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Hiya Everyone, I'm Kyouryoku Senshi and welcome to my X-Files fanfiction section!^^ This area is just a small archive of some X-Files Fanfiction I've written.

Also, the Iris layout I have aquired from magitek-designs.net, so it doesn't belong to me. Neither does the backround. This song "Ready When You Are" really reminds me of the last scene with Mulder & Scully in the X Files Movie 2 "I want to believe" As you can see in the picture. :-) .

Currently, I've been working on a PGSM/X-Files crossover and an Outer Senshi/X-Files crossover which is currently a big project to me. I'm working on the ninth chapter & fifth chapter.^^ Be sure to read my new PGSM/X-Files fanfiction in-progress. 7/17/2006-PRESENT

I enjoy writing about Mulder/Scully as well as Reyes/Doggett pairings which I am fond of, here you'll find some fanfiction's I've written, Ja!

~Kyouryoku Senshi~

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