Chapter Eight: Conjugation

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After twenty long minutes of separation, Mulder made his way to the spot in which they had agreed to meet. He stood at the entrance of Sears, unconsciously tapping his foot on the tiled floor in anticipation while he wondered what could have been taking Scully so long. He turned once he felt a firm grip on his shoulder. “Shit!” Mulder was at a loss for any further words. Once he recovered from the momentary shock, he was able to manage, “Jesus Christ, John, is it really you?”

Aside from a much-needed shave, the person before him did appear to be the former Cop and X-Files Agent John Doggett. However, Mulder wasn’t willing to give in so easily yet. Mulder unconsciously found his hands moving towards his back pocket where he would usually keep his gun during the nine years he spent on the X-Files. Of course, no longer obtaining a license to carry a gun, much less being a wanted criminal, he’d had to bargain with the owner of a gun shop. Instantly picking up this motion, Doggett backed away. “Whoa, take it easy Mulder.” He tried his best to sound convincing.

“Give me one good reason to believe it’s you.” Mulder demanded.

Many women and children had started to scream inside. “He’s got a gun!”

“Mulder, you’re going to get us all killed! Rohrer is going to find us, you’re just making it that much easier for him to do so.”

Doggett held up his hands and stared hard into Mulder’s eyes. “Mulder, it is me. John Jay Doggett.” he said slowly. Mulder just stared, silently demanding more deserving evidence. Doggett released a slow exasperated sigh. “The last time we saw you, we had helped you escape. We had all thought you had gone north, to Canada. Gibson had known where you really went all along, but he didn’t tell us until that Super Soldier had figured it all out that you had really gone to New Mexico. That was the last time we saw you. We wanted to get to you, before they did. All this time we didn’t know if you or Scully were dead until Gibson had told us that certain people inside of the FBI had found out where you were.” Doggett explained.

Mulder thought back to the incident at the gas station. All of a sudden, it fit together like a thousand pieces of a puzzle. They must have numerous people inside of the FBI, sent out anywhere and everywhere watching and waiting. That would explain Knowle Rohrer.

“Mulder, what the hell are you doing?”

Mulder finally lowered his gun and turned to see his partner standing with Agent Reyes. He took one last good look at the man before him.

“Mulder, goddamn it, we wouldn’t be trying to help you if we weren’t on your side! They know we are all here, now let’s go!” he demanded. The quartet took one last look at each other and the sudden sound of military sirens had them charging for the parking garage within moments. They practically flew down the several flights of stairs towards the first floor. They followed Doggett and Reyes towards a 2003 four-door Blazer with tinted windows. Once they approached the vehicle, they could see the familiar outline of the boy inside of the SUV.

Without hesitation, Mulder and Scully pulled open the doors to the back seat and filed themselves inside before the SUV pulled out of the parking space and sped through the garage. The movement of the vehicle caused Scully to swallow back the bile the pushed at the back of her throat. “Oh, god.” she gasped as she placed her hand on the swell of her stomach. Her pregnancy was just barely becoming noticeable now.

“Are you okay, Scully?” Mulder asked worriedly.

“Yeah, just a little dizzy. I’m fine.” She said with a nod.

Gibson instantly noticed Scully’s condition, not that he hadn’t already known. Luckily, for the meantime Doggett and Reyes had failed to notice her discomfort. She planned to tell them about her pregnancy as soon as possible, but now was very inopportune. Scully hated this, the constant running. There wasn’t a time she didn’t question what kind of life this child would have. All she knew was that she would not release another child into the hands of strangers. Scully closed her eyes and prayed that this would soon be over.

They were halfway to the exit, when they saw another vehicle spontaneously pull out behind them. The adrenaline rush made Doggett press further down on the gas as they made their way towards the exit. Shots sounded all around them. Once Doggett was finally able to pull out into the street, he was faced with oncoming traffic. He desperately swerved though cars, just barely avoiding numerous fatal accidents before he pulled onto the freeway.

All five of them turned to see nothing but several other discreet cars behind them. After minutes of uncomfortable silence, Doggett took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I don’t even know where we are going.”

“You say that, but you do have somewhere in mind. Just say it.” Gibson stated.

Even though several minutes passed and there wasn’t a trace of Rohrer, Mulder couldn’t help but take several glances back. Scully had finally opened her eyes. Reyes looked over at John. “What is this place you have in mind, John?” she asked.

John sighed. “Raleigh. It’s not too far from here, but it’s a very secluded area.”

