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Chapter Seven: Commencement

They planned to leave within a couple of days after their arrival. As eager as they were to head out, they needed to take precautions as well as establish a place for themselves that is, if they were to return at some point. In the meantime, they invested in some civilian clothes to further hide their identity.

A few basic toiletries were on that list of items as well. Never knowing when or if they would return, they only bought necessities.

The day after their arrival they went into town with only the clothes on their backs. It had already been close to a week since they’d been on the run from their enemies.

“You know, Scully, after I dated Phoebe, I vowed never to set foot in another clothing store other than Men’s Warehouse ever again. I swear to god, fifty percent of my time was spent inside an expensive mall in Europe.

“Well, seeing how you still exist Mulder, I’m sure you’ve found a way to manage.” Scully chuckled.

Their surroundings reminded them of the incredulous Santana Row in San Jose.

Once they had come to a complete stop, Scully eyed a figure across the street that appeared to be standing in the center of the crowd weaving around him, “Oh my god, Mulder!”

Startled out of his reverie, Mulder whipped around. “What is it, Scully?”

Scully turned away from Mulder towards where she had thought seen Knowle Rhorer, but all she saw were the crowds of people weaving in and out.

“Scully, you scared me. What is it?”

Shaken by the shrill sound of Scully’s terrified voice, Mulder placed his hands around her waist. “Scully? Maybe it’s the..”

“No, Mulder. Trust me, I know what I saw.”

“Scully, we’re over three thousand miles away. Don’t worry about it.”

Scully’s body trembled and she began to panic.

Mulder began to reassure her.

“Mulder, there!”

Mulder looked in Scully’s direction to see what he had feared. In their line of vision was the tall stature which they knew belonged to Knowle Rohrer! Mulder’s protective instinct came over him.

He quickly grabbed Scully’s hand. “Scully, run!”

Scully broke into a sprint right beside Mulder.

Caring less about whoever was in the way, they shoved everyone aside and bolted down towards the end of the street.

They looked behind once to see Knowle at their tail. They kept running until they reached the end of the street and went up two flights of stairs into the mall. Approaching a single door, they both stopped to peer out the window to the outside. Knowle followed in their direction.

Mulder turned toward Scully. With the stricken look on her face, she looked almost as if she were hyperventilating. Mulder was immediately at her side. “Are you okay, Scully?”

Scully nodded as she caught her breath. Mulder touched her stomach and gently caressed it with the back of his fingers.

“We need to get you a steady doctor, Scully.” Mulder started

When they turned around once more, Knowle was no longer in sight. Without looking back, the duo went through the door and into a Target shopping center. Making their way through the crowds of shoppers, they were finally able to lose sight of Knowle Rohrer.

“We need to get the hell off of this continent, Mulder. Kersh was right, we should have done that when we had the chance.” Scully sighed, fatigue coursing through her body.

“And I’m going to make sure we still have that chance.” Mulder persuaded his partner as he grabbed her arm. “Let’s go!”

Once they came across Sears, they looked once more behind them to be sure that Knowle Rohrer was still no longer in sight. Deciding it was safe for a temporary stop to trash the clothes, they were in for new ones.

Scully grabbed the first pair of jeans, t-shit and hooded sweatshirt she could find, paid for them and then headed towards the women’s sizing room. Usually it took her forever in the morning to get her clothes on and get ready for the day but that quickly changed after becoming allegedly accused convicts on the run. Practically throwing her clothes on, she opened the changing room door and started to head towards the spot where she had promised to meet Mulder. Before she was able to exit the sizing room, she nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand firmly grab her wrists. Prepared to use self defense, she swung herself around at her assailant and her fear instantly turned into that of complete shock. “Monica!”

End of chapter Seven