselves haven't been in any physical battles, but we both know something strange is brewing in this city, you saw how that Agent who's been dead for three months is currently now on life support." Michiru said looking up from the table wrapping her hands around her cup of hot tea

"I wonder if Agent Doggett accepted the promotion." Haruka said

"Good question, we'll have to ask." Michiru said taking a small sip of her tea

The sound of Haruka's cell phone emitted through the cafe and quickly she answered it

"Hello?" she asked

"Yeah, Agent Tenou...err...where are you?"

"I'm with Michiru at the cafe, why, what is it?"

Doggett pressed the cell phone closer to his ear looking back where Agent Scully had entered Mulder's hospital room then glanced back down the hall where Skinner was talking with some associates. Haruka's deep voice brought him back to his attention

"Agent Doggett?"

"Um...yeah, I just got done with talking to Doctor Lim."

"What'd he say?" Haruka asked

"Mulder's alive but effectively, his tissue and neural and vascular systems are all in a state of decomposition, which means, effectively, he's dead." Doggett sighed rubbing his throbbing temple

"That doesn't make any sense."

"Tell me about it, nothing here does." Doggett replied placing his hand on his hip

"Hold on, Agent Tenou, I've got a call on the other line." Doggett said switching lines

"John Doggett." He spoke

"John, where the hell are you?" came Kersh's rather irritated voice

Doggett looked down at the tiled floor and sighed

"Well, sir...I-"

"I want you at my office within twenty minutes." Kersh stated

Doggett just shrugged

"Yes, sir." he said then switched back lines

"Hello? Agent Tenou?"

"I'm here."

"That was the Deputy Director, he wants me over at headquarters, so when you leave the cafe, just come straight to headquarters." Doggett said

"Will do."

"Alright, thanks."

"Sure thing." Haruka pressed end on her cell then placed it back into the pocket of her slacks

She turned back to Michiru

"Well, effectively, Agent Mulder's alive, but the thing is, his neural and vascular systems are all in a state of decomposition, which means he's dead effectively as well." Haruka sighed as they both stood up finishing their tea

"I assume Kersh called him over to the FBI because he wants to give a lecture." Haruka finished

Michiru sighed "Let's go then."

Haruka and Michiru enter the building just in time to see Agent Doggett leave Kersh's office.

He sighed when he saw the two as they approached him

"What did he say?" Michiru asked

"He wants me to drop this thing on Mulder, then questioned me on the job offer he gave all of us, it's almost like he's dying to close the X-Files." Doggett sighed

"Speaking of which, are you going to take the offer?" Haruka asked

Doggett shook his head "No, there has to be someone to keep that unit open once Agent Scully goes on maternity leave, she says that I don't owe her anything, but I feel somehow I have to watch her back, mind if I ask you the same question? Are you taking the offer?"

Haruka sighed looking down then back up "No, we just got assigned to this until; I'm not going to let someone treat me like their servant, he assigned us to the X-Files in the first place, now he wants to ship us out? He sure as hell needs to make up his mind." Haruka crossed her arms

Doggett nodded and couldn't help but chuckle "Nicely said."

"Well, we're going down to the office, and you?" Michiru asked

He shrugged "I guess I'd better head back to the hospital and check on Agent Scully."

"Alright, see you later then."

"I'll contact you if anything comes up." Doggett said as he moved by them making his way out

Both of them headed in opposite directions towards the elevators.

Once Haruka and Michiru entered the elevator, a tall dark haired and dark eyed man pressed the button for his floor as they did their own. He turned and looked over at them for what seemed like hours before he spoke. "So, I finally get to have the honor of meeting Agent Haruka Tenou and Agent Michiru Kaiou." He said with an intimidating smile

Haruka and Michiru just decided to play along "That's right, and you are?" Haruka asked

"Oh, pardon me, Krycek, the name is Alex Krycek." he said as they all exchanged handshakes

Michiru eyed a device which looked a lot like a palm pilot when the elevator came to a stop at their floor, they exited quickly

"Nice meeting you, Michiru and Haruka." he called out before the doors of the elevator closed

"That was unexpected." Haruka sighed

"That's for sure."

"Though, I just can't help but feel something about that man, was...ominous, I could feel it...he wants something and I think somehow he's on to us, " Haruka sighed as she raised her hands for examination then let them fall back to her sides

Both of them stopped in the empty hallway "I think I remember something, he used to work with the FBI, Mulder and Scully." Michiru said

Haruka turned and lead her opposite the way of the X-Files office "Let's follow him."