It wasn’t too far from where Mulder had found that little house in which he planned to live with Scully. Unfortunately, he learned over the past nine years that plans were always bound to be short lived.

About an hour or so later, Scully finally decided to break the monotony and ask the question that had been left unanswered. “How did you find us?”

Reyes took the opportunity to answer. “Well, until about a month ago, we’ve been hiding in Grants Pass, Oregon. You don’t see too much there other than fast food, Denny’s, or residential areas. In other words, it’s pretty rural. Not somewhere you’d expect to find two former FBI Agents. We lived quietly like everyday people until we received an e-mail from A.D. Skinner. He told us that several military people were quartering each state. Unfortunately, it somehow leaked into the FBI that you both were last seen at an Arco gas station in the state of North Carolina. We came to warn you before in New Mexico, that Kersh had already blown your cover and not by choice. He was tortured into submission. Months before, they had pronounced you both dead until the FBI realized neither of your bodies we’re discovered, or ours for that matter. We’re wanted for helping you escape. That’s why we never returned to the FBI or to the X-Files. The X-Files was shut down and still is to this day.” Monica looked over at Gibson.

“We decided that is was best for all of us if John and I didn’t know, otherwise we would all be in danger of being found and killed. Skinner does not know that Gibson has been living with us all this time. As far as they were concerned, he had been returned to the school of the hearing impaired.” she continued.

“What made you come after us?” Mulder inquired.

This time, John spoke. “Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that we cannot live like this forever and expect that ignorance will be bliss? As long as we live here, we will never be safe. Especially, not after all that we’ve seen. Our lives will never be the same.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Mulder lamented.

“So where do you suggest we move to? Canada?” Scully said, her irritation evident.

Gibson interrupted. “No, that’s where they are expecting us to go. They are already sending military personnel north.”

“Then where?” Scully whispered.

After about an hour or two, they pulled up into the closest vacant motel. They were quite relieved to get out of the car and stretch. Fortunately, there was an IHOP right next to the motel, so they would be able to eat in the morning. They checked into two rooms, one with two beds.

Once they were settled in, they met in Mulder and Scully’s room which was right next to theirs. Doggett had driven into town with Gibson and returned with an extra large pizza. The five of them finally decided to discuss more important matters after devouring pepperoni pizza and coke.

“Where are we going from here?” Scully asked.

The guys were sitting at the desk the motel provided, while Scully and Reyes sat on the bed. Monica finished the last bite of her pizza before speaking up. She took a deep breath before speaking. “The last e-mail we received from Skinner, it was about William.” she said with some hesitation.

“What about him?” Mulder asked sternly.

Monica took another breath. “His adoptive parents were pronounced dead one month ago from unusual causes. However, the FBI is currently unsure of his whereabouts.” she explained slowly.

Scully bit her lip to keep it from trembling. “Then, where is he?”

Gibson spoke up. “We believe he currently resides not too far from where his adoptive parents lived. The FBI has the bodies, so we are unsure of how they died.”

“Where is the location of his adoptive parents?” Mulder inquired.

John took a deep breath. “That’s the other reason we came to find you, because you both were so close, to finding William. Skinner strictly told us to find you, get William and then get the hell out of the country. William’s adoptive family lived out in the middle of nowhere, Wendell, which is not too far from here.” he finally said.

“After that, we have had no further communication, for safety purposes.” Monica continued.

Scully had placed her hands to her face and started to cry. “Oh my god, my baby is in danger.” she broke. Suddenly feeling nauseous, she raced towards the bathroom and emptied the contents of her stomach.

John and Monica just stared in shock. It was not possible; maybe this sudden rush of information just went to her head. Gibson looked over at Mulder. “She’s pregnant, isn’t she?”

Mulder nodded hesitantly, knowing there was no way to get any information past this young boy. “Yes, we do not know how. All I know is I want to find her an obstetrician, so we know what to expect.” Mulder explained hesitantly.

A few minutes later, Scully emerged from the bathroom, her eyes puffy and red. John looked from Scully, then back to Mulder and Gibson. “It’s been a long night, I think we should all get some sleep before deciding what we are going to do.” John gave in.

With that, Gibson, John and Monica left Mulder and Scully to themselves in their motel room. They took separate showers and got ready for bed in complete silence. It wasn’t until Mulder embraced Scully in bed, that the silence they shared was broken.

“We will bring him home safely, Scully.” he said softly.

“To what home, Mulder?” her voice shook.

“I don’t know, but to love and two supportive parents.” he assured her.

“I hope so.”

End of Chapter Eight