Chapter Twelve: Proposal

Scully was resting as Mulder entered the room that they just moved her to. “Hey, Scully.” he said softly as he took a seat next to her.

“They are about to do the ultrasound.” Scully said as she smiled up at him and reached for his hand. Mulder took it in his own and gingerly bought it to his lips.

“I’m not going anywhere. You won’t get rid of me that easily.” he grinned.

A few minutes later, a female doctor knocked at the door. “Come in.” Scully called out.

The doctor slipped inside the door, “Are you ready Ms. Scully?” she asked. Scully nodded as the doctor moved to greet Mulder. “Mr. Mulder, I presume?”

Mulder smiled and nodded. “I am Dr. Amy Anderson. Nice to meet you.” The doctor had brown hair and blue eyes and she spoke in an English accent. For the most part Scully was prepped and ready for the ultrasound. Dr. Anderson slowly pulled up Scully’s hospital gown to reveal her growing belly. As the cold jelly touched her skin, Scully cringed at first before slowly relaxing as the jelly was spread over her abdomen.

Soon enough, a small form appeared on the screen before them. Scully gasped in awe; it was the first time she had an ultrasound in the last four and a half months of her pregnancy. As Mulder’s attention was soon drawn to the tiny baby on the screen, several small heartbeats sounded throughout the room. Tears filled their eyes as they allowed themselves to be overwhelmed with happiness. The doctor turned from the screen to Mulder and Scully and smiled warmly. “Would you like to know the sex?”

Scully looked over at Mulder who was still proudly watching the small form on the monitor. When she was pregnant with William, she wanted to be surprised, but since Mulder was with her the need to know was intense. “Yes.” they both responded. The doctor smiled once more, glancing from the screen and back to the anxious couple. “Well, I don’t see any deformities. Everything is as it should be, ten fingers and ten toes. You are having a little girl.” the doctor paused to await the couple’s reaction. Scully let out a laugh that was filled with tears and joy at the same time.

The doctor left the ecstatic couple alone in the hospital room for the celebration and Mulder turned to gaze into Scully’s ocean blue eyes, lounging in warmth of the moment. “Thank you, Scully.” he whispered.

Scully bit her lip as the persistent tears in her eyes threatened to spill over. “For what?” she managed in a soft whisper.

“For giving me a second chance.” he said, failing to break his gaze from his partner. Gently, he slipped his hand over the cool skin of Scully’s abdomen, the other fingering the velvet box inside of his pocket. Moment’s passed before either one of them spoke again. Mulder had been looking away from Scully.

“Some thing wrong Mulder?” Scully inquired.

Ignoring Scully’s question, Mulder turned back towards his partner; a solemn look spread out over his face. “Dana Katherine Scully, we’ve been through so much in the last ten years. When you first approached me in my shrine of UFO’s and conspiracies, you filled that entire office with your rational skepticism in an attempt to debunk my work. Over the years, you’ve not only become my trusted partner, but my best friend, lover and mother of my children. You’ve been with me throughout all of my disappointments and encouraged me to move forward in the hardest of times. You’ve willingly followed me throughout every alien conspiracy in search of the truth; the truth that we both share. During the times I was away from you, I dreamt of waking up next to your beautiful face each morning and seeing the future in your eyes. I’d love for that future to become now and onward,” Mulder paused briefly to pull the black velvet colored box from his pocket and opened it before her. “Will you marry me, G-woman?”

The tears that Scully had somehow managed to hold back all these minutes had finally spilled over. Her mouth was wide open in shock and the reality of Mulder’s proposal had her in suspense. Before her was a 14k gold .75cut marquise diamond wedding ring with seven V-shaped diamonds. “Oh, Mulder,” her lip began to quiver as she managed to choke out an answer. “Y-yes.”

Both were oblivious to the leering eyes of the doctor watching from the corner of the outside window. A knowing grin spread across the face of the doctor before walking down the corridor to leave the parents to themselves.

To be continued……..

A/N: I will be posting a gallery for this crossover with pictures of Scully’s ring, wedding dress and any future pictures that will be incorporated in the story. Thanks again Idle Flame for getting this back to me so soon!