They took the opposite elevator Krycek was in and pressed the button for Skinner's office floor.

Once the elevators opened they saw a few young agents' passing by going about their own busyness, they exited the elevator looking towards the other elevator down the hall, and not too far ahead of them they take notice of Skinner leaving his office.

Their pace slows to a halt as he stumbled against the wall in much pain. At first their instinct told them to go help him up, though there was something inside of both of them preventing that. Two younger agents immediately are at his side helping him to his feet.

"Are you alright sir?" one of them asks worriedly

Haruka and Michiru duck behind the corner of a wall peering around the corner at the scene unfolding before them.

Skinner sighed held out his arms while leaning up against the wall to keep his balance.

"I'm okay, I'm okay, Thank you." he sighed as they reluctantly let him be

Michiru and Haruka watched as he slowly made his way over towards the elevator keeping hold on his shoulder

Skinner stops at the elevator at the other side of the hall, placing his hand on the wall to support his weight as the elevator doors open revealing Alex Krycek, wearing the same intimidating smirk that Haruka and Michiru had witnessed.

"All aboard!" Krycek said

Michiru spotted the same hand held device he had earlier

Skinner heaved breaths in and out and began to speak angrily

"I don't know how you got in this building, Krycek, but whatever it is you want... you can go to hell." he turned away as the elevator doors closed as pained seared through him as he sank to the floor.

Krycek increased the level of the hand held device causing the pain in Skinner to rise, he sighed heavily trying to regain his composure as he positioned himself to stand and walk back towards the elevator as the doors re-opened.

"What do you want from me?" Skinner demanded

Krycek grins "Let's take a ride."

Once they both enter the elevator, Haruka and Michiru hurry back inside the elevator pressing the down button.

Once inside the elevator Haruka was the first to speak "What the hell was that?"

"You saw the device Krycek was holding?" Michiru asked

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I felt an aura coming from it; I think it somehow triggered Skinner collapse." Michiru explained

"I know, something's not right, but I think I know where they went."

The door opened as they both slowly stepped out cautiously finding the hall's empty and slowly moved down towards the X-Files office but came to a stop when they caught the familiar voices of Skinner and Krycek.

"The word on the street is he's back from the dead. He's a regular Houdini." came Krycek's voice

Haruka and Michiru inch closer but remain out of sight

"Tell me what you want." Skinner demanded

"What I want is to give you the chance to save Mulder's life."

"You don't believe me?" Krycek continued

"No, I don't." Skinner replied simply

"I can push a little button and send thousands of nanobots lying dormant in your bloodstream sizzling to your brain stem and all I want to do with that power is save a man's life." Krycek said

"I don't think his life can be saved."

"I have a vial that contains a vaccine. Mulder knows of it. His father developed it to fight the alien virus." Krycek said

"There's no vaccine can help the man I found in that grave."

"You found him, and you don't even know what you got, oh and about those new agent's Agent Michiru Kaiou and Haruka Tenou, how can you be sure you can trust them?" Krycek chuckled

"They sure seem a hell of a lot more trustworthy than you, even so you're the last person I'd even think about trusting." he said turning but then wheeled around attempting to grab Krycek's hand held device

Krycek with ease took hold of it first and smiled

"It's a push of a button, Walter." Krycek stands up and makes his way out of the office as Haruka and Michiru hurry in the opposite direction behind the corner of a wall as Krycek exits

Back at the hospital

Doggett looked into the window of Mulder's hospital room, seeing Scully resting in a chair next to his hospital bed. One hand clasping Mulder's and the other resting on her abdomen.

Doggett hesitates before entering, bracing himself before he put his hand on the door knob and entered closing the door behind him.

Scully shifts in her chair opens her eyes and looks over at Doggett.

Doggett sighed "You can't do this to yourself."

"You asked me not to come in here, Agent Doggett. I hope you're not asking me to leave."

"Concern's for your well-being, Agent Scully. That's all it's ever for. I felt this was a bad idea from the start. I told the Assistant Director so. Worrying about the effect it might have on you."

"You mean finding Mulder alive?" Scully questioned

"I know you came in here with the doctors. I'm sure you must have asked them what his chances are."

At this Scully positioned herself to stand up and moved towards Doggett.

