Chapter 5

It had been nearly two weeks since Mulder had gone into a coma. Scully remained his constant bedside vigil, determined to keep him on life support in hope and determination that he would eventually come back to her. The doctor's indication of survival wasn't promising, but as always, she knew he would find his way back to her. He had to, not just for her, but for their children. She gingerly outstretched her hand to curl beneath his, while the other rested on her increscent belly. She instantly had a sense of de ja vu, reminding her she had been in the same predicament a little over a year ago. Despite the situation, Scully could almost laugh at the irony. They had been to hell and back again. Surely they could get through this. A tear slid down her cheek as she watched the life support do all of Mulder's breathing. The large cast looking bandage that covered Mulder's entire face and head was reduced to a smaller bandage just over the gunshot wound.

Gingerly she stood and peeled away the bandage that resided over the wound. She gasped when she noticed swelling that protruded Mulder's stitches. It was infected. It shook her to the core at how badly they were treating him, which was most likely the result of his doubtful return. She hurriedly went in search for some medical supplies, which weren't difficult to locate. When she returned to the hospital room Doggett and Skinner were inside and turned immediately at her approach. Skinner regarded her wearily. His gaze went from the medical kit to her pregnant belly, which was just now showing through her unbuttoned blazer. "Dana, what are you doing?"

Scully gasped under the heat of his gaze and used her free hand to pull her blazer over the evidence. Had she been that careless to let her pregnancy show? Not that they didn't already know, but she didn't want the public to see. She wasn't showing too much, but she was sure anyone could have noticed if they looked closely. "Sir? Agent Doggett, what are you doing here?" she said breathlessly.

Doggett turned and headed toward her. "It's okay, Agent Scully, we just came to check on him. What are you doing with that?"

Scully began to hyperventilate, she felt wary of their watchful stares. She pushed passed them and set the supplies on the side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Skinner repeated.

Scully turned and regarded Skinner untrustingly. "His wound; it's infected. If no one in this hospital can do their damned job, then I will!" her voice rose, anger evident.

Sensing her stress and level of urgency, Doggett moved closer and placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, Dana. Calm down."

He knew her pregnancy with William was complicated by their many dangerous cases. This one was coming a close second with everything that's already happened.

"No," she shouted, not out of anger, but out of fear and helplessness, which didn't help the pregnancy hormones. "Everyone else may have given up on him, but I'm not going to. I'll do this myself." Doggett heard a small quiver in her voice, when she spoke that last part.

He turned to Skinner, eyes begging to leave the subject alone at the expense of her pregnancy.

Skinner sighed. "What do you need, Dana?" he asked gently.

Scully tried to force back the tears that ruthlessly made their way into her eyes. Her hand went protectively over her belly. She sighed and proceeded to list off the small list of extra supplies she needed.

Skinner nodded. "We'll make sure this doesn't happen to him again."

Scully nodded and forced a smile as they made their exit.

When she was brought the additional supplies, she numbed the area with a medication of course. Everyone else may have thought Mulder was dead, but she wasn't going to torment him if he still felt pain.

His hair was already growing back so quickly, as she saw it underneath the bandage. She knew the doctors had just about given up hope and she had to continuously fight against them pulling the plug. It wouldn't last though. If he didn't show some indication of life within the next week, they were going to pull it. She knew that this was even higher than the FBI. Someone wanted Mulder dead and they would do anything to make sure that prophesy ended in success. Soon enough, her word would no longer matter.

Once the puss was removed from the wound, she cleaned it carefully and disinfected it before closing it up again. It took awhile, but she stitched it back up and replaced the bandage. She smiled at the thought of Mulder intentionally cringing when she had tried to stitch his wound once before. She laughed and playfully swatted at him with a soaked cotton ball. Just as she had that thought, she could have sworn that she saw his face twitch in response. "Mulder?" she gasped. It was too good to be true. Her heart sank when there was no response. Of course, she knew as a doctor that there could still be involuntary reflexes.

Another tear made its way down her cheek. "Oh Mulder, you have to come back to us!" she pleaded. She felt small flutters inside of her stomach, not exactly kicks yet as the baby was still only about 20 weeks. She rubbed at the small curve. "My doctor said she could tell me the sex of our baby. I'm dying to know. I want so much for it to be a little girl, a little sister for William, but I don't want to know without you, Mulder. Please don't make we wait too long," she let out a yawn.

