Chapter Five: Destiny

By the time they had finally reached their destination, dusk had fallen upon them. When they had reached an ampm and an Arco gas station, Mulder shut off the ignition before stealing a glance over at his resting partner. She looked rather content as she rested her hand on the small swollen bulge of her middle. He gently leaned over her to push the loose strand of her hair out of the way. Scully shifted from her slumber and woke to see a somewhat drowsy looking Mulder leaning over her.


"I'm just going to get some food and water for us and fill up on gas, Scully, I'll be right back okay?" Mulder placated her.

"No, I'm fine. I'll go with you." she insisted as she opened the passenger door and let the cool breeze wash over her.

Mulder nodded reluctantly, knowing that once Scully had made her decision, her mind was set.

Scully pulled her coat tightly around her small frame and briskly followed Mulder inside the small store they had inside. Craving the most decedent chocolate, she decided to make a very un-Scully like decision and made her way towards the candy section while Mulder paid for the most expensive gas. When she selected the candy of choice, Scully adverted her eyes to see an older woman who appeared to be in her mid fifties.

Obviously sensing she was being watched, the older woman caught Scully's watchful gaze and silently set down the magazine in her hand before moving towards Scully.

Scully could sense the inhumanity within her.

“You won’t find him, Ms.Scully.” The woman spoke casually

Nearly appalled, Scully’s voice had suddenly risen several notches. “How in the hell did you know my name?”

Noting the tone and panic in his partner’s voice, Mulder was at her side within moments and instinctively wrapped his protective arms around her. “What’s going on here?”

The old woman smirked “Even if you do, you both will be too late.”

Instinctively, Mulder reached for his gun, only to have it dawn on him that he was no longer part of the FBI. Noting his helplessness, the woman’s smirk broadened.

His nerve finally struck, Mulder grabbed the woman by the collar and shoved her against the wall. “Tell me what you know about my son!”

“Mulder!” Scully placed her hand on his shoulder

Mulder’s grip had loosened, although not by much. He turned and noted the panicked expression on the cashier’s face and then heard the sounds of sirens in the back ground. He hadn’t realized they had caused that much of a scene let alone for that long.

“Mulder, come on let’s go.” Scully’s voice seemed to break out of fear

Her expression pleaded to him. They both knew the consequences if they were found. This time it would be short and fatal. He knew the game. These days, one is to be seen and not heard.


Mulder released his hold on the woman and ushered Scully back outside towards the SUV. The sirens were louder and closer and Mulder knew without question they were treading on thin ice. They had been waiting for them, he had suspected. Somehow, this woman had come to find their whereabouts. Now, he knew for sure that she was part of the government. In fact, he recalled seeing her in the courtroom during his trial.

When they reached the SUV, they looked over their shoulder’s to see if the mysterious woman was following them. She was gone.

A few moments later, the military vehicles were now the center of their attention. The phone calls must have been intercepted as well.

Without wasting any further delay, they jumped into the car and out of instinct, Mulder placed his foot full force on the gas. “Scully, it wasn’t that cashier who called those police. At least, those weren’t the police he intended to call.” Mulder explained

“Then *who* were they?” Scully asked with a considerable amount of concern.

They could still hear the faint sounds of the sirens hightailing it behind them.