"Agent Doggett... ...However I felt about you when we first met, you changed my opinion with the quality of your character and of your work. Now, I am thankful to know you and I am thankful for your concern... ...But no matter what Mulder's chances are, the choice not to open up that grave was wrong. Not because of me personally but as my partner on the X-Files. Now, the truth may hurt but it's all that matters.

"What truth?"

"About what caused this." Scully replied firmly

Their conversation is interrupted by a nurse

"You've got to come quickly! It's Billy Miles."

Scully and Doggett follow her out into the hall, as the nurse points out, Billy Miles, naked wondering down the hall, he turns when he said Scully and Doggett.

Haruka and Michiru are back in the X-Files Office.

Haruka rolled her eyes and heaved a loud sigh as her phone rang, she fumbled through her jacket pocket and answered her phone

"Tenou, Haruka."

"Yeah, It's John Doggett."

"Well, what is it?" Haruka asked impatiently

"These days, I'm not quite so sure myself." Doggett replied

"Go on." Haruka persuaded tapping her desk with a pen

"It's Billy Miles, who was on his death bed, apparently shed his skin and became a whole new person."

"What do you mean?" Haruka asked

"Agent Scully and I talked with him; he says all he remembers was a lot of water and a ship, which Scully said he meant a space ship, and then he gave a load of crap about aliens coming to save the world, and I think apparently Scully might believe his story." Doggett sighed

"Anyway, I have to get somewhere, give this message to Skinner to get down here." Doggett continued

"Alright." Haruka said and hung up then looked over to Michiru "Why does he always decide to call me with the bad news?" she questioned with a sigh

Back at the Hospital,

A.D. Skinner entered the hospital viewing room where Scully was looking at Billy Miles' test results.

"Hi." she replied quickly before turning back to examine the test results

"Nobody called me about Billy." he said

"I know. I'm sorry, I know Agent Doggett had contacted Agent's Kaiou and Tenou and told them to give you the message before he left the hospital." Scully sighed

"They...they did, I'd just like to know what's going on personally, I mean, this is incredible." Skinner said moving towards her

Scully turns back to the chart "It's too incredible. Sir, there isn't a piece of medical data on him that isn't 100 normal."

"Why are you questioning that... when it could mean that the doctors are wrong about Mulder?" Skinner asked

"Because it doesn't make sense. I mean, there should be blood, fluid, electrolyte imbalances. Loss of brain function, but as it is, it's like he shed his skin and literally became a new person. And I don't mean the same person."

Skinner paused before speaking "What are the chances this could be due to an alien influence? Could it be a virus?" he asked looking away some

"Why are you asking me this? Sir, if you know something... look, we-we're working against the clock here. This, this could happen to Mulder. And until we know what it is we have to do everything to control it."

Skinner closed his eyes briefly then turned away and paced "There may be a vaccine." he said thinking back to the conversation with Krycek

"Where?" Scully asked in a pleading whisper

"It doesn't come without a price."

"This is about saving a man's life." Scully said raising her voice

"Yes. It is."

"Where do you suppose Agent Doggett said he had to go?" Michiru questioned as they pulled up into the parking lot of the hospital

"All he said was that he had to go somewhere, Where? I don't know." Haruka replied as she put the car in park and shut off the engine

Michiru removed her seat belt and laid her head next to the passenger window, closing her eyes briefly. "I'm so tired; it feels like I haven't slept in days."

Haruka nodded in understanding "It's been a long night as well as morning and afternoon, that's understandable." she said removing her seatbelt as well

Michiru sat back up "Well, I guess we should go back in."

Haruka nodded reluctantly as they both exited the car and left the garage.

Across the garage parking lot, Krycek sat in his car watching them, as he had followed them to the hospital from Headquarters.

He had managed to retrieve some of their information that served to some interest. It was obvious they were suspicious of him when he had spoken to them in the elevator earlier.

There were without a doubt unordinary, Krycek had thought about offering them the vaccine in exchange for Scully's baby's DNA, but they didn't look like the type to take orders so easily, besides it would only make them even more suspicious of him, give off a bad impression of himself, and that was the last thing he needed right now.

Besides, what better victim than the Assistant Director for his twisted plan, he already held Skinner's fate in his hands.

He solely didn't care whether Mulder lived or died, he only used it as a way of getting to Scully's baby.

Federal Correctional Facility

Perkey, West Virginia

Doggett sits as Absalom enters the interrogation room. He has grayish colored hair, looks older than Doggett.

