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About Me

Hi There, my name is Valerie and I am nearly 24. I am an online marketing assistant and a model. I live in Santa Clara, California. I live with my husband and two kitties, Kai and Luna. I've been writing fanfiction for about 10 years, mostly consisting of Sailor Moon and X Files. When I was about 11 years old, I had an inspiration to write a Sailor Moon/X Files crossover. One of which is now complete and is titled "The Outer Senshi Files". Another one in progress is called "Crystalic Millennia" which is a crossover with Live Action Sailor Moon rather than the Anime. After 7 years of not touching The Outer Senshi Files, I just added the final chapter. Sailor Moon/X Files is one of the most uncommon crossovers ever known. It was fun to explore how the characters would interact. I've had this website for 9 years, and mostly use it to display and share my fanfiction and music videos.