Haruka and Michiru's apartment 9:05PM

Michiru sat quietly with her hands neatly folded in her lap as she gazed at the television watching the weather report for the week. She couldn't help but lose focus when she thought about the events following last week; the image of the red-headed woman's face wouldn't leave her mind. Did she somehow figure out their secret, was she following them?

"Michiru?" she heard a husky voice call from behind her She turned to see Haruka who had just gotten out of the shower with a towel in her hand "Haruka?" she sighed Haruka walked over to the large uncovered window on the opposite side of Michiru and gazed into the dark sky which was lit up by the millions of stars and then turned back to Michiru with a questioning look written all over her face

"What is it, Michiru?" Haruka said questioningly Michiru picked up her mirror which lay on the coffee table for closer examination "Haruka...do you think, this Scully woman, is on to us?" she said looking into her mirror which showed nothing but her reflection, she frowned in dismay

Haruka walked closer to Michiru "I doubt it, but none the less, we must take pre-cautions, we can't risk our true identities to be revealed, we have to determine what's causing the aura in this town, IF this Scully appears to be a threat we will take care of her." Haruka said narrowing her eyes

Michiru nodded grimly "I don't know how to explain it, but, there is this aura around her, something...different then I've felt before, she could be of very good use to us." Michiru stated

"Hmm." Haruka said walking back into the bathroom hanging her towel back up neatly then strode back to where Michiru was "But..." Michiru continued

"But?" Haruka repeated lifting her brow curiously Michiru reached over and set her mirror back down carefully on the coffee table "But...I can't help but feel a sort of compassion for her, I mean she's all alone, pregnant, and recently discovered her partner's death." Michiru said softly

"I know, Michiru, but we can't let...our personal feelings get into the way, but...we must do what we have to in order to protect the future Queen and this Earth." Haruka said clenching her fist and squeezing her eyes shut in determination "This is our mission and we must abide by it, no matter what we think." she said

Michiru nodded "You're right; I hope she's not our enemy." Michiru sighed 'If only Setsuna were still with us.' Michiru thought closing her eyes Hearing Michiru's thoughts echoing through her mind as they always did

Haruka turned back into Michiru's direction and stopped abruptly, placing her hand onto her hip "True, Setsuna's been of a great help to us, but she is no longer with us and there is nothing we can do about that, we can't go along thinking what could have been." Haruka said sternly

Michiru nodded returning Haruka's stern gaze "You're right." This was their important mission.

Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters 11:50am

The whole morning down in the X Files office had been strangely quiet a desk for Haruka and Michiru had been brought into the Office the previous day. The four of them, Agent Scully, Agent Doggett, Agent Kaiou and Agent Tenou had been working quietly but at a slightly quick pace. To the right, Agent Doggett sat in a desk with Scully working diligently across from him, after all these years; she still didn't have her own desk...the both off them finishing up the last of their reports.

Haruka and Michiru, rather...Agents Tenou and Kaiou going through some off the old case files. The silence was eerie and uncomfortable, until it was Agent Doggett that broke the silence. "There all done, now all we have to do is hand this in to the Deputy Director, and then we can get some lunch." He said as he stood up taking a few moments' stretch before proceeding to the coat rack to retrieve his coat.

Both Haruka and Michiru eyed him curiously, both trying to avoid Scully's gaze. A few moments later Scully placed her pen down after completing her last few sentences of her report and rose from her chair. Her rounded stomach pretty obvious now, sometimes when she walked down the hall she would find people looking her up and down with all curiousness. Some of the younger Agents could hardly conceal their laughter and gossiping, yes, the rumors have been going around recently.

Doggett let his eyes linger on Scully's stomach for a brief few moments then to Haruka and Michiru, then back to Scully once again. "After I drop this off to the Deputy, Scully, would you like me to bring you back some lunch, or would you like to come with, it's on me?" he asked straightening out his coat over his shoulders

Scully shrugged "Sure, I guess I'll come, but you don't have to worry about paying for me." she said picking up her report and moving from her chair as Doggett handed her, her coat.

Shortly after the two of them left, Haruka and Michiru exchanged glances "Well want to head out for a cup of hot tea, or to a restaurant?" Haruka suggested playing with a pen between her fingers

"Sure, I could use a nice refreshment right about now." Michiru giggled "Oh really, well then would you like me to reserve a 'private' room?" Haruka raised her brow with a grin Michiru giggled and rose from her seat straightening out the files and organizing them into stacks then sliding her chair in as Haruka did the same.

After John Doggett and Dana Scully dropped off their reports, Haruka and Michiru rounded out from behind a corner and followed them shortly after to the elevator wearing silent expressions on their faces. "Well I guess we meet again." Michiru said cheerfully flipping her hair back over her shoulder

"Yep, looks like it." Doggett laughed as he and Scully walk in front of them Michiru smiled at the younger agent's that passed them by and waved to them, much like the other day, they would stop and stare at them admiringly.