"Brother... you aren't someone I expected to be... paying me a visit." Absalom says

"How are they treating you?" Doggett asks

"Treating me? Like a prophet."

"That's what I'm here about, your prophecies, these preaching's of yours."

"Oh... you misread me, is that it?" Absalom questioned

"I want to know about these men and woman you say you would find left for dead." Doggett said getting right to the point

"You know someone Left for dead, but who's not dead?" Absalom asked but already knowing the answer

Doggett's mind shifted to thoughts of Agent Mulder. "Yes."

"You're here to receive the word... and yet you can't bring yourself to say my name. Say it."

Doggett rolled his eyes and said simply "Absalom."

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believeth in me... though he were dead, yet shall he live." Do you know the words?" Absalom asked

"They're from the bible." Doggett replied then sat up

"Look, I'm here because somehow you healed these people and I want to know how you did it. I need your help, so just cut to the chase" Doggett continued

"You ask for my help... But you refuse to believe in me."

Mulder's hospital room

Haruka and Michiru look at the doctors reports then watch Mulder who was holding by a thread on life support.

Haruka shoved her hands into her pockets, "I didn't know any better, I'd say someone is keeping a close watch on us..."

"Like we're being followed, I felt it when we were on the way over here." Michiru finished then looked up closing her eyes

"The sea is violent, it's roaring in my ears." Michiru continued as she re-opened her eyes and her gaze fell back on Mulder

Haruka nodded "I could feel a change in the winds when we left the car." Their conversation came to an abrupt stop when the door leading into Mulder's hospital room opened

Both of the two looked to one another nodded and ducked behind a wall on the other side of Mulder's bed as Krycek entered the room, appeared not to notice the two as they were concealed behind the wall.

Krycek stood at the other side of the bed by the door which lead into the room. "Kuso..." Haruka mumbled under her breath as Michiru hit her in the arm as a warning to keep quiet

Krycek luckily didn't appear to notice, the door had been left open and ajar. Both of them were startled when the lights were shut off, obviously by Krycek.

'What the hell is going on?' Haruka thought quietly to herself surprised as Skinner now entered through the open door, also left to wonder what happened to the lights as the door closed behind him. He turned and was startled by Krycek on the far right side of him. He gave a questioning look.

"It's hard to believe, isn't it... that Mulder could ever possibly get out of that bed?" Krycek said with a grin

"I need the vaccine, Alex." Skinner said

"Yeah, Time is wasting." Krycek stated with an intimidating chuckle

Skinner looked back to Mulder's hospital bed, oblivious of Haruka and Michiru's presence only about a few feet away.

"What do I have to do?" Skinner asked

"Oh, it's simple, really. Make sure Scully doesn't come to term." He said simply

Haruka and Michiru exchanged shocked glances as they continued to tune in on the conversation.

Skinner stares at him in shock. He couldn't do it; there wasn't any decision to make. He knew how much Scully had wanted to have a child, she'd been carrying it for six months, and to take it away from her now would kill her emotionally.

"You're out of your mind." Skinner said truthfully

"She can't have that baby."

"No. The answer is no." Skinner said harshly

"We all have a life in our hands. I have yours... you have Mulder's... and Scully has her unborn child. It's who's willing to sacrifice." Krycek said without emotion

'Sacrifice.' Something Haruka and Michiru knew all too well; they knew what it was all about.

In order to save the world, there had to be sacrifices. Even though it wasn't something they wanted to do, they wanted to avoid it at all costs if it could be helped.

At times they had no other choice. What was it about Scully's baby that made Krycek want it?

"That child isn't any ordinary child."

"No, Krycek!" Skinner said

"Suit yourself, but eventually there has to be a sacrifice." he said holding up his hand held device before exiting the room

Skinner looked down, then back up; switching back on the lights then exited the room as well.

Haruka and Michiru sighed with most relief and stood back up, both making sure both sides of the outside hall were clear then left. Haruka heard her cell phone ring moments later, as she fished it out of her pocket she looked over to Michiru

"Kami-sama, Arigatou, if my cell phone rang back in there, we'd be in a great deal of trouble." Haruka said

"Trouble? That's an understatement."

"Hello?" Haruka asked

"Yeah, I talked with Absalom."


"He's the guy who had first found Mulder, He's in prison, and I went to arrange a little chat with him."

"I'm listening."

