Chapter Fourteen: Escape

Quickly but quietly, the quartet made their way back into the hospital. They entered, trying to appear as if nothing unusual had just happened. John looked from the receptionist to the people waiting in the lobby. He swallowed and looked over to Mulder. “Go check on Scully” he said casually.

Mulder nodded and made his way to the elevator. John turned to Monica. “Let’s go to the gift shop.” Monica nodded.

Walking a casual yet brisk stride, Mulder made his way back to Scully’s hospital room. He stopped just off to the side of the door and peered into the small window to find Scully sleeping contently. From outside, Mulder could see the clock’s hands, which ominously pointed to the number twelve. The sound of his pulse was throbbing in his ears as he placed the palm of his hand around the doorknob. He paused once again and looked down the hall in each direction to be sure he wasn’t being watched or followed. No one was there, yet somehow it seemed unusually quiet. Without further hesitation, Mulder entered, locking it securely behind him.

At the sound of the door, Scully stirred. “Mulder?” she asked, as if sensing his urgency.

Mulder let the door close behind him before he sighed. “Scully, we need to get you out of here.”

Scully looked up at him, and knowingly, her eyes pleaded to him. “Don’t tell me…please Mulder, not now…”

Mulder took once step forward and gently placed his hands on her shoulders. “I’m going to need your cooperation on this Scully; I can’t risk anything happening to you or our baby.”

Scully’s lips began to tremble. “I can’t go on like this anymore, Mulder. I can’t live like this.”

Mulder swallowed, “I know. We’ll find a way.”


As John and Monica casually browsed the bookstore, Monica touched John’s shoulder. “John.” They looked over when they recognized what appeared to be Scully’s doctor, Amy Anderson talking to a security guard. A moment later they parted.

John’s gaze shifted back to Monica. “Wait here,” he instructed. John started towards the exit. The cashier looked suspiciously at the both of them and Monica smiled nervously before she went back to her ‘browsing’.

John followed the ‘officer’ down the corridor until, conveniently, no one else was in sight.

“Excuse me, sir?” Doggett called. Without further ado, the officer knowingly pulled his gun from its holster and swung towards Doggett. John quickly ducked to avoid the blow of impending doom, while he fondly remembered his Taekwondo from college. He swung his fist towards the man’s gut, knocking the wind out of him. Before the man was able to retaliate, he grabbed the gun that had skidded across the tile below them and held out the gun in front of him. “Who are you?!” he demanded. As the man did nothing but stare back at Doggett in return, he decided that he mustn’t have been human. “Give me your clothes!” he demanded. “Now!”

Mulder helped Scully to the edge of the bed as she finished changing into the clothes that Mulder had brought from the car. “Alright, let’s go.” Mulder instructed offering his hand to Scully. She was only five months pregnant, but all of this being on the run had taken its toll on her.

Scully nodded. Suddenly, the door burst open as an officer appeared and Scully nearly fell out of her shoes, stricken with fear before relief flooded through her. “Oh, god. Agent Doggett,” she breathed.

Standing next to Agent Doggett was Reyes.

“Nice costume, Agent Doggett. Where’d you get it?” Mulder quipped.

“Act now and ask questions later, Agent Mulder. Clock’s ticking. We’re going to have cops and military up our asses any second now, so I suggest you get yours moving,” he instructed.

Monica picked up the hospital gown Scully had abandoned on the bed. “Too bad I don’t have one of those inflatable bellies,” she joked.

John handed Monica his gun. “Once they check in on you, you have to hurry. We’re not leaving without you.”

Monica nodded, quickly pocketing the gun and used the small bathroom within the hospital room to change before getting under the covers of the bed. She pulled the covers all the way up and turned on her side, facing away from the window.

She waited about twenty minutes or so until a nurse briefly came into the room to check on her. “Everything okay, Ms.Scully?”

Monica remained facing away from her. “Yes, everything’s fine.”

Once the door closed, Monica nearly threw off the covers and quickly stuffed the bed with pillows, something she learned to do while living with her adoptive parents. She ran to the bathroom and nearly threw on her clothes.

Making sure the gun was firmly in place, she opened the door which lead into the hospital room. She quickly glanced from side to side and then made a beeline to the elevator located across the hallway.

She continuously hit the button until the door finally opened. There were two other men already in the elevator. “Doing down?” she asked nervously. Without a word, the men nodded. Without looking suspicious, Monica took her chances and stepped in. She could feel the taller man’s breath gliding down her back and it made her shiver. Monica turned her attention from the men behind her to the numbers that seemed to take an eternity to count down. Something just didn’t feel right.

Just as Monica turned to ask which stop they we’re getting off at, the man’s arm connected with her head. Shocked, she fell back against the inside of the elevator. Numbers kept flashing before her eyes almost as if the elevator was being controlled by a ghost. It took her a moment to register what happened when another fist came sailing her way.

Luckily, her reflexes were fast enough to catch the fist and using her Taekwondo strategies, which she learned from John, she was able to push him to the other side of the elevator. Before he could make any further moves, she withdrew the gun John had given her and pointed it at the man before her. “Get back, or I’ll shoot,” she ordered.

She felt her breathing quicken as she glanced towards the opening of the elevator. The man dived in on her and she fired two rounds. She pressed up against the back of the elevator when the culprits continued towards her. It was no use, they weren’t human. To her relief the doors popped open a moment later just in time for the men to spring to their feet.

Monica nearly threw herself up and out of the elevator. She was only vaguely aware of the shocked stares boring into her back as she ran down the hall. Monica practically pushed and shoved doctors, nurses and anything else that stood in her way. A moment later, she could feel security gaining on her. For some reason, her gut told her to keep running and not look back. She couldn’t falter. She was sure a good percentage of the hospital staff were anything but human.

Finally, when she reached the entrance of the hospital, she gasped with relief. She kept on running until she recognized the SUV in the parking lot; the engine was already running. Without thinking, she pulled open the passenger door and nearly threw herself into the seat. All she heard were the voices of security and finally the squealing of tires as they made their exit.

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