Haruka and Michiru's apartment Saturday 5PM

Haruka aimlessly wandered the living room of her and Michiru's apartment.

She wore a baggy loose button up blouse which was held together by a three buttons and black leather bell bottom pants to boot.

She felt her panic attacks return, she usually had them when she was nervous, or right before a battle. She'd experienced them off and on since her nightmares which had begun right before she had chosen to accept her destiny.

Haruka stopped her pacing abruptly and she fingered her henshin stick which had brought back all the unforgettable moments before countless battles. She didn't know why she was getting these panic attacks but she knew something would happen soon.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt Michiru come up behind her. "Haruka? Are you alright?" The soldier of embrace asked gently as she moved Haruka to sit on the sofa as she positioned herself to massage Haruka's aching shoulders.

Haruka clasped her henshin stick in both of her hands and closed her eyes momentarily before opening them once more and staring straight ahead "Yes...no...I mean...I'm not sure, the wind is uneasy and violent today, and why do I have a feeling like someone is on to us?" she asked in a husky voice

Michiru's eyebrows nit together in concern as she continued to work her slender fingers into the tight muscles of Haruka's arms. She turned and gazed out into the windy and rainy approaching evening. "I feel it too, there's a rising suspicion in all of those diligent

Agents, but the one I'm particularly concerned about is Monica Reyes, I can tell she goes about things that modern day society doesn't, I could see it in her eyes, do...do you think she knows?"

Haruka remained quite as she turned her henshin stick over and over in the palms of her hands while she examined it. A few moments passed before she spoke once more. "I know...but...I don't feel any evil vibes coming from her, she's on the side of justice...but we can't let her get in the way of the mission, if she knows...we can't risk exposure." Haruka said quietly

"Anyway, what did you find?" Haruka asked as she set her henshin stick beside her placing her hands back into her lap

"Well, you know, how this Fox Mulder was abducted then returned after three months...dead...before we came in, well you know his partner, Dana Scully, was abducted six years before, returned and was in the hospital in a similar state, but then the odd thing is, she was left barren...unable to have children..." Michiru trailed off

"And here she is pregnant." Haruka finished

"Also, I was able to get into her medical records, she's been to several doctors during her pregnancy, and she has had it checked numerous times." Michiru said working her fingers on Haruka's shoulders

"Then she had witnessed something to do with one of her doctors about alien babies..."

"Babies that are...what?" Haruka lifted her eyebrows curiously

"Well, little green men...or so this Mulder called them."

"And I thought our everyday youma were strange..." Haruka let out a sarcastic laugh

"Mulder also believed in UFO's."

"Why am I not surprised?"


"Yes, I heard he was the FBI's most unwanted...yada yada."

"Alright, well I'm assuming you already know Dana Scully was assigned as his partner to debunk his work." Michiru asked as stopped massaging Haruka's shoulders and went into the kitchen to make some green tea

"Yeah, I've heard some talk around town at the FBI, she decided to become his lover instead, listing to people gossip, these people have way too much time on their hands." Haruka said with a sigh leaning back on the couch crossing her legs setting her henshin stick on the coffee table

A few minutes later Michiru came back holding tea filled china cups on a silver tray and set them in front of the couch.

Haruka bent down to pick up the cup then kicked back on the couch again as Michiru took a seat next to her.

"Also it appears, John Doggett and Monica Reyes go back, and they worked together about a case involving his missing son."

"John was also previously a cop."

Haruka nodded and sipped her tea as she took in the information then stopped abruptly nearly avoiding choking on the hot liquid when the phone rang. Haruka and Michiru sat still until the answering machine picked up and in Michiru's voice 'We're not home right now, Please leave a message after the beep.'

"Hello, Agent Kaiou, Agent Tenou, This is Monica Reyes. I'd like to talk to you both in person. It's important, tomorrow at six at the cafe, see you then."

Haruka and Michiru looked at one other. This reminded Haruka of the day Eugel had found out they were the talisman holders, and then tricked the both of them into coming to the marine cathedral, only to have their talismans stolen. Haruka shook her head at the thought.

"Haruka...what are we going to do? Do you think she knows?" Michiru asked with concern

Haruka looked away and shrugged "Well it's obvious she's on to us, I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure out we suspiciously entered the FBI with flying colors, I mean you are a Famous Violinist, and I'm an F1 Test Driver..."Haruka sighed

Michiru placed her hand over Haruka's "But we have a mission...there's a presence in this town...which led us to the X Files division, there's something which led us here to figure out." Michiru spoke softly

"I...I know..."Haruka started as she placed her now emptied cup onto the coffee table

"I guess we have no choice. We'll have to go meet Reyes tomorrow, otherwise we'll draw even more suspicion to ourselves, If we haven't drawn enough already..." Haruka sighed and moved her other hand slowly from under Michiru's touch then intertwined her fingers with Michiru's

"And if something does happen...we'll deal with it then." she tried to give Michiru a reassuring smile who returned it appreciatively.

The Next Day...

Haruka pulled on a pair of black slacks with matching dress shoes and another loose white blouse similar to the one she wore yesterday, with a red scarf wrapped around her forearm.

Michiru entered the living room wearing a black skirt and high heels. She also wore a white short sleeve blouse which had a red rose adorned the left shoulder, completed with a white mini jacket.

"Ready?" Haruka asked

"Yeah, just let me get my purse and we're all set."

Haruka took this opportunity to get their dark green umbrella from the closet, since it had been raining all day and the weather reports showed it would be raining for a few days.

When Haruka returned Michiru was waiting at the door with her jean mini purse over her shoulder.

"Alright, let's go."