"He said that the abductees were being returned then left for dead, claimed that if he hadn't healed them that they would become aliens, then all this load of horse crap about aliens taking over the world." Doggett clearly showing his skepticism

"Whoa, back up, he 'healed' them?" Haruka questioned as Michiru looked over to her thinking about Hotaru

"Yeah, then he said all this abduction stuff has to do with some aliens invading the planet." Doggett scoffed

Haruka kept this thought in mind then asked

"Where are you now?"

"I'm on my way back to the hospital, going to take this all up with Agent Scully." He replied

Haruka paused deciding not to mention anything that just happened minutes ago.

"I'll see you when you get here then." Haruka said then hung up her cell phone

She turned back to Michiru, "Well I guess that answers our question, It seems like he was interviewing this 'Absalom' in prison, he has some type of healing power. Then mentioned something about Aliens coming to take over the planet, you up for battle again?" Haruka said

"Do I have a choice?"

Doggett entered the hospital, passing Krycek by. He tucked the hand held pilot into his pocket before walking in the opposite direction.

Doggett turned around curiously watching him depart before turned back in the direction of Mulder's hospital room. Looks over to see Skinner inside then down the hall where Scully had just exited a room, examining some clip board papers. He turns away from Mulder's hospital room and walks over towards her.

"Where are going?" Doggett asks

"Look, I don't have time to waste debating our differences, Agent Doggett. I strongly believe that Agent Mulder is infected with a virus."

"A virus?"

"A virus that seems to keep the body just alive enough to take it through a transformation..." Scully continued

Doggett thought back to his conversation with Absalom before speaking

"Into, let me guess, an alien."

"Agent Doggett, I don't have time to argue."

"I'm not arguing, and for what it's worth that's what this guy that first found Mulder told me. This man that we put in prison, Absalom?"

"He told you this was a virus?" Scully asked

"No, I told Haruka and Michiru the same thing, He said the abductees were being returned and left for dead. That if he hadn't found them and done his hocus-pocus they would've been resurrected as aliens. It was all part of some big alien takeover of the world."

"That's it."

"What's it?" Doggett demanded

"How Billy Miles came back so perfectly. I stood there and watched his body go into seizure just moments before this happened. On the monitor, there were two heartbeats and I told the nurse that it was just a mechanical error."

Doggett sighed tiredly "You think this kid has sloughed his skin and come back as an alien?" he asked if this wouldn't have been a life or death situation, he would have laughed

"I need a surgical bay, a team of doctors. I have to keep Mulder's body stabilized in order to administer the vaccine."

"What vaccine?" Doggett asked

"The one I asked AD Skinner to get me." Scully says before turning and hurrying away

Doggett turned around to see the door to Mulder's room was closed, and it got worse, it was locked.

An uneasy and ominous feeling came over him; he looked closer into the room and saw Skinner inside.

He started to pound on the door with great urgency. "Assistant Director? Open up. It's John Doggett!"

No response. Doggett heard the sound of monitors increase. He felt the rise of adrenaline increase inside of him.

He backed up then charged into the door until it burst open. Skinner looks up at him in alarm. All Mulder's life support had been removed. Doggett stood there in front of him "What the hell are you doing?" he demanded

"You don't understand."

At this, Doggett grabs Skinner's collar and shoves him into the wall. "You're killing him!"

"I had no choice. He wanted me to kill Scully's baby." Skinner shot back

Doggett released his tight grip some "Who?"

"Alex Krycek, for the vaccine. It's the only way he'd give it to me…but I couldn't trust him. I couldn't do that to her, that baby's the only thing keeping her going."

"Where is he?" Doggett demanded

Haruka and Michiru ran down the stair case to the car parking garage. "Haruka, you were right, the feeling is getting stronger as we are getting closer to the parking garage." Michiru said through breaths

"I bet all of it has something to do with Krycek I'm sure. He's the one who followed us to the hospital as well." Haruka said as they both reached the end of the stairs and stood in front of the door, then looked back to check if anyone had followed them

They both looked at one another and nodded "URANUS PLANET POWER...MAKE UP!"


One the transformations were complete, Uranus and Neptune appeared and slipped slowly out the door which lead into the garage. Krycek turned his rear view mirror and saw the two of them slip behind two cars.

He eyed the spot with curiosity. "What the hell?" he thought aloud

He looked up when he saw Doggett exit a minute later, clearly oblivious to the two who had just appeared before him.