Michiru and Haruka noted how they would also look at Scully's stomach as well trying their best to keep their laughter in. "Hey Mrs. Spooky, how it going?" a younger agent bellowed then burst out laughing, "No, that's 'Widow' Spooky, Agent Johnson." the younger agent's friend corrected amusingly

Haruka and Michiru sweat dropped at the obscene man's behavior as they proceeded towards the elevator with the other two. The two young agents were no doubt trying to impress Haruka and Michiru, but ended up failing miserably. They could tell Scully looked a bit irritated, but regained her composure as they entered the elevator and pressed the down button.

Haruka and Michiru arrived at Haruka's black Ferrari car, which was parked in the reserved parking space. Haruka had decided to use her black Ferrari for work since she couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to her prized yellow convertible.

Haruka on the driver's side and Michiru on the passenger side, they close the doors, and opened the top window above them. "People these days." Haruka sighed as she recalled the scene from just a few minutes ago down the hall. Michiru nodded as Haruka put the car in reverse and backed out

"So, where to? The cafe?" Haruka suggested Michiru nodded as Haruka put the car back in third and pulled into the street heading towards the nearest cafe, hopefully it wouldn't be too crowded, peace and quiet was hard to come by especially when you were everyone's idol.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, Haruka spotted a cafe, Lee Select Coffee and Tea, and quickly pulled into the driveway. Haruka shut off the ignition and sat for a few moments before moving to get out of the car, her slender hand resting on top of the gear shifter when she felt Michiru's hand on top of hers "Are you alright...Haruka?" Michiru's calm voice evaded Haruka's thoughts

Haruka looked up and gave Michiru a slight smile "Yeah, Just thinking." she mused Michiru nodded as they pulled away exiting the car, Haruka took the keys out of the ignition and exited her door as Michiru did the same. They both stood there for a few minutes with a sigh looking at the sign to the entrance of the cafe, the windows were large and had a slight tint, but other than that it looked large and welcoming. Haruka and Michiru walked side by side as they entered. They could hear blenders in the background and the aroma of coffee and tea filled the air.

Most of the tables were vacant with the exception of maybe a few other couples in the front. A kind looking oriental lady greeted them and showed them to a table more towards the back, Haruka and Michiru followed her to a window booth as the lady handed them menus "Arigatou." Haruka said as Michiru smiled "I'll be back shortly to take your orders, enjoy." she said kindly Haruka and Michiru took a seat from across each other.

A few minutes later, the waitress comes back, with a paper and pen and jots down Haruka and Michiru's orders, in the meanwhile, Haruka turns to see more people have arrived by 12:30pm. She turns back to Michiru as the waitress comes back with the drinks, and set them down in front of the two. Michiru had ordered a Chinese Green iced Milk Tea, as Haruka had just ordered her usual glass of iced tea.

Michiru began stirring her straw and took a sip of her milk-tea she looked up to Haruka who's head was tilted downward and began to speak softly "I've been feeling more uneasy, something threatening this world, the sea is in turmoil." she said narrowing her eyes at Haruka nodded "I know, I felt it too, when I was going through those old case files, something out there threatening this earth." she said her voice cracking they remembered going through some of the more unexplainable cases, like Scully's abduction as well as Mulder's and how they had recently found him dead in a field with some unusual abrasions on his body.

Michiru put a finger to her lips "Shh." Haruka turned curiously wondering why Michiru had silenced her, but then noticing John Doggett and Dana Scully from earlier before they could take notice of Haruka and Michiru, Haruka quickly turned back around in distaste as the waitress started to lead the other two in their direction.

They had taken a seat a few booths ahead of them. Haruka and Michiru remained silent as she lowered her head closer to her iced tea and began to take slow sips when she heard the front door slam "Now what?" Haruka mumbled as they both turned to see it was the two young agents from earlier "Oh great, just great." Haruka rolled her eyes sarcastically.

The two younger agents had walked in with their noses high in the air, they had taken a booth right next to Scully and Doggett and after they took their orders one of them had slapped the one of the waitresses on the behind and started laughing hysterically. Haruka resisted the urge to get up and punch this guy's face in, teach him a lesson or two on how to treat women. But Michiru rested her hand silently on Haruka's arm as she was about to get up and shook her head, defeated Haruka remained seated

Agent Johnson turned and looked to Scully's protruding stomach, which her hand lay protectively over. "Oooh, well look who it is, Mrs. Spooky and baby Spooky." he laughed Scully grew slightly irritated it took everything she had to ignore this idiot "Hey, Dog Man, shouldn't you be hanging with your old' buddies instead of Mrs. Spooky Fox Mulder." Agent Johnson said looking over to Doggett who frowned "You should really watch yourself Chris." he said disapprovingly

Agent Johnson turned to see Haruka and Michiru in the farther booth "Miss Kaiou, you shouldn't have to be working with Dog Man and Mrs. Spooky, wouldn't you rather work with handsome men such as us?" he said lifting his brow up and down in approval

