5AM Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters

For the past few days or so Haruka and Michiru would arrive at work early enough so that they would be there a while before everyone and their dog flooded through the halls of the FBI. Well that was an exception if you didn't include the unusual chatting that was currently going on right outside of the basement office. Michiru and Haruka's walk came to an abrupt halt as the voices came more distinct. 'What in the seven hells are they doing here at this hour, having a birthday bash?' Haruka thought to herself somewhat irritated by the early hour she had to get up and now they wouldn't be able to get any needed work done right now.

The slowly proceeded closer towards the voices, two familiar ones could be recognized as Agent Scully and the other, Agent Doggett, but the third voice was unfamiliar. Moments later, Michiru and Haruka found themselves before the door that stood only a crack open and stood there hesitantly before going inside. There were the three figures talking, so engaged in their conversation they were oblivious to Haruka and Michiru who had just slipped inside.

Michiru decided to bring it to a halt "Good Morning." she said elegantly but loud enough so she could catch the other three's attention. With luck, the conversation was brought to a stop and the three faces turned to face the two who stood there with absolute elegance and petals fly Haruka who stood tall with her head low looked up the three of them and grinned. Silence fell into the room and lingered there for a few moments.

Haruka and Michiru recognized the seated figure and the red hair that was Agent Scully and the other who stood who was obviously Agent Doggett, the one before them was a woman who appeared to be in her mid thirties, she had short dark brown hair and a set of dark brown eyes to match, she wore a black suit and a pair of black slacks to match.

Doggett removed his feet from the office desk and stood up. "Good Morning, Agent Tenou, Agent Kaiou." he said with a nod "This is Agent Monica Reyes, from the New Orleans; she assisted us on a case a month ago." Doggett nodded in Reyes' direction as she walked over and managed a smile and shook both their hands. Judging by her attitude towards them, the news about how Haruka's fist made physical contact with Agent Johnson's head hadn't reached her yet.

"Pleasure to meet you Agent Reyes." Michiru said cheerfully as Haruka and herself slightly bowed "You're both here early." Doggett chuckled 'And so are you.' Haruka thought to herself as Doggett made his way over to pour himself a cup of coffee "Would you like some coffee?" Doggett offered turning back into their direction "No, that's alright, thank you though." Haruka said as she and Michiru made their way over to their empty desk and set down their suitcases

Reyes walked back to the empty chair which was beside the desk Doggett was sitting in. She felt something ominous about those two, something she hadn't exactly felt before, John had told her about them a little while before they had arrived but this was something different. She could feel the essence of power in the presence of those two, weather it was a good or evil energy she couldn't tell, which was unusual, but they were certainly mysterious.

11AM Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters

Around 9AM, Scully and Doggett had been called into a meeting while Monica Reyes had returned to her hotel, or so she had said. That had been about two hours ago now. Haruka and Michiru were left to work quietly in the office. Haruka had decided do some investigating on Monica Reyes, her right hand rested on the mouse while the other supporting her jaw as she narrowed her eyes at the laptop computer screen.

"You know, I wonder what's going on in that meeting with Kersh..." Michiru said glancing back in Haruka's direction "Probably another lecture that they didn't want to bore us with." Haruka replied with a chuckle closing her eyes and looking down from the computer screen. "I take it, Mr. Johnson didn't try to test his luck by tattling on us, which is good, and I guess he's worried about losing his good name, if that hasn't happened already."

Michiru nodded walking over to Haruka and peering over her shoulder "Find anything?" she asked curiously "Hmm..."Haruka mumbled in return until she finally got into Monica's FBI information. "Well?" Michiru insisted "Well..."Haruka continued as she strolled down "She's from the New Orleans, she's adopted, parents live in Mexico, studies satanic rituals..."Haruka came to an abrupt halt and instinctively pressed the shut off button and both of their heads shot up in alarm "Nani?" was what slipped out of Haruka's mouth when Monica herself entered the room

The both of them stood curiously wondering what she had overheard 'Just who was this woman.' Haruka thought to herself waiting for Monica to speak "I'm sorry I didn't mean to just walk in on you both, I just wanted to invite you both out to lunch, with Agent Doggett, Scully and myself." Monica smiled

