Scully nodded, hoping this wouldn't be the last time she saw her superior. "Thank you," she whispered before he stepped out.

He'd done so much for them and they owed him everything.

Skinner drove to the restaurant with Monica to meet Mrs. Scully. He was glad to hear they made it out and where on their way.

Arriving there, he saw Mrs. Scully and smiled. Right on time, he thought. He parked the car and Agent Reyes and he made it inside.

Mrs. Scully looked from her grandson up the taller man walking over to her. She remembered him from a few years ago. "Mr. Skinner...what's going on?"

"I can't get into that at this time. I'm sorry." He looked over at Monica. "Agent Reyes is going to take William to his parents. It's not safe right now."

Mrs. Scully looked over at Agent Reyes. She couldn't believe she was losing her daughter and grandson. She leaned forward and kissed him. "I love you my dearest William." She knew that something was going on and was glad she put that necklace in his diaper bag. It was a locket, with their pictures in it including hers. She didn't know when she'd see them again, but wanted to be with him somehow. "Be good," she said and handed the bag over to Agent Reyes. "Take care of him, please."

Monica nodded and took the bag. "I will, don't worry." She picked up the car seat that William was in and turned to leave. "I'll call." She told Skinner.

Skinner sat down with Mrs. Scully, making sure she'd be ok through all of this.

Meanwhile, Scully quickly helped Mulder out of the bed and he was able to quickly dress himself for the most part. A few minutes later, Doggett knocked on the door. "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's get out of here," Mulder said, letting Scully lead the way. He placed his arm around her waist, prepared to shield her and their baby if necessary. A John peered around the corridors, he made sure to get them out quickly without being seen by too many people. "Skinner had the guys temporarily disable the security systems while we get out of here."

Mulder managed a smile at that. He was definitely going to miss them, wherever they were headed. But he didn't care, Scully and their children were his life and family now, he didn't care if he had to live across the world if they were there. It seemed to take forever to get them out and Doggett repeated the instructions to them that Skinner had given him. They stared at each other for a moment, wondering if they would ever see each other again. Mulder held out his hand to Doggett. "I didn't trust you at first, but you've sacrificed a lot for me, Scully and our children and for that I can't thank you enough."

Doggett shook his head and managed a smile. "Don't mention it and don't talk like we won't see each other again, it's scaring me."

Scully gave Doggett a hug and thanked him for everything. He wrapped his arms around her awkwardly, careful not to squish her belly. "It's what I do, Agent Scully," he whispered. "Now you'd better go, quickly." He ushered them towards a car and handed Mulder the car keys and a bag. "This will have everything you need. Take care, okay?"

Not wasting another minute, they hurried into the car. Doggett watched them drive off before dialing Monica's phone.

Not bothering with formalities after looking at caller id, Reyes spoke immediately. "Was it successful?" she spoke in code. "Yeah, where are you now?"

"At the back lot of the hospital. They left," John told her. "I think we should meet them directly at the airport, we need to get them out of here ASAP."

"I have William; I'll call them and swing by and get you. Then go to the airport." The whole time she kept looking behind her, making sure no one was following them.

Monica made a quick call to Mulder and Scully, hoping they would use the cell phones in the bag given to them.

Scully was startled by the sound of a phone ringing in the bag given to them. "Hello?"

"Dana, there's been a change in plans. Let's meet at the airport."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"I'm not sure, just as a precaution. We'll see you there shortly, I'm picking up John right now and we'll meet you there in fifteen," she said before hanging up the phone.

John waited anxiously for what seemed like hours before Monica pulled up. He quickly got in and that's when he noticed the parked, dark colored SUV not too far behind.

"Shit!" he nearly slammed the door.

"What is it, John?"

At the same time she caught the car in the mirror, and the man in it, he yelled. "There's no time. Go, GO!"

Monica hit the gas and sped out of the parking lot. John kept glancing back as he saw the other vehicle make a move to follow them. Monica made several twists and turns in an attempt to lose them.

He could feel the adrenaline rush through his veins as he breathed. "Thank god we got them out of there before they were caught."

Monica glanced at him worriedly. "Are they still behind us?"

He shook his head. "I don't think so, but they might know where we're headed. We have to get to them before they do."

John called Skinner.

"Sir, they know. We need a diversion!"