That was it, Haruka slammed her drink down pulling up the sleeves of her shirt and walking to the area where Johnson and his friends were and made a clean contact with her fist and Johnson's jaw which was already starting to swell red "Well do we have quite a temper?" Johnson said rubbing his throbbing jaw then as Haruka had turned back around Johnson sent his fist flying toward her, Haruka caught sight of it and maneuvered back around catching the fist in the palm of her hand then grabbed him by the collar of his shirt "Don't you EVER do that to me again, because next time, I'll break it." she growled as she let go of his hand while the rest of Johnson's group held back in shock

"Let's go, Michiru." Haruka said Michiru nodded, as she paid the bill as well as left a tip for the waitress then followed up with Haruka, and Haruka put her arm around Michiru's shoulders

Rose petals fly by "Don't you think, maybe you went a bit too hard on him?" Michiru asked with a genuine smile as Haruka grinned as they exited "Not at all." she said calmly

Almost everyone in the cafe had their jaws on the floor as they watched in awe as the couple made their way out. Scully stroked her stomach gently as she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach. The younger Agents kept quiet after the whole scenario with Agent Kaiou and Tenou, Scully was almost thankful for what they had done. It remained quiet the rest of the time there.

Local Washington Racetrack 6:45PM

"Once again, Haruka Tenou breaks the record!" An announcer beams over the micro. Haruka pulls off her Yamaha motorcycle helmet airing her sweating face out with a wide grin as the audience stood up high cheering, whistling and shouting her name, some even throwing confetti, she saw a few familiar faces some of the FBI agents no doubt, probably secret fans of hers. She grinned to herself as the men parked their motorcycles and pouted.

She let the wind ruffle her hair and closed her eyes then looked up she felt an eerie feeling through the air, something ominous. She looked up as she heard footsteps approach her. "Congratulations, Haruka." Michiru beamed as she handed her a small towel Michiru wore a violet mini jacket with two buttons connected by a golden chain, she wore a tight skirt to match as well as heals.

Haruka tried to smile "Thanks, Michiru." she used the towel to dry herself off "You were great Tenou!" Haruka turned to see some of the FBI agents, some even women "Can we have your autograph?" One younger woman asked with shining stars in her eyes holding out a pen and paper

Haruka grinned "I suppose." she said casually giving them her autographs after she did so the group looked up to her with a great respect "We...um, heard about what happened with you and Agent Johnson, you were awesome, he always was a jerk." she said

Haruka chuckled "Just try not to follow my example." she thought to herself amusingly as she finished signing the autographs Michiru smiled as she watched them and Haruka she let her aqua locks flow as the wind played with her hair.

As the group turned away she looked back to Haruka "Feel better now?" Michiru asked "Slightly, but there is still a very ominous feeling lurking in the air." Haruka sighed as Michiru nodded as they both looked upward toward the skies

Scully's Apartment 9:45PM

As Scully positioned herself on her bed, she lay quietly thinking about recent events, the two new agents' that had been assigned to their division, they were certainly mysterious, but why would a famous violinist, and a famous motor cross driver enroll in to the FBI?

Wouldn't they want to pursue their famous careers? Something just didn't add up, she decided to put those thoughts aside when she looked up to see the picture of Mulder.

It was the same one she had showed to Jeremiah Smith, when she had asked if he recognized him, she had found it down in the office but decided to keep it as a memory of him since she didn't have many photos of him.

Her eyes started to tear up when she recalled the memory of seeing him dead in that field, discolored, with scars and bruises on his chest and face. Her lip started to quiver, as she pulled her eyes away from Mulder's picture.

She curled her hand protectively around her stomach, probably the only thing that she would ever have left of him. When she felt the baby respond to her emotions, shock and surprise replaced her sadness as she looked down towards her unborn baby and managed a weak smile, as the tears she couldn't hold back streaked down her cheeks.

She slowly but gently moved her hand around in circles on her swollen stomach, and with her free hand, she reached up and turned out the lights.

John Doggett's House

It was nearing closer towards the middle of the night and John Doggett was becoming restless. He laid face first into the pile of pillows that occupied his bed. He just couldn't sleep; he lay there watching the moonlight filter in through his window. He moaned as he rolled over onto his back rubbing his eyes. He wore nothing but a pair of boxers.

John looked up towards the dark ceiling with a sigh, he thought about Agent Scully, he worried about her and her baby; he was the one who had had the talk with A.D. Skinner about convincing her to take time off.

The person that he had become good friends with, despite when they first met, they had grown to trust each other and become good friends. He didn't want anything to happen to her baby, it reminded him so much of when he had lost Luke; he didn't want to see his friend to ever have to go through that painful experience.

Then there was that mysterious popular couple that had recently joined their division. He had dropped by briefly to the sandy-blonde, Agent Tenou's motor cross race. He honestly wanted to get to know them better and get to trust them.

In the morning he decided to phone up an old friend of his, Monica Reyes, he had worked a few cases with her back in the day, and they could use her help and assistance as well as her knowledge and open mind.

With this mind made up he rolled back over onto his side and closed his eyes, finally falling into a deep peaceful sleep.