Haruka and Michiru didn't want to look suspicious even more then they probably already did so they accepted the offer "We'd be honored to." Haruka gave her most charming smile as Michiru smiled elegantly in response

12PM Downtown

Haruka and Michiru chose to follow the other Agents to their designation. "Do you think she heard us?" Haruka asked finally after waiting so long to be in private to mention what happened a little while ago "I don't think so, but we must take precautions at all times, she certainly isn't just an everyday FBI Agent, she seems very open minded and educated, high class, just be alert." Haruka nodded in response still looking forward and kept her slender hand on the wheel of the car

A few minutes later, they pulled up at a very fancy restaurant, both taking it the other Agents preferred to go to someplace different considering last week's events at the cafe. Haruka and Michiru exited the car at the same time as the others pulled up in a parking space next to them only moments later.

Scully in the passenger seat slowly removed the seat belt, but sat there for a few moments and looked down at her swollen stomach and gently caressed the swell trying to calm the kicking baby that that she nurtured inside of her. With a sigh she slowly moved to open the door, as Reyes got out of the driver 's seat and Doggett out of that back.

Haruka put on her prized charming smile once more and waved her hand in a sort of solute and the five of them proceeded towards the large entrance to the restaurant, which was about two stories high. "This is one of the best places to go if you're looking for a good meal." Doggett said

Haruka and Michiru merely nodded and followed them inside, they both looked around the dimly lit restaurant, and the themed color was of a garnet, which made them both think of Setsuna. The five of them were greeted by and young man with hazel features who appeared to be in his mid twenties. The whole place was quiet except for a few couples in the corners.

The gentlemen lead them to a large decorated table, which had a china vase in the center with beautiful roses inside. Reyes and Doggett sat in the middle as Scully sat on the aisle side, Haruka and Michiru sat across. Michiru elegantly folded her hands in her lap as Haruka did so as well. The waiter passed each of them and menu then left. Haruka and Michiru scanned the items and just decided they would have and ice tea and a tapioca roll. When they finished deciding they put their menus back into the center of the table. A few minutes later, Doggett, Reyes and Scully did as well; the waiter came back with a note pad and took everyone's orders.

When he got to Haruka and Michiru they both asked for iced tea and tapioca rolls, the other three were appalled at such modesty, but decided not to say anything and handed the waiter back their menus. Classical Music played in the back ground, Michiru's favorite; it always seemed to put her in a relaxing mood. Reyes was the most talkative of the three, Doggett sat next to her and just tuned in while on the other side, Scully looked down slightly gently moving her hand in slow motion circles around her round abdomen to calm her baby.

"So, Agent Tenou, Kaiou what is your opinion on extraterrestrial events?" Reyes asked curiously both of them immediately looked up careful about what they were going to say "Well, both of us are very much open minded about other forces out there, I'm sure there are other things unexplainable out there." Haruka said

Doggett rubbed his temple not really wanting to have part in this topic, so he kept quite. Reyes nodded and seemed pleased "Well I majored in ritualistic crime; it's good to be open about these sorts of things, especially when you deal with strange cases you can't really explain." Reyes said glancing at Doggett

Haruka and Michiru nodded in reply Michiru quietly sipped her tea as Reyes talked A few minutes later the waiter placed their food onto the table. Reyes and Doggett had both ordered large salads and Scully had ordered Tofu. Haruka stirred her glass of iced tea and sipped. She was tempted to ask what the meeting with Kersh had been about, but decided against it so she wouldn't further raise any suspicions about them both.

When all of them finished eating, Doggett had pulled out his wallet and paid the bill, but Haruka put her hand out and signaled him to put it back, as she used her other hand to pull her own wallet out and put 55 on the table. Haruka smiled and winked "Thank you very much for your generosity, but it's on me." Haruka winked as both she and Michiru stood up as did the other three "You didn't have to do that." Doggett said in a sincere voice "Don't worry about it." Haruka reassured them and smiled as they both headed towards the entrance; the three of them stared in a sort of amazement.