"You got it." he replied. He turned towards Maggie Scully's concerned expression.

"Mrs. Scully, I'm going to put you under witness protection until its safe. I will have the men outside escort you somewhere safe until I return, okay?"

Maggie nodded hesitantly. "Okay, you'd better make sure they stay safe."

"I will, he hugged her. I'll let you know soon."

Once they reached the airport, Monica and John switched sides. Monica quickly fetched William from his carrier, along with a bag of his things that would be safe for travel. He looked at William and smiled, remembering Luke. "Be good for your parents little guy, we'll see you soon."

William gave a goofy grin, as if he were oblivious to what was going around him.

"Be careful. I'll drive around and watch and warn you if anyone is coming." Monica nodded and took the necessary items. She went inside in hopes Mulder and Scully would be easy to find.

Skinner got there and saw Monica just as she entered. He looked over and saw a vehicle driving around and figured it was John. He went inside; making sure that Monica was able to give William over to his parents. He acted normal as he paid attention to other people.

Monica looked over and noticed Skinner and nodded. Luckily, she spotted Mulder and Scully in the waiting area, they looked panic stricken. Not wanting to alarm anyone, she casually walked over to them with William as if she were just meeting friends and noticed they already had the carrier with them among a few other things.

Mulder took the bag from Monica and thanked her for all she's done. He saw Skinner in the background and knew they needed to leave now before something happened. Skinner was glancing around and saw someone walking towards his three agents. He quickly walked towards him.

Skinner ran to the guy with his gun drawn. "FBI... FREEZE!" He said as he stood his ground. Monica jumped at hearing Skinner scream and she shielded Mulder and Scully with William. She them hurried them towards the gate. "We got this... you guys go!" She said to them as she also pulled her gun and had it ready aimed on the guy Skinner was aiming at.

Mulder and Scully looked at them hesitantly. It only took them a split second to decide they had two children at risk her before hurrying. In the next minute, security personnel swarmed the building and 911 calls were made.

Skinner looked towards Monica as she had his back. Monica glanced over her shoulder and saw the small family disappear in the airport. She hoped this was all they had to worry about and that they'd have a save trip.

Moments later, several personnel threw themselves on the impostor, throwing him to the ground. Monica swallowed as she noticed the regularities in his spine. "Oh my god," she whispered as Skinner turned to see where she was looking at. The man looked up at her and she realized in wasn't the one she had seen.

Skinner stared at the man they just apprehended. He looked at Monica in shock. Yes, he's seen things, but to witness it first-hand...was crazy. "We're FBI," he flashed his badge. "We'll take him," he told the cops. He knew if he let them take him, the cops would end up dead. But if Monica and he took him, he was sure they could control him until they got to the Cory.

Monica looked at him, a bit unsure. "Where are we taking him?" she whispered, knowing the man couldn't be killed, unless they had some magnetite.

Skinner leaned over towards her. "The rock Cory... where Scully found the magnetite at," he said to her.

She nodded. "What about backup?"

"John?" He asked. They didn't really have too many people to back them up with.

Monica nodded slowly as Skinner apprehended the guy forcefully. She quickly dialed John's phone number as the security personnel followed them outside. John had made a few rounds around the building and anxiously picked up the phone. "Did they get out safely?" "Yeah, I think so. But someone followed and there might be more where they came from. But we got one and we need your help." Meanwhile, Skinner ordered security to have the building scouted before he called for FBI backup.

John pulled out front and got out of the truck, waiting for them. Skinner kept the cuffs on the man and kept a hold of him. He knew this could all go wrong if they put their guard down.

"I called for backup," we will have followers to make sure this goes well. The man stared harshly at them as Skinner allowed John to check for weapons.

"STOP MOVING!" Skinner told him as he tightened his hold on him.

"Who is this guy?" John asked skeptically. "One of them," Monica indicated his neck.

Skinner looked to John. "How fast can u get to the Cory?" He asked.

John shrugged. "Not too long, maybe 20-30 minutes."

Skinner looked at him. "Can you get there in 15? Don't know what he'll do once we leave here."

"Right, since we're FBI, we have special privileges, I forgot," he almost smirked

Monica laughed at John. She knew she was going to miss their friends, but they had business to do if they were going to get them to their destination safely.

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