Krycek turned and started the car pulling out quickly in reverse. Uranus and Neptune made their presence known and leaped out to the side of the two cars that had moments before, been concealing them.

Doggett looked over at them with a very confused look on his face, then switched his attention back to Krycek as he pulled out his gun and fired at Krycek, then realizing why the other two figures had leaped out of the way, Doggett jumped out of the way as Krycek's car smashed into another nearby car just few cars away from Haruka's Ferrari.

"Christ, if he hit my car I'm not going to be a very pleasant person to deal with." Uranus mumbled

Neptune signaled her to be quite as they saw Doggett fall to the ground as his gun flew out of his hand.

He moved away as he saw Krycek's car going towards him and ran, then jumped holding onto the open window of the driver's side reaching inside for the steering wheel.

"Stop the car!" Doggett demanded trying to keep hold through the open wheel

Neptune motioned to Uranus for them to get to a higher platform out of the way of the car. They watch from a corner.

Doggett rammed his fist into Krycek's face. "Stop the car!" he repeated

Krycek presses down on the gas pedal, making Doggett just holding on with his fingers of the window, he swings with much effort, another punch at Krycek.

Krycek guns the car forward heading into a line of cars. "Shimatta!" Uranus nearly cried out

"My car!"

Neptune turned to Uranus giving her a warning look.

Krycek looks away momentarily and punched Doggett in the face. As the car approaches the other cars, Doggett let's go quickly dropping into a tuck and roll.

Krycek turns around avoiding the other cars. Uranus sighed with relief. As he backs up the car and puts it into park then got out.

Uranus and Neptune stepped out of the shadows. Rose petals fly They both wore their usual sailor outfits adorned with a bow in the front as well as in the back, matched off with short wrist length gloves, choker and tiara and as well as their high heeled boots.

Krycek looked them over and smirked.

"And you two are?"

"The sky planet is my guardian deity, soldier of the wind, Sailor Uranus." Uranus spoke crossing her arms feeling tempted to say something about him almost damaging her car

"The deep sea planet is my guardian deity, soldier of embrace, Sailor Neptune."

"We are two of four sailor soldiers from the outer solar system. Here we are!" Uranus cried

Doggett shook his head as Krycek played absently with the vial of vaccine.

He thought about the super soldiers, but these two called themselves the 'sailor' soldiers, though some how they sounded familiar.

He took a moment to process this thought, Sailor Soldiers, had made some appearances in Japan. Supposedly, they fought against all evil, which means they must know something about the upcoming alien invasion, the opposites of the super soldiers he knew of.

He would have to check up on this. But there was something about these two, something familiar, Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou are from Japan as well.

Krycek turned his attention back to Doggett getting back to the point and held up the vial of vaccine.

"You looking for this? It's the vaccine for Mulder."

Doggett slowly moves towards him, anger rising into his eyes.

Krycek smiles as the vial slips out of his hands and smashes to the ground. Uranus and Neptune don't even attempt to dash out for it but rather stand there and watch intently. He turns over to them "What? You didn't even try to stop me."

Uranus chuckled "Don't make me laugh; you think we're going to come running to the rescue for personal reasons? that's out of our league, don't overestimate us, we have our own reasons."

Neptune turned to Doggett "This was yours and the other's fight, we'll let you handle this." and with that both of them disappeared back into the shadows in a storm of rose petals

Krycek smiled to himself, these 'Sailor ' Soldiers must have human forms as well, and he was sure going to look into this without a doubt.

They seemed to be fighting for good; yet, they were not naive like most fighting for good are, what ever came they were playing, they sure played it well. He was brought out of his thoughts by an angry John Doggett who ran towards him.

Krycek turned and made his way back to his car and drove away leaving Doggett with the mess of the shattered glass vial. Doggett sighed and looked down to the cement before turning away and walked back towards the staircase.

Uranus and Neptune watched from afar. "Why didn't we try to help them?" Neptune pondered aloud

"This isn't why we are here, we can't get involved with personal battles, we're carrying the fate of the world in our hands, if in the future, there is an invasion by a supernatural force we must fight it for the sake of Crystal Tokyo." Uranus said

Neptune nodded in understanding

"Come on, let's go."

Doggett entered the hospital corridors, still trying to process everything that's happened and comes to a halt when Skinner approached him.