Glancing at the time and seeing it was already close to midnight, Scully went to lay on the small cot next to Mulder's bedside. There was a set of blankets and pillows brought by Doggett and Skinner, as they knew she was not leaving his side. She hung her blazer and slipped under the blankets. At that moment, she yearned to hold William, her live connection to Mulder other than the unborn baby. She knew Monica was more than capable of protecting him, but it had been a few days since she'd seen him last. Scully felt instantly overwhelmed with guilt. "My baby," she whispered as she allowed her eyes to finally close and felt a darkness envelope her.

In the distance, she could hear waves. 'Where are they coming from?' she thought. Moments later, the darkness dissipated to a light blue. 'Where am I?' A sound of a seagull could be heard, as well as the sound of a child's laughter, children's laughter, she corrected herself. A moment later, she found herself standing next to the ocean. Her feet were warmed by the covered sand. Well, from what she could tell, anyways. Her pregnant stomach was much larger and she could feel sharp kicks delivered to the walls of her abdomen. She smoothed her hands over her belly and drank in the serene atmosphere.


Scully gasped at the sound of the familiar voice and her heart jumped. "Mulder!" she cried out in disbelief.

The laughter she had heard came from the location in which she heard Mulder's voice. He was beaming at her. He ran up to her and embraced her fiercely. "Oh my god, oh my god!" she repeated until she broke down into tears and sank to her knees.

Mulder broke their embrace to wipe away her tears. "Hey, what's the long face for? I didn't think anyone was that unhappy to see me."

Scully laughed through her tears. "It's a miracle."

Mulder continued to smile. "What do you mean, Scully? Did something happen?"

Scully went on to explain about the shooting and his coma.

Mulder laughed. "Well I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere. Come with me, Scully, let's build a sandcastle together."

Scully reluctantly followed him to the spot he had started on. There were two children with him; a boy and a girl who didn't seem too far apart in age. The boy had reddish hair and blue eyes while the little girl's light brown hair had a reddish tint to it. However, unlike the boy, the girl's eyes were hazel colored.

The boy and girl were giggling as they made final touches on the sand castle. Mulder hurried back to his spot next to them and looked up at Scully, "Come on, help us!"

Scully looked around. "Mulder, they're coming for you. They're going to kill you and if that doesn't happen first, the doctors will pull the plug," she explained urgently.

Mulder, looking untouched by her news just smiled. "I'm not worried about my fate, Scully. I'm happy here."

Scully gasped. "Mulder, you have to fight this. You have to come back to me!" she insisted.

Mulder turned from her to his surroundings. He surveyed the serene atmosphere and turned back to her and smiled. "I don't want to come back, Scully. There's no more pain here, no more spaceships, no aliens, no government conspiracies."

The children blindly continued with their project as if they weren't there.

Scully was stricken. "Dammit, Mulder, what about our children? What about William and our baby?" she cried.

Mulder's gaze dropped from her face to her pregnant stomach, as if noticing it for the first time. "William? Who's that? That's not my baby," he said, indicating her stomach.

Scully's knees suddenly gave beneath her and she slumped to the sand as if she'd just been shot. "No," she whispered. Mulder had no memory of his children?

"What are you saying, Mulder? You have an infant son, William, and an unborn child!" she cried.

Mulder paused, as if searching his memory for something, then turned back to Scully. "No, I don't think so. How can you be pregnant, I thought you were infertile. They stole your ova."

Scully dropped her head into her hands as forceful sobs wrenched through her body. "This is not happening!" she cried. "No!"

All of a sudden, she felt a twinge low in her abdomen and as it progressed upward, it became unbearably painful. She hugged her belly as she started to feel the world spin around her. "No!" she cried. "Please! Oh god, my baby!"

She was vaguely aware of Mulder nearing her side, his voice etched with worry. "Scully?"

"I can't lose this baby!" she screamed. "No, no, noooo!"

"SCULLLLLYYY?" She heard Mulder scream before she was consumed by a dark void.

Scully awoke in the hospital cot right next to Mulder; to several people. She recognized Skinner and Doggett through blurry vision as another pain ripped through her, reminding her that it wasn't a dream. "My baby!" she screamed. "Please, I can't lose my baby!"

She felt herself being lifted onto a prepared stretcher. Doggett touched her shoulder. Through the pain, she was able to see that his face resembled her own. It was etched with worry and fear, possibly because of the reminder of Luke. "It's going to be okay, Dana. I promise. I won't let anything happen to either one of you. I promise," he repeated.

Her dizziness was unrelenting as she felt herself behind wheeled out of the room and down the hall. She looked up at the bright hospital lights through blurry vision. Doggett was at her side as they wheeled her down the hall.

"Hold on, okay? You're gonna be okay."

Scully groaned through tears. "Please, don't let them hurt Mulder or William, please!"

Everything went black.