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2/14/2018: I know it's been FOREVER guys, but I finally decided to re-vamp this site and get all my works added on. In the meantime, check out this new X-Files page called Ghouli.net -...it's all about Mulder & Scully's son, William (Jackson). :)

1/29/13: So I finally figured out how to host the music videos on my own page. I lost a lot of them on youtube when my account was deleted! So the videos are back up for the most part. Everything Changes and Ready When You Are may need to be re-created...I think they are gone forever. :-( Thank goodness for google documents hosting most of the videos. I also added a new Monica/John video. Enjoy!

4/3/12: The last 5 chapters for Second Miracle have been added. Three new stories have also been added. Closure, Second Chance and When one door closes, another opens. Enjoy!

11/19/11: Several videos added!

6/21/11: Added 3 new videos!

6/1/11: Hello all! I decided to add a new music video section to this website. Three videos were added! Enjoy!

2/7/11: Added Empathy and finished editing The Outer Senshi Files. A new page is coming soon. Skinner/Kim fanfiction archive. Inspired by Billie Reid.

2/4/11: Added the final chapter to The Outer Senshi Files after a long seven years of no update. Hope you enjoyed it. I have plenty more fics to add and update, but I've been so busy I hope to get to them soon! Stay tuned!

12/14/10: Added new fic, Maternal Beauty.

11/1/10: Added two new fics, Reason For Living and Forever Yours, Even In Death. Added chapter 6 of The Second Miracle.

10/16/10: Added five new one-shot stories. Written for the Nursery Files Challenges. They are: Tomorrow's Promise, Our Baby, Woulda Coulda Shoulda, Don't Give Up On Me and A New Beginning. Take a look and R&R!

8/29/2010: Chapter 7 and the Epilogue for "I'm Here" have been added!

8/20/2010: Added a new story "Another Chance". In response to Mixed Feelings Challenge fic over at Nursery Files.

8/16/2010: Added several chapters to "I'm Here". Added a new story titled "The Second Miracle" along with several chapters. Both are still "In progress", I'm just getting around to adding them to the site! lol. Please enjoy and send me an e-mail with feedback if you wish. Enjoy!

1/15/2010: Added two new stories, "I'm Here" and "A Mother's Difficult Choice." I will try and update "Crystalic Millennia" soon!

2/08/2009: I finally got chapter fourteen of CM up, I'm waiting for fifteen to be edited by my BETA and I will have that one up shortly. ;-) Sorry for the wait. The SM characters will be coming up shortly within the next few chapters! Thanks for waiting!

8/12/2008: Slightly different layout after being inspired by the new movie. Hope ya enjoy it. :-) I thought the song really captures the both of them in the last scene.

12/3/2007: Added Chapter Eleven to Crystalic Millennia.

11/16/2007: Added Chapter Ten to Crystalic Millennia.

9/8/2007: Added Chapter Nine to Crystalic Millennia.

7/25/2007: Added Chapter Seven and Eight to Crystalic Millennia.

2/10/2007: I added Chapter Six to Crystalic Millennia!

10/29/2006: I added Chapter Five to Crystalic Millennia. ;)

7/17/2006: I started another Sailor Moon/X-Files Crossover series...this time with the Live Action 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon'. Outers will be included later on in the fic. 'Crystalic Millennia' Takes placed after the X-Files & PGSM series end. Reviews would be most appreciated at kyouryokusenshi@michirutenou.com

1/26/2006: I've added another fic, 'Remorse'.

1/16/2006: I added another fic that I've written. 'Christmas For You'.

7/25/2005: Added chapter eight to The Outer Senshi Files.

7/15/2005: New FanFiction added, Affinity.^^

7/11/2005: I added a small Sequel to Lament.

6/30/2005: Added chapter seven to The Outer Senshi Files.

6/5/2005: Added two new fics, Lament and Monica's Innermost Secret.

5/22/2005: Added chapter six to The Outer Senshi Files.

5/5/2005: Opening for my X-Files Fanfiction Section, I added all of my current fanfiction.^^

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