Chapter Ten: Anemia

After breakfast, they immediately hit the road for a twelve-hour drive. It wasn’t how they had planned, but, then again, that was the life of an FBI Agent. They tried to make their rest stops very minimal; stops at Starbucks to get triple espressos for John and Monica and bathroom breaks, especially for Scully. Whatever food they got, they would order to go. Mulder insisted that they would be very easy to track down if they left noticeable tracks.

Shortly after crossing the border into Tennessee at about 9PM, John decided to make another stop at a Starbucks. Thank god they were everywhere; John didn’t know what he’d do without his daily caffeine boost. Before he got out of the car her turned to Mulder and Scully. “Want anything, Mulder? Decaf for you, Dana?” he inquired.

Instead of her usual coffee, Scully asked for a Tall Earl Grey tea. John nodded and looked to Mulder and Monica. Mulder decided to have a Quad Grande Americano and Monica decided on a Grande Redeye, which was regular coffee with an added shot. “I think I’ll just go with John. Agent Reyes, could you stay with Scully?” Mulder asked.

Monica nodded. “It’s probably better that we stay together; you guys go on ahead, we’ll be needing that coffee for the drive.” Monica laughed, trying to lighten the conversation.

While Mulder followed John into the café, Scully and Monica got out of the SUV for a much needed stretch and bathroom break. There was a long line in the café, so Scully and Monica waited by the SUV while the men ordered their drinks. Scully tried to stretch as much as her growing middle would allow. Monica couldn’t help but smile as she noticed this. Society was right, pregnant women did indeed glow. Scully instantly caught on to Monica’s watchful gaze. “What is it, Agent Reyes?” she raised a questioning brow.

“No, nothing. I was just thinking.” Monica turned and stared at the open, outstretched land that lay before them.

“About?” Monica turned back to Scully and smiled. A sense of nostalgia and dejavu hit Scully all at once. It was as if she were meeting Monica in that field all over again. The mysterious aura that lingered around that cigarette smoking brunette woman who had once seemed so egotistical, she instantly recalled. Ever since then, Scully unregretfully let this woman she now called her best friend who was like a sister to her, into her life. The sound of Monica’s voice drew Scully out of her reverie.

“If we drive at this pace, we can make it to Wyoming within four days or so if we drive at least twelve hours per day.” she explained, staring straight ahead. Scully looked over at Monica. “You’ve ever driven across the country, Monica? I mean, other than to find us?” she asked. Monica looked deep in thought. “Well, if you mean before I became an Agent, yes, we drove across the country to visit one of my aunts in southern California about eight years ago.” she explained. “How about you, Dana?”

“Well, over the past ten years, I couldn’t possibly fathom the amount of driving we did during cases. Now that I think about it, we must have done enough driving to go back and forth across the country ten times, no sarcasm intended.” Scully closed her eyes and laughed as she thought of everything they had possibly been through. They’ve been through hell and back more times than she’d like to count.

It didn’t take long for Monica to notice the solemn expression on Scully’s face. She could sense something was terribly wrong, something she’s been keeping to herself during the entire trip. “Is something wrong, Dana?” Monica gingerly placed her hand on her friend’s shoulder. Scully avoided her questioning gaze and licked her lips, deciding weather or not she should express her concerns. Monica knew what Scully was thinking about when her hand nestled on the small bump of her abdomen. “It’s okay, Dana, tell me.” she prodded.

Scully bit her lip. “It’s my pregnancy, something’s wrong.” she withdrew a deep breath, doing her best to not let her emotions get the best of her. Monica paused.

“What, Dana? Is it something connected to William?”

Scully shook her head. “No, but I think I may be anemic.” It was Monica’s turn to take a deep breath as the possibilities registered in her mind. Scully was a doctor; she knew the symptoms and she didn’t doubt her medical background one bit. She just hoped for her friend’s sake that she’d overlooked it.

“Well, we all have been extra tired lately, maybe you just need some rest?” she offered.

Scully shook her head “No. I’ve been getting dizzy spells more often and usually nausea decreases after the first trimester or so.” she explained.

“But Anemia is pretty common in pregnant women, right? It’d make sense that you’d need more iron in your diet.” It was more of a question than an answer to which Scully readily responded.

“Right, it’s usually caused by a variety of things. First of which is a diet lacking iron, vitamins or blood loss.” she explained.

“Maybe that’s it. It’d make sense that you’d be in this condition since you haven’t undergone any prenatal care since you and Mulder have been on the run. Tell me what you’re really worried about, Dana.” They both sat for what seemed like minutes before Scully responded with an answer she never expected.

“When Spender gave William that injection, the doctors told me he had an unusual amount of iron in his system. I think they gave it to him to prevent him from becoming what he was.” Scully spoke softly, avoiding Monica’s watchful gaze. “So, you do you think this baby is anything other than human.” Monica concluded. A tear that slipped through Scully’s eye was the only answer. She didn’t want to admit it, even to herself. Monica moved closer and rested her hand on her back. “Have you told Mulder?”

Scully just looked down. “No, I can’t with everything we’ve been going through the last several months. He’s been so worried about me ever since I told him I was pregnant; I don’t want to put any more pressure on him right now.” Scully bit her lip.

Monica gently squeezed Scully’s shoulders. “You have to, Dana. No matter what happens, nothing will change that your babies are miracles.” she finished as deep voices and footsteps sounded from behind them. It was John and Mulder.

“Are you ready, ladies?” Mulder asked in an emotionally detached voice that Scully instantly took notice of.

Scully put on a fake smiled and nodded. “Yeah.”

After their last stop, they continued driving for another five hours with exceptional stops for Scully. Once Mulder and John decided to handle the driving for the night, Monica switched places with Mulder and sat in the back with Scully. The still petite woman was asleep; her head had fallen lazily to the side by Monica’s shoulder. Mulder looked in the rearview mirror to see his partner resting in the back. Monica couldn’t help but notice him doing this quite often, checking on his partner.

They drove on for about another twenty-four hours without stopping for lodging; they wanted to get as far as they could before deciding it was time to hit the sack. Mulder and Doggett had been alternating the last few hours. The trio had decided against Scully driving upon Mulder’s silent request.

It was around 10 pm, and Monica had eventually fallen asleep. It had been silent for the last few hours. Scully shifted next to Monica and was suddenly overwhelmed with a blanket of nausea. Monica instantly took notice of this. “John, stop the car!” It was almost an order. John immediately sensed Monica’s urgency; something was wrong. He abruptly pulled over to the side of highway five. Scully nearly fought her way out of the SUV and fell to the pavement, emptying the contents of her stomach. Her vision began to blur as she struggled to get herself to her feet, only succeeding in stumbling back to the road, which nearly came into contact with her pregnant stomach.

“Scully!” Mulder shouted as he rushed to her side. “Scully? Do you hear me, Scully?” the voice was sounded of complete panic. “Mul…der, the…baby…” she mumbled before everything faded to black.

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