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Music Videos


It's Not Over

This is a video about Monica and John and their complicated relationship! This explores John Doggett's trust issues and the death of his son. No copyright infringement intended!

The Change

This is an original video about Monica and John and their complicated relationship! Enjoy! I just love the pregnant Annabeth in this! Explores what John/Monica's life might have been like after the X-Files. Contains footage from "Brotherhood". No copyright infringement intended!

Breathe No More

Scully reflecting on her relationship with Mulder and what they went through with Mulder and William in SS9. No copyright infringement intended!


Mulder/Scully Video. No copyright infringement intended!

Life After You

I thought this song went well with what Mulder and Scully were going through. Hope you enjoy! No copyright infringement intended, for fun only!


Featuring Daughtry's "September", is an X-Files Doggett/Reyes music video!! No copyright infringement intended! Enjoy!

X Files E.T

This video is about seasons 8, 9 and the X-Files Movie 2. I've been wanting to make a video with this song for quite a while now. The song is E.T. by Katy Perry. No copyright infringement intended!!! Music Video made for fun only!!!

Everything Changes

What Mulder and Scully are going through throughout this last episode. I thought this song captured everything very well.

Ready When You Are

This is a Mulder/Scully music video taking place during The Truth and the second movie. I thought this song would suit them well.

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