Skinner took a look at the papers. "Oh wow, that's the guy Scully saw!"

Doggett nodded. "I was thinking so. Your turn, sir."

Skinner glanced around before whispering. "Well, I was able to secure each of them new identities. The next step is to book their flight, they aren't safe here anymore."

Monica walked back from the restroom to see John and Skinner talking. "What's going on?"

John looked over at Monica. "I got the evidence, he got them new lives. Now we have to get them out of this hospital."

"May I ask where to?" Monica inquired.

"Not yet, Agent Reyes, but soon. It's not safe."

She nodded as he continued. "I need to make one last phone call; can you guys work on getting them released?"

They both nodded. "And another thing, Scully's mother can't know, not until we have them safely relocated."

Skinner left the hospital and drove back to work. He walked into his office and saw Kim, much to his relief.

"Kim," he whispered. "I need you to do me a favor."

She looked at him and nodded when she saw the worry in his face. "Anything, sir."

"I know it's been a bit late for introductions, but call me Walter."

Kim nodded, slightly confused. "Can you come into my office?"

Kim reddened suddenly, ashamed for thinking such thoughts. This was her boss, how could she think THAT?

She followed him in as he closed the door. "Security cameras," he mumbled, handing her the identification cards.

"Use my computer and book two one way flights."

Kim looked at the licenses and passports. They were of Agent's Mulder and Scully, with different names. She didn't understand, but she could sense his urgency and decided not to question it.

"I can't be too safe," he whispered. Kim nodded. She knew more the government conspiracy more than she let on. She had been working for him for several years.

"I hope you know I'd never put your job at risk, Kim, but they are in danger. You can't tell anyone about this."

Kim nodded. "I know, I'm just...afraid for them. You get them out of here safely, okay?"

"Agent's Doggett and Reyes are already on it."

Kim sat down at his desk while she booked the flights with the information he had given her, ignoring the sudden hurried beat of her heart.

Skinner was in a hurry to make sure his Agents were out of the country and soon, but didn't want to rush Kim either. He knew she couldn't and wouldn't lose her job. He walked around and stood behind her. He rested his hands on her shoulders.

Kim paused a moment as she was getting the tickets when she felt his hands on her shoulders. She took a breath and click print for the conformation. When the printer kicked in she jumped. "All done sir... I mean, Walter," she said.

He smiled and looked over at the printer, leaving his hands on her shoulders. "I owe you big time Kim, um... say, once this is over with, dinner at my place?" He asked.

Kim smiled, startled. "Um, sure." she hoped she wasn't turning red. "Make sure they get there safely."

Skinner nodded and opened the door, a little startled a few agents were in the room. "Thanks Kim," he said again before hurrying out of his office.

Several hours later, Scully was resting at Mulder's side when Monica came into the room. "Dana, we have to go."

Scully looked at Reyes, puzzled. "Right now? I mean, it's after midnight."

When Reyes didn't respond, Doggett walked into the room. Her heart sank. Something was wrong.

"We have to go, now." Doggett insisted. Reyes set some clothes down at the edge of the bed.

Mulder was suddenly awakened by the commotion. "What's going on?"

Reyes sighed. "Someone tried to get information to this room and past security; we have to get you all out of here."

"We're not going anywhere until you tell me what's happened, where we're going!" Scully insisted, touching her belly protectively.

Doggett touched Scully's shoulder gently, but firmly. "Trust me, Dana. We can't tell you that until we get you out of here, we have no time."

Reluctantly, she nodded. "Where's William?"

"Your mother is on her way right now."

Scully had no idea how to explain to her mother what was going on. She would never be able to hide anything, but she couldn't risk endangering any of them either.

"Please don't let her be in danger," she whispered.

Reyes nodded. "We've got it covered, Dana, I promise."

They left the room to let them change as Skinner approached them.

As Skinner approached, he looked at his Agents. "It's all set. John, I need you to sneak them out the back way. Monica and I will go out the front like nothing is going on. We're meeting Mrs. Scully at a restaurant to pick up William. Monica will then catch up with you about 5 miles out at a hotel parking lot. Then William will be given to them and they are taken to the airport. I'll stay with Mrs. Scully," he said in a hurry. He knew they didn't have much time.

After a few moments, he knocked on the door.

Scully was just sliding her shoes on when she heard a knock. She walked over and opened the door.

Skinner stepped in. "In this bag is everything you need. Don't go over it until AFTER you have William. This will be in about 15 minutes after we leave here if it goes as planned. Any questions use caution when contacting any of us. We'll work it out. No worries. Be careful. John will be right in to take you guys out the back. Monica will meet up with you soon," he said and stepped out.

To be continued…..