Chapter Six: Found

4 Hours Later North Carolina 4:53am

Using the 1990 Mustang Mulder was able to hotwire, they had abandoned Knowle’s SUV hours ago as a precaution to prevent anyone from tracking them any further.

Mulder pulled up beside a cabin-like one story house. Scully looked over at Mulder questioningly. “Mulder, where are we?”

“Welcome to a fun trip in the suburbs, Scully.”

Scully looked at him quizzically.

They were in the middle of nowhere, yet Mulder smiled knowingly.

Once they made their way up to the front door, Scully pushed it open and, to her surprise the room didn’t have the musky scent she’d expect from a vacant cabin, much like the one she had given birth to William in.

As quickly as the thought had come into her mind, she had pushed it away. It would be different for her second child, as would everything else. She had vowed she wouldn’t make the same mistake.

As the couple proceeded into the room, they took in the modern appliances. In the living room was a medium sized TV set, basic furniture (nothing special) and a lamp.

The cabin was a one bedroom, one bath and the kitchen was combined with the living room.

Scully opened the fridge to see that it was fully stocked with more food than they could ever appreciate. It would last them at least two or three weeks.

Much like a modern hotel, the bathroom was well stocked with proper toiletries as well. To sum it up, it was pretty much like one of the many hotels they’d stayed at during their countless cases. Once they took into account that it could be worse, they were grateful for what they had.

“Scully?” “Yes, Mulder?”

“There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Go on,”

“Well, I actually stayed at this place a few times while I was in hiding. It was perfect, I was able to contact you through e-mail and keep in touch with ease. However, I was only able to have access to the system about three or four times a year to keep from being found.” Mulder explained.

Scully narrowed her gaze.

“How did you get this place, Mulder? How could you afford it with only the food and clothes on your back when you left.” Scully asked softly.

She didn’t bother to hide the tears gleaming in her crystal eyes.

“That’s what I had to keep secret from you, Scully. I didn’t find it all out until a short while before I had left to protect you and William. Scully, my father had set up a trust for me shortly before he was murdered by Krycek. Almost as if he were predicting his own death.” Mulder explained as he watched his partner’s pained expression.

Her lip was quivering.

Mulder took a hold of his partner’s delicate hands and held them to his lips, never losing her gaze. “Scully, I never told you why I had to go, and for that I am painfully sorry. I needed to find a way to protect you, William, and our second child.” he said softly as he gently placed the palm of his hand on the small developing bulge of Scully’s stomach and gently smoothed his hand over it’s surface.

“Shortly after William’s birth, I received a letter by P.O. box addressed from my father. I knew it wasn’t possible so I sought The Gunmen’s help to uncover the source. After finding the validity of the message, I found out that my father had written it and created the trust just days before he had passed away.” Mulder continued.

Scully’s voice broke. She was afraid to ask any further questions. It wasn’t necessary.

“There’s $3,250,000 in the trust, Scully.”

“Oh, my god.” Scully’s voice barely went beyond a whisper as a tear spilt from her tear duct.

Mulder clasped her shaking hands and rested them on the rise of her stomach. “Shhh, my love. You both are going to be just fine. Were going to be just fine.” He placed a kiss on her lips.

Fighting to regain her composure, Scully spoke. “Where are you going to keep all this money?”

“I have it locked away in Canada under a false identity. I asked the guys once we discovered it to keep it somewhere safe, but accessible. I have to question how my father came into this kind of money, but right now I could care less. I just want you, William, and our unborn to be safe. We’re going to be okay, Scully. I promise.”

All of a sudden, Scully clutched her stomach and began to heave. She bolted from their position and nearly stumbled into the bathroom emptying her stomach’s contents into the toilet. Within moments, Mulder was beside her stroking her back soothingly. Scully decided to just let the tears flow as she emptied the last of her stomach. “Shh, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.” Mulder whispered as he slipped his arms around her stomach and ever so gently rocked her small frame

Once Scully’s vomiting settled, and she was sure the nausea was calmed for the moment, she flushed the toilet and leaned into Mulder’s embrace. That was when she noticed a white folded piece of paper in Mulder’s pocket.

“What is this?” she asked suspiciously as she withdrew it and started to unfold it.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even know it was in there.” Mulder explained.

Once Scully unfolded it, she realized that other than a few words, it was otherwise a blank piece of paper. She read the fine print and it appeared to be an address, however whose she did not know.”

“What is it, Scully? What does it say?”

“It’s some sort of address. Signed anonymous. How did this get into your pocket?”

“Beats me, I don’t even recognize the address.” Mulder said as he took the unfolded piece of paper from her and re-read it.

“That woman from the gas station?” Scully suggested.

“She must have slipped it in somehow. What do you think the address is to?” Mulder asked.

“An artifice perhaps, it hasn’t been the first time after all.” Scully sighed.

“Scully, what if this has something to do with William?” Mulder said without any reluctance.

He was so full of desperation to get his son back that all he wanted to believe right now it was within the realm of possibilities.

“Mulder how is that possible? If anything, she couldn’t have wanted us to be farther away!” Scully insisted.

“Well she sure wanted us to believe that. I don’t think she’s going to come up to us in public and say ‘hey, here’s where your son is.’ It’s never that simplistic, at least for us of all people. At least this gives us somewhere to start.” he insisted.

He wanted her to stop and consider the possibilities, even as slim as they appeared.

Scully sighed heavily. The thought of giving her son up for adoption pained her. Not only because she thought she was doing the right thing, but the very thought that others might have come in contact with his location made her unsure and insecure with her decision. She questioned her responsibilities as a mother.

“Okay,” she whispered.

Mulder lifted her chin with his finger and peered into her pained expression. “I just want my family back, Scully. I know you do also. I’m going to make that happen. It’s my fault that we fell apart and I’m going to fix it, I don’t care what it takes.”

End Chapter Six