"Agent Doggett. Agent Mulder's in the O.R. Did you get the vaccine?" Skinner asked

Doggett sighs before speaking "Listen to me. You weren't wrong. He wasn't to be trusted."

He sighs once more before passing him and making his way over to the operating room. He looks thought the small window to see Scully and some other doctors operating on Mulder. Scully looks over sadly at Mulder before looking up and meeting Doggett's gaze. Doggett sighed opened the door as Scully walked over to him and removed her mask.

"He's going to make it?" Doggett questioned

Scully hesitated "I don't know. I... I really don't know how we could've known."

"Known what?"

"That by keeping him on life support we were incubating the virus. We were hastening it along."

"You mean Skinner saved him?" Doggett asked

Scully just nodded

"What about the vaccine?" He questioned hoping there might be another way to save Mulder

"If we can stabilize him and his temperature we can give him courses of antiviral. I think it could work."

The ringing of Doggett's cell phone caught their attention. Doggett looked at the caller ID before turning it off and placing it back into his coat and left the room.

Back at FBI Headquarters- Early Morning

Doggett entered Kersh's office.

"John." he said simply as if tasting the name

"Sir. Morning rush hour. I got here as quickly as I could."

"Missed the sunrise." Kersh said shaking his head

"I was talking with Agent Scully."

"I know. It's going to be awful crowded down in that X-Files office, there are four of you." Kersh replied grimly and sighed putting on his glasses picking up a file

"Maybe you didn't hear me. I said you're on the wrong floor."

Doggett resisted the urge to roll his eyes and shake his head "Yes, sir." he said then turned to leave

Doggett returned to the hospital where Haruka and Michiru were standing outside of Mulder's hospital room talking with some of the doctors. As Doggett approached them, the doctors left.

"What did they say?" he asked

"He's doing better, but only time can tell, from here on out, the doctors are stumped." Michiru said looking over into the window

Doggett did the same

"Agent Scully is in there now." Haruka said as Doggett just simply nodded

Inside Mulder's hospital room

Scully placed her right hand over Mulder's as the other one came to rest on her stomach. She hoped and prayed that the courses of antiviral would work. She smoothed her fingers over his cold hands rubbing some warmth into them.

Scully looked up quickly when his hand twitched from her touch and moved closer towards him watching his head shift.

"Mulder?" She asked with much relief of being able to say his name once more

He turned his head towards her and opened his eyes.

For the first time in six months a smile comes across her face and tears of joy shine brightly in her blue eyes.


Mulder looks up at her blankly "Who are you?"

Scully looked away momentarily and bit her lip, unaware he was joking, when she had looked back Mulder was grinning.

Scully cried out in much relief as tears fell down her cheeks.

"Oh, my god, don't do that to me." She looked down then back up meeting Mulder's gaze as he smiled at her

She takes a breath before speaking again "Do you know...? Do you have any idea what you've been through?" she asked softly as another tear made its way down her cheek

He shook his head slightly before speaking "Only what I see in your face." he said noting her tears

She moved her hand from her stomach to reach up and stroke his hair, she smiled in the process as yet, another tear makes its way down her cheek.

She sighed and placed her hand back on her stomach when the baby decided to move, she wanted to tell him 'Thank you' for telling her to never give up on a miracle, but she would do so when he gets enough rest. She lay her head down on his chest.

Mulder leaned his head as far forward as he could and whispered "Anybody miss me?"

Scully laughs and kisses his shoulder for his answer. He closed his eyes briefly and took in her scent.

Scully lazily lifted her head from his chest when Doggett entered through the door and looked like he was about to say something.

He stood there for a moment then sighed and quietly left the room. Scully closed her eyes as Mulder did the same.

Doggett closed the door to Mulder's hospital room and looked to Skinner, and then Haruka and Michiru, his expression said it all

"It's been a long two days, we all should go home and get some rest." Doggett said tiredly still trying to process everything that's happened the past two nights

"You guys go ahead, I'm going to make sure everything's all right." Skinner said

Doggett nodded to Skinner then Haruka and Michiru before going to the exit of the hospital, Haruka and Michiru nodded and left as well.

Krycek sat across the street of the hospital and watched the cars of Doggett then Haruka and Michiru's car pass by.

One day he was going to get the DNA of Scully's child, without fail. Then he would find out the true identities of Uranus and Neptune, there must be more 'Sailor' Soldiers. 'Do they have the power to save this world from invasion?' He questioned

Krycek sighed and pulled away from the parking lot.