Michiru opened the door as they both slipped outside, closing the door behind them. Haruka slipped the keys into her pocket and opened their umbrella holding it over both their heads as they slowly made their way down the stairs.

When they reached Haruka's Ferrari, Haruka opened Michiru's side first before going around to the driver's side. She quickly opened the door and closed the umbrella tossing it into the back seat then quickly slipped into the driver's side closing the door then inserting the keys into the ignition and starting the engine. Both of them put their seat belts on as Haruka pulled away from the curb.

Haruka turned on the windshield wipers so she could see where she was going.

Michiru turned to Haruka

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Haruka sighed looking straight ahead trying to get comfortable

"There's no other choice, unless we want to draw suspicion to ourselves." Haruka tightened her grip on the gear shift

"I wonder how the others are doing." Michiru said

"I'm sure they're fine, I believe in them."

"They are Neo Queen Serenity's guardians."

A few minutes later they arrived at the cafe and with luck, found a parking place right in front of the cafe. Haruka took her keys out of the ignition and examined her watch "We're fifteen minutes early."

"Should we wait in the car or..."

Behind the reflected glass windows, they made out a tall woman, around the same height as Setsuna, 5' 7" with neck length dark hair which answered their own question. She sat farther back, single in a booth looking out opposite their direction out the window.

Haruka sighed "I guess we answered our own question." Haruka said simply

They slowly removed their seat belts. Haruka reached back and grabbed the umbrella, they both sat there momentarily.

"Here goes..."

The both of them exited the Ferrari and made their way over and into the cafe. Monica immediately turned her attention to Haruka and Michiru who had just entered. The cafe was quite and thankfully uncrowded, except music playing in the back ground.

As the hostess was about to escort them to a booth, Monica approaches the hostess

"They're with me." she said with a smile and nodded at Haruka and Michiru

"Alright then, I'll go back and get you both some menus." The hostess disappeared and left Haruka and Michiru face to face with Monica

"Well, Agent's shall we?" she asked with a grin that intimidated Haruka slightly

Monica led them back to her booth and they took a seat next to each other right across from her. The both of them couldn't help but to shift nervously in their seats, but managed to keep it together.

"I'm glad you could make it, you both must lead very busy lives..." she said but was cut off by the waitress who asked for Haruka and Michiru's orders

"Two Iced teas." Haruka said thankful for the interruption and delay of time "...And I'll just have a salad, Thanks." she said passing in her menu as she took it then proceeded to take Michiru's order "Sashimi please."

The waitress quickly jotted down the orders, took the menus and left the three of them to talk once more. "So how exactly did a young seventeen year old violinist and F1 test driver pop out of the blew into the FBI?" she asked questioningly and raised her eyebrow as she took a casual sip of her coffee

Haruka hated being questioned but answered calmly "And just how would you know that?"

"I'm from the FBI remember, I have ways..." Monica replied

Haruka refrained from rolling her eyes "According to the records I've looked in to, the last school you were enrolled in was Mugen Academy in Japan, a school which ranged from Kindergarten through the end of High School, and it also had its own college, but there's the funny thing, in your junior year it had it that you're school was destroyed?'" Monica continued "And this was a few months back now."

Haruka crossed her arms and lifted her eyebrow, recalling these events bothered her

"Isn't that an invasion of privacy? I wish you'd stop Investigating us like that though, did you find criminal records? Because as I have it, we didn't do anything wrong," Haruka said irritated.

"What intrigues me is how you got into the FBI, you have to have a degree and years of schooling, but the both of you haven't even completed high school."

Michiru leveled her gaze "If there's something you want to know just ask and cut it short." she said simply

Monica paused before speaking again "I've had my ideas of how and why you joined the X-Files unit, but then of course those are just my thoughts, and my opinion isn't always accurate."

She eyed Haruka "But I do know you are really a female even if others think otherwise, and I'm sure there's a reason behind the fact that you had joined the X-Files unit...I can detect these energies from both of you, and I'm sure whatever the reason may be I can feel that it's important, you aren't just fooling around." she nodded

"But...I know the both of you are hiding something, a very important secret, about what I am not sure and I won't invade your secrecy, though if you need information on anything you can always talk to me, I am a woman of my word and the information I know is currently only known by me and John Doggett, a close partner of mine.

We didn't mention anything to Agent Scully, because she's had such a difficult pregnancy, but from what I heard from Agent Doggett who's been working with her for the last six months says she's really one of the most understanding and kindest people he's met, even if she puts on a front when she meets people."

The waitress came over and placed the drinks and food on the table. "Enjoy your meal."

Michiru looked down into her tea and began to stir it around absently with the straw as Haruka picked at her salad.

A stir of mixed emotions passed between both of them. Haruka didn't come to trust people overnight and just knowing Monica knew some bit of her past put her stomach in knots.

"If you say so."

Maybe Monica was as trustworthy as she claimed to be, but they didn't want to take risks that would make them sorry in the aftermath. Indeed there was something more to this Monica Reyes then the average person, but then at the same time if their secret was revealed, how would they react, and how would they continue their mission? But on the other hand, she seemed to be open minded enough.

"I'm going to be returning to the New Orleans tomorrow, I decided to meet you here because I don't want to take the changes of the phone line being tapped." she said

Both of them nod in understanding

Monica hands them her business card "Here's where you can reach me if you need anything." she said gathering her things she placed a 20 on the table then smiled "Since I called you out here, I think I'll do the honors." she said with a grin

She stood up "Well I should get back to the hotel and get my things ready, my flight leaves early tomorrow, good luck." she said

Both of them watched her as she disappeared out the door as Haruka eyed the business card.